The Analysis of Cartoon Network in 2017 and online people's interests in their shows that year

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Nov 20, 2019
Welcome to my series of analysis of my very fist kids network that i watched- Cartoon Network through years and how much were people interested/ popular in those years. This time I will analyse year 2017.
Well this year OK KO happened and many people online had meltdown whenever they saw TTG dominating schedule. A lot of shows ended this year.
I will now analyse how popular were cartoons that were running at the time and even those that have ended. Also just because some show is higher, it doesn't mean it has more quality than shows that are lower than them. Like for example: would you really consider that Johnny Test has more quality than Chowder.
NOTE: Besides CN originals, I will also include WB originals that CN was their home like Teen Titans, Justice League but not ones like Mucha Lucha and Static Shock because CN isn't their home network. Also I will include acquired shows from other countries that are/were shown on CN USA and other country's CNs like Totally Spies and Total Drama.
Shows in bold means that those shows had new episodes in 2017.
Also I will comment on shows that had new episodes in 2017 and some of their top non running shows that year because I don't want to make it that long of a read. Also I will show links to some of shows comparisions from now instead of screenshots because I don't want to screenshot too much on my Laptop.

1. Ben 10 -… And Ben 10 is now number 1 again.

2. Steven Universe – It came very close to being the most popular of all CN shows in 2017.

3. Ninjago – It still here.

4. Adventure Time – AT is still very huge.

5. Amazing World of Gumball – Gumball is huge on internet.

6. Teen Titans

7. PowerPuff Girls

8. Samurai Jack It’s final season was on Adult Swim and it was very popular.

9. Teen Titans Go – TTG is still huge online, despite vocal minority hating this show to death.

10. Regular Show – Regular Show ended this year.

11. Star Wars the Clone Wars

12. Nexo Knights – It also ended this year.

13. We Bare Bears – It became more popular this year.

14. Totally Spies

15. Young Justice

16. Dreamworks Dragons

17. Clarence – This show is still huge online.

18. Ed, Edd & Eddy

19. Courage the Cowardly Dog

20. Ben 10 Omniverse

21. Total Drama

22. Ben 10 Ultimate Alien

23. Johnny Bravo

24. Johnny Test

25. Uncle Grandpa – It also ended this year.

26. Dexter’s Laboratory

27. Ben 10 Alien Force

28. Sonic Boom -It ended this year too.

29. Codename Kids Next Door

30. Justice League

31. Transformers Robots in Disguise – Another show that ended this year.

32. Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy

33. Over the Garden Wall

34. OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes – It premiered this year and it is popular online already.

35. Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends

36. Code Lyoko

37. Mighty Magiswords –It is apparently a hit for CN.

38. Chowder

39. Scooby Doo! Mystery Inc.

40. Justice League Unlimited

41. Mixels

42. Generator Rex

43. Cow and Chicken

44. Justice League Action – It wasn’t treated very well by CN.

45. Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack

46. Baby Looney Tunes

47. Looney Tunes Show

48. PowerPuff Girls 2016 – Only reason why is it so high is because of “addition” of Bliss.

49. Legends of Chima

50. Garfield Show

51. Ben 10 2017 – Another reboot from CN and it is modest hit for CN.

52. Bunnicula – It is somewhat hit for CN/Boomerang.

53. Transformers Animated

54. Batman Brave and Bold

55. Camp Lazlo

56. 6teen

57. Robotboy

58. Unikitty – It premiered very late into 2017, but it is hit online.

59. Be Cool Scooby Doo! – It was modest hit for CN/Boomerang.

60. Super Hero Squad Show

61. Krypto the Superdog

62. Hot Wheels Battle Force 5

63. Sym Bionic Titan

64. Pink Panther and Pals

65. Wabbit – I think this was also modest hit for CN/Boomerang?

66. Chaotic

67. Megas XLR

68. Duck Dodgers

69. Thundercats

70. My Gym Partner’s a Monkey

71. Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi

72. Cramp Twins

73. Supernoobs

74. Star Wars Clone Wars

75. Space Ghost Coast to Coast

76. Secret Saturdays

77. Life and Times of Juniper Lee

78. My Knight and Me –It wasn’t hit for CN.

79. I Am Weasel

80. Green Lantern the Animated Series

81. Total Drama Presents Ridonculous Race

82. MAD

83. Amazing Spiez

84. Hero 108

85. Grojband

86. Beware the Batman

87. Storm Hawks

88. Mr. Men Show

89. Atomic Betty

90. Class of 3000

91. Scaredy Squirrel

92. Bratz

93. High Fructose Adventures of Annoying Orange

94. Tower Prep

95. Almost Naked Animals

96. Stoked

97. Time Squad

98. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs – It was really a failure for CN.

99. Chop Socky Chooks

100. Dorothy and Wizard of Oz – It wasn’t popular online.

101. Mike, Lu & Og

102. Evil Con Carne

103. George of the Jungle

104. Sheep in the Big City

105. Squirrel Boy

106. Skunk Fu

107. League of Super Evil

108. Problem Solverz

109. Level Up

110. Brain Rush

111. Incredible Crew

112. Wacky Races 2017 -It wasn’t popular online.

113. Pet Alien

114. What a Cartoon

115. Destroy Build Destroy

116. Land Before Time

117. Unnatural History

118. Fantastic Four World’s Greatest Heroes

119. Sidekick

120. Out of Jimmy’s Head

121. Whatever Happened to… Robot Jones?

122. Dude, What Would Happen

123. Hole in the Wall

124. Peanuts

125. Casper’s Scare School

126. Secret Mountain Fort Awesome

127. Tom and Jerry Show

128. Robotomy

129. Othersiders

130. Long Live the Royals

131. Moxy Show

132. Firehouse Tales

133. Sunday Pants

134. Gerald McBoing-Boing

135. Big Bag

136. Sitting Ducks

137. Bobb’e Says 2017-12-31&q=/m/09g_31,/m/0r3t_0y,/m/0gff4dq,/m/0280hsm,/m/0gg8sxr 2017-12-31&q=/m/03j99g,/m/0dmd1,/m/02b7yf,/m/0k0vl4g,/m/0gg8sxr 2017-12-31&q=/m/02q70n3,/g/11bxdtk9_r,/m/012cf2tt,/m/0k0vl4g,/m/0807c5r 2017-12-31&q=/m/0jkzcb3,/m/0vp960g,/m/012cf2tt,/m/0b6mcpp,/m/01y215 2017-12-31&q=/m/0c3y8f1,/m/0vp960g,/m/01sktk,/m/01t49s,/m/0j27ywn 2017-12-31&q=/m/0c3y8f1,/m/07sbnzp,/m/0373f_,/m/08lmjz,/m/0rpgjy1 2017-12-31&q=/m/0pgcm,/m/0y4ws9v,/m/03x_m4k,/m/0313j1,/m/0rpgjy1 2017-12-31&q=/m/010x6vv7,/m/038srg,/m/0zwym_8,/m/0313j1,/m/024rwx 2017-12-31&q=/m/03hn58,/m/0136zldx,/m/0zwym_8,ok ko,/m/03rnmm 2017-12-31&q=/m/0_s43x2,/m/0136zldx,/m/027pmzj,/m/05q7dkq,/m/03w6gj 2017-12-31&q=/m/0_s43x2,/m/0b741hg,/m/0pgd3,justice league action,/m/02vvsg4 2017-12-31&q=/m/03q4kg,/m/0bs2jnt,/m/013ddkk6,/m/0pcvf6v,/m/02vvsg4 2017-12-31&q=/g/11c3tjv5st,/g/11btzxscsl,/m/04052l9,/m/0pcvf6v,/m/05sy1j9 2017-12-31&q=/m/07xf6y,/m/08qg4k,/m/04052l9,/m/02pprhp,/m/06jfbh 2017-12-31&q=/m/05z8ng,/m/08qg4k,/g/11gcfmybpz,/m/011f4ppv,/m/06_xbm3 2017-12-31&q=/m/05z8ng,/m/06w1sqm,/m/0bhc5wy,/m/011jn1b7,/m/047f3dd 2017-12-31&q=/m/02vlszq,/m/03k5tw,/m/0bpqrr,/m/0gh7z0r,/m/047f3dd 2017-12-31&q=/m/04c5yg,/m/03cgxf,/g/11b76dbbl9,/m/0gh7z0r,/m/09k7xp
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