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Jan 11, 2021
Since Fox UK is about to close, I'm going to add the 2005 FX and 2013-2019 Fox idents to the list.

Countdown to Fox UK's closure, day 3 - all Fox UK idents except 2019-2021.

I wish Fox Hungary used the 2013 idents instead of the 2012 USA ones. They look more creative.


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Mar 14, 2014
Yeah, Fox UK (but in general most British operation) is often very creative, going back to the FX idents

These were made 3Dish later (in my opinion, uglified):

Between 2005-2009 they had these:

Not bad either, although they had to be zoomed (since they were not 16:9);when the HD channel launched, which initially was not a simulcast of the SD operation, but had its own, advert-free, schedule, for the first year

The "FX HD" channel (when HD was a big thing) retained the FX HD idents even when it became a simulcast one year later, retaining even its own presentation in general, even if the schedule was the same
If I remember correctly, it was because the FX HD channel was played out by Sky, while the SD channel was not

The "FX HD" identity was finally dropped, when the SD channel switched to widescreen (don't remember when), making the SD operation a defacto downscaling of the HD operation.

Somehow similarly, even the Fox Italian channel took some time to go widescreen, even after the launch of the HD channel


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Aug 18, 2019
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What I miss, is about the idents for Venezuela's entertainment leader: VENEVISION

First was the rare bumpers, there's one that introduced the famous "V and crest" logo and its mascot the "Trigito" to the world. Then the one that I mostly cared about was the highly-expensive CGI used for the bumpers in the early-90s to early-2000 that still we miss. Still, I still reside in a country when VV likes to block archive video featuring their IP due to piracy……the only hope that Venezuelans living in America have to watch VV is through DirecTV…..and many different vhs tapes.

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