The Analysis of Cartoon Network in 2011 and online people's interests in their shows that year


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Nov 20, 2019
Welcome to my series of analysis of my very fist kids network that i watched- Cartoon Network through years and how much were people interested/ popular in those years. This time I will analyse year 2011.
This year CN also had many shows premiered, some of them were hits, others would CN want to forget. They introduced DC Nation Block this year where their DC cartoons can air. There is a noticable amount of action cartoons, but unfortunately they won't last long. In fact, some of them have ended this year.
I will now analyse how popular were cartoons that were running at the time and even those that have ended. Also just because some show is higher, it doesn't mean it has more quality than shows that are lower than them. Like for example: would you really consider that Johnny Test has more quality than Chowder.
NOTE: Besides CN originals, I will also include WB originals that CN was their home like Teen Titans, Justice League but not ones like Mucha Lucha and Static Shock because CN isn't their home network. Also I will include acquired shows from other countries that are/were shown on CN USA and other country's CNs like Totally Spies and Total Drama.
Shows in bold means that those shows had new episodes in 2011.
Also I will comment on shows that had new episodes in 2011 and some of their top non running shows that year because I don't want to make it that long of a read. Also won't show pictures of shows that had very little attention online in 2011.

1. Ben 10 - Show is still the most popular on internet. How shocking.
2. Ben 10 Ultimate Alien - It's second spin off is now on second place.
3. Ben 10 Alien Force -It's first spin off is now on third place.
4. Star Wars the Clone Wars - Yep. Still huge.
5. Adventure Time - Adventure Time really became popular this year and it will increase in following years.
6. PowerPuff Girls
7. Ninjago - I'm shocked this show is so high, because I heard barely anyone talk about it.
8. Totally Spies
9. Teen Titans
10. Young Justice - Show premiered this year and it is already huge hit for CN and CN wouldn't cancel it, right?
11. Total Drama - It didn't had new episodes this year, but it was still huge on internet.
12. Generator Rex - Show indeed is a big hit for CN.
13. Code Lyoko
14. Ed, Edd & Eddy
15. Regular Show - Show is pretty big hit for CN, even if it wasn't quite AT level.
16. Courage the Cowardly Dog
17. Johnny Test - Yes, everybody's favorite whip-cracking boy is popular online.
18. ThunderCats - Action show on CN and it is popular, but unfortunately it won't last long.
19. The Amazing World of Gumball - It premiered this year, and it is already popular online.
20. Super Hero Squad Show - It ended this year, but people online are still interested in it.
21. Hot Wheels Battle Force 5 - It ended this year.
22. Scooby Doo Mystery Incorporated - Show become more popular this year.
23. Johnny Bravo - It had a TV movie in India and it never aired in USA.
24. Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy - Personification of death was friends with Billy and Mandy for 10 years now.
25. Codename Kids Next Door
26. Samurai Jack - "Foolish" samurai warrior was sent by Aku to future 10 years ago.
27. Dexter’s Laboratory
28. Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends
29. Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack
30. Batman Brave and Bold - It ended this year, it was still revelent.
31. Chowder
32. Hero 108
33. Baby Looney Tunes
34. Justice League
35. Justice League Unlimited
36. Looney Tunes Show - It premiered this year, and for now it isn't that much of a hit for CN.
37. Chaotic
38. Garfield Show - Show is still airing on CN.
39. Cow and Chicken
40. Sym Bionic Titan - CN cancelled it after one season and fans were outraged.
41. Transformers Animated
42. Tower Prep
43. Secret Saturdays
44. 6teen - It ended this year, but CN USA didn't air remaining 25 episodes.
45. Krypto the Superdog
46. Robotboy
47. Megas XLR
48. Pink Panther and Pals
49. Camp Lazlo
50. Unnatural History
51. MAD - It wasn't really a hit for CN, but unlike Sym Bionic Titan, it is till ongoing.
52. Life and Times of Juniper Lee
53. Cramp Twins
54. My Gym Partner’s a Monkey
55. Duck Dodgers
56. Storm Hawks
57. Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi
58. Atomic Betty
59. Green Lantern the Animated Series - It premiered later this year, and it wasn't huge.
60. Stoked
61. Amazing Spiez - It ended this year.
62. Mr Men Show
63. I Am Weasel
64. Bratz
65. Sidekick - One of Canadian acquired programs. It isn't hit.
66. Almost Naked Animals - One of Canadian acquired programs. It isn't hit.
67. Problem Solverz - MY EYES!
68. Space Ghost Coast to Coast
69. Skunk Fu
70. Class of 3000
71. League of Super Evil - It is still going on, by the way.
72. Star Wars Clone Wars
73. Sheep in the Big City
74. Mike, Lu & Og
75. Scaredy Squirrel - One of Canadian acquired programs. It isn't hit. Yeah, it is even less of a hit than Sidekick and ANA.
76. Time Squad
77. Squirrel Boy
78. Firehouse Tales
79. Destroy Build Destroy - It ended this year. There were many sighs of relief.
80. Dude What Would Happen - It ended this year. There were many sighs of relief.
81. Chop Socky Chooks
82. Othersiders
83. Secret Mountain Fort Awesome - Wow, this show was a failure.
84. Evil Con Carne
85. George of the Jungle
86. Level Up - Live action show. It isn't a hit for sure.
87. What a Cartoon
88. Robotomy - I think this show will be even more forgotten that Robot Jones.
89. Pet Alien
90. Land Before Time
91. Hole in the Wall - Oh yeah, this is still going on.
92. Whatever Happened to… Robot Jones?
93. Fantastic Four World’s Greatest Heroes
94. Casper’s Scare School
95. BrainRush
96. Out of Jimmy’s Head
97. Sitting Ducks
98. Moxy Show
99. Bobb’e Says
100. Gerald McBoing-Boing
101. Big Bag
102. Sunday Pants

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Screenshot (93).png
Screenshot (94).png
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Screenshot (98).png
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Screenshot (102).png
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