TALKBACK - Victor and Valentino - Episodes 66-68 [10/23 (Online) 10/27-10/29 (TV)]


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Apr 12, 2016

Episodes 66-68

Weekdays at 7:30 PM

In Your Own Skin
FRIDAY 10/23 (Online)
TUESDAY 10/27 at 7:30 PM (TV)

This week...
When Valentino is mocked for his lack of style, he’s determined to get a designer hoodie to prove he has a sense of fashion, which turns out to be harder than it looks.

FRIDAY 10/23 (Online)
WEDNESDAY 10/28 at 7:30 PM (TV)

This week...
Victor makes a ghost friend but when she interferes with his shot at being part of the cool kids’ Tlatchtli team, he must choose between the two.

FRIDAY 10/23 (Online)
THURSDAY 10/29 at 7:30 PM (TV)

This week...
Chata loans Xochi a car under the condition that Victor and Valentino can get rides when they need. However, the car becomes aggressive towards Victor and Valentino and attacks!​

Perla Magica

Digital Love
Jul 29, 2016
Poland (Europe)
"In Your Own Skin" - Kinda boring episode, but the musical number was actually good. I think the writing team for this episode have no idea how to write Valentino right but at least they wrote him better than in "Escaramuza".

"Ghosted" - Okay-ish episode, I liked the ghost prankster girl but the plot of Victor choosing between friendship and cool kids is less interesting to follow.

"Carmelita" - Fun and thrilling episode, I liked the fun dynamic between Xochi and the boys at the end. This is the third time Tzitzimime appear, I have a feeling it might have something to do with "The Eclipse is coming" plot.


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