"Teen Titans Go!" Season Five Talkback (Spoilers)

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Yes, have some.
Staff member
I'll admit, the production company card at the end was clever. A combo of WB's Michigan Frog and the Sit Ubu/Ubu Productions card.


Deborah Bispo so epic and hot!!!!!
Nostalgia Is Not A Substitute For An Actual Story was great/funny,

Robin not a fan of the 80s' was funny.
Annoyed Raven was so hilarious, hahahahahahaha:p.
Robin/Cyborg's bet was great/funny.
The Teen Titans time traveling to the 1980s', sweet.
Robin, Cyborg, and Beast Boy look great/funny in the 80s' style.
Both Starfire/Raven look so CUTE in 80s' style:anime:.
Cyborg's obnoxious nerdy voice and Raven's valley girl talk were so funny.
Cool seeing The Night Begins To Shine, a cool song.
The 80s' Jerks, my favorite great new minor villains, the 80s' bully girl is cute though.
The Teen Titans defeating the 80s' Jerks was funny.
Cool seeing the E.T. reference, best classic reference in shows:D.
Love seeing Robin crushed/injured, hehehe, but he loves the 80s' now.
Cyborg winning the bet, sweet, hehehe.
The production company card reference of a Michigan J. Frog/Sit Ubu/Ubu Productions card at the end was awesome:D, and also love the cute meowing cat productions card ending too.
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Tune in to a new Teen Titans Go! episode, tonight at 6:00PM ET on Cartoon Network!

Teen Titans Go! "Business Ethics Wink Wink"
Episode Debut - February 11th, 2019

Starfire dreams of becoming a successful business alien princess and joins a cookie-selling organization to learn the proper skills.


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Yes, have some.
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The lessons about being a successful business was jejune, imo, like last last week's episode about the Super Bowl.

Fone Bone

Matt Zimmer
Teen Titans Go! "Business Ethics Wink Wink"

Ugh. This show at its cynical worst.

This show is basically saying that the Girl Scouts are nothing more than a front to sell cookies. Who is that moral for? What kind of edgy credit are they hoping to get by bashing an organization that helps young girls become self-reliant? Who is this message supposed to speak to? Who would ever agree with such a horrible idea, and if they did, why is someone this terrible being catered to? I guess obnoxious loudmouths deserve representation on television too, but as far as I'm concerned, they're over-represented as it is.

And that gag with the kittens and the puppies is appalling. Raven essentially kills them when Star can't make a decision, and kills one of them when she can. I don't know why the writers think I'll find that funny. It's terrible. It is well known fact that if you kill a dog on-screen in a movie or TV show, the audience turns against you. A basket of puppies and kittens go into a hellish void and I'm still supposed to like this show? I don't care if it's a cartoon, it's sucky for the same reasons live-action dog killing is.

Any good things? I was surprised at how great the animation of the last 20 seconds of the episode was, where we witnessed the tower getting destroyed on the inside, from the outside. Not only was it a clever gag, but usually whenever something like that happens elsewhere, it's just cartoon nonsense. They actually boarded the sequence here so the hits that blow out of the building are believable. And that not only makes the sequences impressive to look at. It's actually funny too.

But if I have to go to the last 20 seconds of the episode to find anything good, it's not a good episode. *.


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