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Jan 19, 2004
Framingham, MA
The Addams Family

That was actually solid.

It's interesting, but the character designs and movements seem to be a CGI cartoon trying to mimic a stop-motion animated film. Weirdly, I think if they HAD sprung for the money for stop-motion, the film probably would have been better received.

I for one liked it. As far as spooky comedies go, The Addams Family had it all over The Munsters. Yeah, the Munsters LOOKED like monsters and had a ton of puns attached to their gags, but the Addams were legit scary and horrible. And they had a boss theme song. There's just no contest.

I felt that maybe if the moral was a bit heavy-handed for the kids in the audience, it made up for it by aiming it in unexpected directions. Margot is not the only bigot in the movie. Morticia seems to have fixed ideas about what kinds of people her daughter should be hanging out with too, and I'm liking the idea that they made more than just the typical moral that you shouldn't judge the Addams Family poorly just because they're scary. Maybe the Addams shouldn't judge the rest of the world poorly just because they aren't.

Besides I like the idea of a monster movie where the angry mob changes it's mind and doesn't go through with it. I like that idea a lot actually.

I love the idea of the pink unicorn barrette upsetting Morticia so much. Wednesday is the kind of child who wants to get a negative reaction from people. And her mother has always been supportive and nurturing for her destructive tendencies. If Wednesday WANTS to freak her Moms out (and she does) she's going to have to be a bit creative.

What I love about the pink clothes and barrette is that I think on some level Wednesday thinks they are horrible. Which is precisely why she's drawn to them. It's like the Goth trend in reverse, and I found that idea very interesting.

One of my favorite scenes was Wednesday telling Pugsley she's his sister and she loves him. It's a horrifying and disturbing moment. But what I love is that she means it, which is why it's scary, and why the film doesn't buy it back. The idea that Wednesday Addams actually cares is frightening enough in and of itself.

The movie managed to get in all of the major jokes from the sitcom which was unexpected. What's most unexpected to me was how grounded the movie was compared to other animated films. They could have made this script in live-action with no problems. I don't think this is the right franchise for epic edge-of-your-seat climaxes out of Pixar. I appreciate the movie for not going further than it should.

Although to be honest, the idea that the Thing looks at foot porn on the web IS way too far. Ick.

Even Margo can get redeemed in the end. Although she has to hook up with Fester to do it. I'm betting that girl often wonders if it was worth it.

I haven't seen the live-action film. Did Wednesday go up against mean-girl cliques there? Because that's money-in-the-bank entertainment, and if it HADN'T been done yet, it was long overdue. Wednesday isn't in the cage with her. SHE'S in the cage with Wednesday. Hard, bad line there.

I really liked it. I'll give it four stars, which probably more than it deserves. But I enjoyed it. ****.

Deleted Scenes:

Some interesting finds, but most of the scenes are better off on the cutting room floor. Overall: ***.

Joan Of Arc:

Way too dark. Can totally see why this was cut. **1/2.

The Truant Officer:

I like how the film got Wednesday to school better. **1/2.

Pugsley Bee Beard:

I love the 2-D animation in the Animatic dance. Weirdly, despite the title of the scene, there is no bee beard for Pugsley in the scene. ****.


This was kind of funny. ***1/2.

"Haunted Heart" Lyric Video:

I like this song. ***1/2.

"My Family" Lyric Video:

Not into this one though. **1/2.

Addams Family Sing-Along:

I always thought the theme song lyric was "We're gonna have a ball on" but here it's "We're gonna pay a call on". Either way, it's a great song. *****.


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Jul 14, 2010
I quite liked this too. It wasn't quite the film I hoped for when it was announced, but it was better than I thought it was going to be from the trailer.

The only part that struck me as "off" was the opening scene. Maybe I'm wrong but isn't part of the joke with the Addams that they never acknowledge their own oddness or how other people feel about them?


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Sep 10, 2006
In A House
I tried to watch the movie today. It wasn’t the worst thing ever, but I lost interest part way through. The story of Wednesday going to school and being friends with the other girl didn’t appeal to me. Maybe I would have liked it when I was younger, but not know.
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