Teen Titans Go! "Truth, Justice and What?" Talkback (Spoilers)

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James Harvey

The World's Finest
Staff member
Apr 23, 2001
Check out Teen Titans Go! tonight at 6:00pm (ET) on Cartoon Network - featuring four creatures who vaguely look like four pizza-loving teenaged mutant turtles trained in ninjitsu!

Teen Titans Go!
"#89 - Truth, Justice and What?" airs Thursday, March 26th, 2014 on Cartoon Network
We finally learn the true source of the Titans' goofy humor: pizza!



Well-Known Member
Jan 23, 2007
New York
Now this an awesome episode, they really went all over parody the Turtles, I enjoyed this episode, but was disappointed in no Ravager. I guess that clip is from another episode.


Yes, have some.
Staff member
Jul 13, 2003
Splinter's debut was my favorite part I guess. The toxic ooze scene was pretty funny, too.

Now this an awesome episode, they really went all over parody the Turtles, I enjoyed this episode, but was disappointed in no Ravager. I guess that clip is from another episode.
It's definitely two. That trailer was 3 or 4 episode clips I think. 1 or 2 that already aired and 2 new ones. As for the other:
When Ravager's appearance will be is unknown but going by an alleged episode list, she could appear in one titled "The Return of Slade" and no Slade hasn't appeared in the show yet so the title is typical TTG! fashion.

Gold Guy

Two is always better than one
Staff member
Dec 14, 2008
New York City
Eh, an OK episode. Some parts were way too random for me, but I guess that was part of the joke.

Neo Ultra Mike

Creeping Shadow of "15000"+ Posts
May 18, 2006
East Northport
Hmmm I remember complaining that one of the problems with "Let's Get Serious" is that it was suppose to be the writer's "take that" to people who complain about the Titan's silliness being too stupid and annoying and pointless. And them wanting to take a stand for it. Which is probably why they should of had the ending of THIS episode in that one: if you want to showcase the importance of silly and goofiness, you need to have that actually matter and show that's what our heroes use that puts them above others. You didn't really need to put that ending here as much. Though I do find it sad that it seems like the writers of this series know much more about the current animated TMNT series from Nickelodeon then they did about the other DC comic book series about young kid heroes from Cartoon Network. I guess this series also operates under the MAD rules of "we can actually say the names and make jokes about the characters if they look different enough" though honestly MAD had way better TMNT esque jokes. The only ones here were commenting on booyakashaw and then the old 80's turtles catchphrases which again don't make sense for an audience aimed at kids who again will know of the show through the 2012 variation. You could of made more jokes about it but I guess that would go against the writers just wanting to get away with "oh who cares about looking things up? Let's just post whatever random thought we have to mind and go with it because." I guess to be fair at least this randomness comes from somewhere as the whole "truth justice and pizza" was the original catchphrase in the original show's advertising to help sell the goofiness. So they probably could of made more jokes about that but... yeah guess that would of gone against them just wanting to be goofballs.

The problem is that if you even say there's going to be random humor and just deliever on that there aren't really many jokes. I think the only ones I laughed at were Robin holding out the word so long even the others had no idea what he was saying, the pizza guy constantly being kicked around (and again I know this show is suppose to be super goofy and not make that much sense but apparently Robin can't order pizza with toppings but apparently can order just hundreds upon hundreds of boxes... yeah you don't fool me guys: you were too lazy to animate toppings weren't you? Cause why else say that but then have millions of pizzas being ordered anyway), Beast Boy thinking of a pizza van or pizza band, the others wanting to join up with the TMNT and the ending where they're skateboarding in their shells. At this point the Titans are pretty much just psycho jerky random idiots but... honestly my problem is that there are few real laughs glaeamed from that. I guess this at least hit more of a satire then "Let's Get Serious" and again at least used the silly of the show as a positive for our heroes but it's still not very good.

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