Teletoon Brings Cartoon Network and Adult Swim to Canada in 2012

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Jul 16, 2008
I expanded a bit over on my blog.

I'm not a fan of this idea. It's basically an admission that the Canadian Teletoon branding is worthless, and should be replaced by big US branding. It's a failure of Corus Entertainment, and Astral Media (whom have separately launched Nickelodeon Canada, Disney XD Canada, and Playhouse Disney Canada) to not extend their own branding, and assimilate this programming properly.

Edit: This should also be mirrored in the [Adult Swim] forum as well.
...but it IS worthless. Look, I love the industry, hell I'm busting my ass seven days a week for the opprotunity to do something for it some day, but we need to just come out and admit that we're making an inferior product here. YTV basically relies on Nick to do everything except what they HAVE to do, and almost anything Teletoon's made worth watching recently has been brought over in some form. There is very little on teletoon you can't get elsewhere. I mean it's there but there's not much of it.

I'd rather have episodes of the shows I like the same time every other country does than maintain an identity that's becoming increasingly associated with low budget productions and self serving jingoisim.


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