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Apr 28, 2001
In my head.
Listen up, me wee li'l sheepies, because this is how it's going to be. First and foremost, I would like to direct everyone's attention to the TZ Forum Rules and the Story Board/WF Writer's Center FAQ that should be read very thoroughly before posting anything on these forums. Second, I would like to make this very, blatantly clear:

Ignorance of the rules is not an excuse.

If you still manage to find yourself in trouble when there is the TZ, SB/WFWC, and TT FAQ to look to for guidance--not to mention the ability to PM a moderator or admin to ask questions--it's certainly not for lack of information. Only under extrenuating circumstances (most likely the other mods of this fair forum telling me to back off) will I personally take an "I didn't know!" into consideration. Consider yourself warned.

Now, onto the meat of this guideline.

The Rules

  1. NO SPAM. Spam is a reply that adds nothing intelligent/relevent to the topic that is being discussed. Examples of spam would be giving one word replies such as "cool", quoting an entire previous reply and adding only "I agree", or, as one shining star here decided to do, reply "SPAM~" in large red letters. Pictures that don't directly relate to the topic also fall under this category. Those who ignore this will be warned.
  2. No polls. Period. Polls in fanfiction are almost completely unnecessary, and more often than not, have little or nothing to do with the body of work that is written below. The poll function, therefore, is to no longer be used. If you believe a poll simply needs to be made for whatever reason, clear it with myself, Bleu Unicorn, The_NewCatwoman, or The Guitar Slayer first.
  3. Watch your language. I'm not known for having the cleanest language on earth, however, there are children browsing these forums, and they should not under any circumstances be reading people dropping the f-bomb every other sentence. This is a rule that applies to all forums on TZ. Repeated use of bad language (I.E. language that would ordinarily be filtered out) will result in a warning. Note, this does not necessarily apply to stories rated PG-13 or higher, but those should be labelled as such for the youngins to steer away, and even then, the language shouldn't exceed reasonable limits. Language in fics is judged on a case-by-case basis, and anything seen as excessive will be editted.
  4. NO SPAM. I can't reiterate this enough.
  5. If you're too young to watch a Rated R movie, you're too young to write a Rated R fic. No perverse acts are to take place in your story, as well as things minors shouldn't be doing (I.E., drugs and alcohol) unless you're over the age of 18. Failure to abide by this will result in thread deletion, a warning, and depending upon age, an email to your parents.
  6. No shameless plugging/bumping. You have a fic you want to show off; fine. Save it for your signature; don't waste a reply by showcasing your story. Nevermind that it's extraordinarily rude to those who spent a great deal of time writing the story you're using a soapbox to advertise yours on. As well, don't bump a fic of yours if you don't have a statement worth reading. That includes posts just to inform people you will be posting a new chapter in the future. This goes in line with the 'no spam' rule.
  7. No picture linking. The picture usage in previous threads was ridiculous. Picture load times for those of us still in the stone age and suffering with dial-up have to wait a great deal of time for them to load before we can begin to look at the page. Furthermore, it's useless in terms of writing. If you have a picture to show that is somehow in line with what has been written, link it via the [.url] tags, please.
  8. Big fonts + Bright colors = angry SK and Bleu. This is more personal preference than anything, I suppose, but excessive use of large fonts can stretch a person's screen and make reading difficult. While you can still use them, repeated use of the font size tool is frowned upon, and it really drives some people nuts. The same can be said for colored text, while you may want to highlight aspects of your story, please don't abuse the tool. Too many colors or incredibly vibrant and bright ones really hurt people's eyes and make it hard to read. Ahem. Anywho, if you use a font size or color that can be labelled distracting or an 'eyesore', it will be editted to be more manageable.
  9. NO FLIPPING SPAM! I really can't reiterate this enough. And if you still spam after being told three times in the rules not to, may you be hounded by thousands of angry ferrets in your sleep. Or you'll just be warned. Whichever fancies me more at the time.
  10. An "Off-topic thread" means it's off-topic. Threads that aren't about fanfics but are instead directed towards discussions and/or questions regarding a certain character/show/genre should be kept to the Workshops or the forums that are dedicated to whatever it is that you feel you need to discuss.
  11. No ransoming replies. Begging and bartering for replies will not be tolerated! "What? I've only gotten two replies? Well, I'm not posting my chapter up until I have ten!" Don't do that. Ever. There is no excuse for that kind of behavior. Anyone seen participating in this kind of 'I won't post x chapter until I get y reviews' ransoming will have their thread locked immediately and will be warned. However, asking for constructive criticsm and/or feedback is perfectly welcome - and anyone should feel welcome to post their thoughts.
  12. No begging for chapters. Yes, we love X story soooo very very much and we're just dying for another chapter. Badgering the author--who undoubtedly has other things to do than appeal to your every whim--is both annoying, and rude. Be respectful to the authors who write the stories you enjoy, or else you might just scare them away, and I'd have to give you a warning.
  13. Down with the smiley abuse. Smileys are great little things that we all love using, sure. But, for the love of all that is good and holy in the world, there is no need to use fifteen of them in one reponse, let alone in one sentence. Excessive use of smileys will be editted and replaced with a, "Warned you :p". I'm sure you'll appreciate the irony.
  14. GS says: NO NARUTO. Yes, he's cute, yes, he's adorable, or whatever it is people see in him. But Naruto is not licensed by DC, and furthermore, does not appear in TT, so unless you're crossing TT over with Naruto (and, please, please don't), stop bringing him up. GS has ferrets. Very, very angry ferrets.
  15. No Games in Threads. There are to be no word games, guessing games, "which character are you" games, and certainly no "guess where I live and I'll tell you if you're right" games. This is SPAM.
  16. SONGS are not legitimate feedback. You may feel a song is the PERFECT way to express how you feel or how you think a character feels. Put some effort into your responses! Make your own words for your own feedback. Let Pete Townsend or Linkin Park or Bruce Springsteen come on here and post their songs in response to fics, not you.
  17. Keep us informed. You can do that, you know. Believe it or not, if someone is causing you trouble, you can let us know. It's a nifty little function called "Report" that makes the lives of your friendly mods much easier than having to sift through pages of fic to root out troublemakers on our own. Not that I wouldn't relish hunting through fifteen pages of posts to find someone starting more trouble than they ought to, but, well, let's face it, that can get daunting at times. So dare to care, and help out your bedraggled mods before they happen to inadvertanly snap one day after too much work and go berserk on everyone. Not that I'd know about that or anything. Ahem. Posts that break either Toon Zone's or WFWC's rules or evil SPAM! are examples of things you should immediately report to a moderator.
Any other questions or concerns can be swiftly answered by either reading the two FAQs I linked above, or emailing any of us. Having said all of that, enjoy and write to your heart's content! But NO SPAM. NONE.

Thank you.
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