"Teen Titans Go!" News & Discussion Thread, Part 1 (Spoilers)

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The Teen Titans are back in the action-comedy Teen Titans Go! animated series on Cartoon Network!

Click here for details on this animated series! Check out the latest details in the newest thread posts!

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Can't wait for more details, but either way, this made my day. Also, its awesome to see Silkie in the lineup.


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Interesting. Assuming YJ gets renewed this means. DC Nation would be a 2 Hour Block. Well DC might not be able to stop Marvel on the Live Action Front but nice to see they are still burying Marvel on the Animated Front.
I like the idea of another Teen Titans series, however I would have preferred the original animation style over this one, unless of course the above image is only for their chibi sequences which I'd be okay with. I wonder if this series will focus only on the core cast or if they'll still showcase other Titans like: Jericho, Kole, Argent, Red Star etc.

Also Teen Titans Go! was the name of the tie-in comic from the original Teen Titans animated series.

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My basic reaction:


Super excited for this; Teen Titans was the first superhero animated series I watched as a kid, and was what got me into DC animation, so having it brought back in anyway is a treat. :D


Ign.com says is more comedy than action. So I'm guessing it's going to be like the DC Nation shorts but full length episodes.


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I would've rather gotten a Super Best Friends Forever series, as I've been about Teen Titan'ed out since about season 3, but this is good news for TT fans.

cuzin34 said:
Ign.com says is more comedy than action.

Works for me. Between Green Lantern, Young Justice and the upcoming Beware the Batman, there are enough serious DC shows on the lineup. A funny show will make for a nice change of pace. I just wish they had gone with a different cast, like the Founding Five or some variation, like the YJ lineup. But I guess that would've been confusing with YJ still on the block, assuming YJ will be sticking around when this show begins. I just never liked the New Teen Titans team that much.
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Nice. But between GLTAS, Beware the Batman, YJ, and this... they may have to expand the block to 2 hours.

Unless it's going to be one of those things where it's an hour, but they rotate shows every other week (i.e. Beware the Batman one week, Teen Titans Go the next, and then BTB after that, etc). I wouldn't complain, but I could see where that would disrupt the flow of things, too.

Surprised they didn't pick up 'Super Best Friends Forever' as full series, tho'.
So these will be like expansions on the DC shorts we've seen?

I'm interested, though I'd prefer the original series' art style.
Sounds kinda cool but I'd rather it be just a revival of the original show instead of just making into a strait up comedy. I'll defiantly watch it though.:robin:


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Eh, I'm not interested in this that much.:shrug: I'm not much of a fan of Teen Titans. I'd prefer a SBFF or a Plastic Man series, but I'm glad Cartoon Network is expanding DC Nation.:) Does that mean the Teen Titans shorts are finished?


This is great news, but I'm a bit concerned at the prospect of it being all comedy and not having Glen Murakami on board. Hopefully there will be serious episodes and continuations of plots from the Teen Titans show, but I won't hold my breath... Still, it will be fun to see them in their own programme again.


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Not going to lie, I'm disappointed. I wasn't a big fan of the Teen Titans anime/humor format, but it was watchable.

I'm concerned that this means no expansion of Young Justice, as I can't imagine them running two shows with the same nominal characters. I much prefer YJ to the Teen Titans kiddie show.

If they really wanted a humor show, I'd rather have had them go in a different direction; between the Teen Titans and Young Justice, it smacks to me of "been there, done that, retread in progress", especially as DC has so many characters around which it could frame a humor show that haven't been done yet.

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I loved Teen Titans, so this is good news for me, but it does make me wonder what the plans are for Young Justice. I just hope they continue where they left off and do what they had planned for season six. Some of the shorts were a continuation of certain episodes from the first Titan series so that's a possibility at least.
At first, I was really excited.

But when I read it would be more of a comedy series than an action series, and when I saw the cartoony (rather than anime-y) designs, I was...more disappointed.

Well, that's one rule about bringing back the dead: they are not quite the same as when they were alive.


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On one hand, I do like the crew working on this. Michael Jelenic worked on Brave and the Bold, so hopefully it will be a funny, charming series (and is not completely awful like Thundercats).

On the other hand, this does make me worry about Young Justice and its future. Not to mention....they couldn't have made Super Best Friends Forever instead? Is CN THAT scared of a female-centered action show, even after Legend of Korra, or better yet, The Powerpuff Girls? :shrug:


As much as I loved Teen Titans, I feel that show had its run and it was great (Things Change being an incredible final episode). I really hope this show is not greenlit at the expense of more Young Justice, which is still having its run and is still great.
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