The Animated Mario Movie Is Officially A Go

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Troy Troodon

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Jan 16, 2014
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If they use actual voice actors here is my ideal cast--

Mario - Charles Martinet (or Carlos Alazraqui)
Luigi - Eric Bauza
Princess Peach - Kari Wahlgren
Bowser - Kevin Michael Richardson
Princess Daisy - Jessica DiCicco
Yoshi - Lauren Tom
Kirby - Tara Strong
Toad - Ben Deskin
Toadette - Natalie Lanter
Wario - John Dimaggio
Waluigi - Keith Ferguson
Roselina - Laura Bailey
Pauline - Grey Delisle
King Boo - Jim Pirri
Donkey Kong - Fred Tatasciore
Diddy Kong - Jeremy Shada

Make it happen
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Oct 5, 2014
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I think the movie will be fine with Illumination, however even as big as Mario is the only thing I worry for is how big will the movie do overall, since most Video Game movies don't really do to well, Ratchet and Clank being a prime example of this, but then again Angry Birds did well, so there is that.


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Aug 10, 2003
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With Illumination’s low budgets and track record of success, Universal’s marketing tactics, and the fact that it’ll star the most well known video game character of all time, I think this film will do pretty well (and that’s an understatement).
I’m thinking it could make a billion at the global box office, but even just half of that would be considered a big success.

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Nov 24, 2012
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Some have noted that Illumination recycles character models a lot. On one instance two or three times in the same scene. However since a lot of characters look the same (Toads, Goombas, Koopa Troopa's) that won't be a problem here.


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Jun 27, 2007
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As many freak out over Illumination handling this project, I remain confident that Nintendo will see to it that the adaptation will be good.

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I don't feel that I'm "freaking out" exactly, but, while I won't say "selling out", I do think that Nintendo is making a big mistake. Even the three animated series by DIC, while having pop culture references, and in the case of the first series pop songs, never really tried to parody the games (either way, pop culture references were never the all or end of those shows, plus the pop songs were mostly just background music, with no direct involvement in the show). What's to say this movie wouldn't be just another parody/tribute, especially one that doesn't know what it's talking about?

What's more, even if it were to look exactly like the games, there's still a chance that it could be even worse than the live-action movie ever was. The Ratchet and Clank movie...still felt like Ratchet and Clank to me. However, I understand that when T.J. Fixman wrote the Ratchet and Clank movie, much of his script had been rewritten by the movie's director, which might explain why that one failed.

In any case, I really hope that Nintendo knows what they're doing. I really do. Oh, and please don't mention The Peanuts Movie. That was one thing, this is another.


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