"Teen Titans Go!" News & Discussion Thread, Part 2 (Spoilers)

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December 11th:
A couple of seconds of I believe new footage can be seen in the Cartoon Network sizzle reel for 2019 around the 0:39 minutes mark.

Edit: The video was taken down. The clip was basically a short scene where the Titans were apparently being chased by a police helicopter.

December 13th:
Looks like a new episode is up on the CN website. "Nostalgia is Not a Substitute For An Actual Story".
The Titans time travel back to the 1980s to determine whether or not it was the best decade ever.
Please use Spoiler Tags in this thread if you want to discuss this episode until it premieres on TV and is brought up in the Season 5 Talkback thread.
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According to Zap2It there's one more episode premiering this year, on December 31st at 6PM.
On New Year's Eve? Color me skeptical. They had a prime opportunity to air it on November 9 or 12 since in the comics at one point Dick's birthday was November 11 and I think Beast Boy's debut in the comics was November.

Bob Uecker's still alive? The Mr. Belvedere fan in Cyborg is gonna be jealous.
Yep. In his 80s and still a broadcaster for the Brewers.


Yes, have some.
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Hmm, "in two weeks" so it seems like January 4th instead of the 31st for the airdate. Wish they just said the date in the promo.


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