TALKBACK - The Powerpuff Girls - Episodes 81-88 [5/11 (Online) 5/13-6/9 (TV)]

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Aug 14, 2015
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Episodes 81-88

Online May 11!

Not So Secret Service

(Online) FRIDAY 5/11
(TV) SUNDAY 5/13 at 4:45 PM

This week...

After Mojo Jojo's latest creation threatens to blast him into tiny bits, the Powerpuff Girls are forced to take Mojo in.

(Online) FRIDAY 5/11
(TV) SUNDAY 5/20 at 4:15 PM

This week...

When the Fashionistas unveil their new mind controlling perfume, The Powerpuff Girls must find a way to stop them before Townsville falls under their spell.

(Online) FRIDAY 5/11
(TV) SUNDAY 5/20 at 4:30 PM

This week...

After being blasted by Duplikate, Blossom turns into a triple threat.
Mojo the Great

(Online) FRIDAY 5/11
(TV) SUNDAY 5/20 at 4:45 PM

This week...

In an effort to make himself "great," Mojo steals the powers that makes the each of the Powerpuff Girls the heroes they are.
Trouble Clef

(Online) FRIDAY 5/11
(TV) SUNDAY 6/3 at 4 PM

This week...

When Morbucks realizes that The Powerpuff Girls see her as a villain and not a friend, she sets out to turn the town against them.
Save the Date

(Online) FRIDAY 5/11
(TV) SUNDAY 6/3 at 4:15 PM

This week...

Ms. Keane is nervous about a first date.
Can't Buy Love

(Online) FRIDAY 5/11
(TV) SATURDAY 6/9 at 4 PM

This week...

When Morbucks falls in love, she finds the first thing money can't buy.

(Online) FRIDAY 5/11
(TV) SATURDAY 6/9 at 4:15 PM

This week...

When a mysterious rain cloud plagues Townsville, Bubbles learns things aren't what they seem.​
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Jan 19, 2004
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The Powerpuff Girls "Not So Secret Service"

Bubbles is such an outlaw.

Mojo's brains spilling out of his turban were gross.

I like that Boxdroid's disguise actually fooled Mojo at the end.

Not bad. ***1/2.

The Powerpuff Girls "Worship"

Oh no! The Powerpuff Girls have gotten too helpful!

Dee Bradley Baker doing his Klaus voice.

Buttercup doesn't even HAVE a nose. Nostrils don't count.

The Professor has a rockin' bod.

Perfume commercials are not actually that dumb. But it's the same ballpark.

Barbarus's sagging gorilla boobs in the bikini top made me sick.

Bianca can't take two steps forward to take the vial?

I like the puppy with a pitchfork.

The Sludge Beast as the Vomitorium sounds like a bad day.

I thought YOU would be the ones to disappear was a good closing joke.

All right. ***1/2.

The Powerpuff Girls "Blossom3"

That was great. I love Buttercup and Bubbles' new costumes, and the focus testing jokes were great. Also funny was "Don't you know anything about being a superhero?" I especially love that the Blossoms survived the end of the episode. So they could focus test on what to do next. "Interesting." ****1/2.

The Powerpuff Girls "Mojo The Great"

The ending was weak. The writers obviously couldn't think of a credible way for the girls to win, so they had Mojo do the cartoon cliche at the end instead.

I love the "By Mojo" thing sung in the "By Mennen" singsong voice.

Bubbles drawing baby hedgehogs and giving Mojo a word a day calendar? Cute. Bubbles' swamp pits? Gross.

What is Buttercup, the stew police?

I like that the show was smart enough to keep Buttercup in her same persona when her greatest strength was stolen. That actually made sense.

I didn't care for this one all too much. **1/2.

The Powerpuff Girls "Trouble Clef"

I feel bad that Morebucks actually thinks she and the girls are friends and they pretty much tell her how much she actually sucks at the end of the episode. She's Councilman Jamm and the Girls are Leslie Knope, if she were actually as cruel to him as he deserved. Still, the girl at the end fangirling her was nice.

I love that she still doesn't know Buttercup's name.

Honestly, the songwriting plot to get the town our their side thing struck me as incredibly stupid and shallow. I get that this show has always been a satire of the stupid and shallow, but the relaunch has been less of that, and this idea sort of reminded me why I disliked the original show so much in the first place.

Not my favorite episode. **1/2.

The Powerpuff Girls "Save The Date"

Great and fitting episode title.

No, Buttercup, dating is not actually like that.

Ms. Keane is teaching Romeo And Juliet in elementary school? Not buying it.

Todd has a lot of problems. He actually has to explain to his mother that not all women are monsters.

Mojo has a very different idea of defective than I do.

So-so. ***.

The Powerpuff Girls "Can't Buy Love"

I think Morebucks is overthinking Barry.

Buttercup is playing "Would You Rather?" wrong. She's no Joe or Quagmire.

I love that when the white tiger sticks out his tongue that there's a wad of bills on it.

I love Blossom as the Little Mermaid. The close-up of her hideous face was amazingly repulsive. I loved it.

Good episode. ****.

The Powerpuff Girls "Largo"

This episode sort of works as an origin story for Allegro.

Bubbles ALWAYS knew the Mayor was bald? Now he's even sadder.

Decent episode. ***.


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I'll put a Spoiler Tag I will remove it when the episode airs on TV.

"Not So Secret Service"
Narrator: And so once again the day is saved thanks to... THE POWERPUFF GIRLS!


Narrator: And so once again the day— (losing his concentration) —is…uh…oh…something. Day…is… (groaning in pain) My head hurts for that Worship perfume!


Narrator: And so once again the day is saved thanks to... THE POWERPUFF GIRLS! Accept no clones & ripoffs!


"Mojo the Great"
Narrator: Mojo Jojo when will you ever learn? And so once again the day is saved thanks to... THE POWERPUFF GIRLS!


"Trouble Clef"
Narrator: And so once again the day is saved thanks to... THE POWERPUFF GIRLS! Hey that's song is really catchy!


"Save the Date"
Narrator: And so once again the date and the day is saved thanks to... THE POWERPUFF GIRLS and Miss Keane!


"Can't Buy Love"
Narrator: And so once again the day is saved thanks to... The power of love! Isn't it romantic?


Narrator: And so once again the day is saved thanks to... Bubbles!
: Do you want some crumpets Mr. Narrator?
Narrator: Bubbles those are not crum--
Narrator: Okay Bubbles geez!

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Jan 23, 2007
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Not So Secret Service

Well Mojo almost won in the end, things were finally starting to work out for him, but of course life is not that way for him.


This plot, this seems something out of the old 1960's Batman live action show or Kim Possible, it is goofy and over the top, but fun.


So is Duplicate a new character, I never seen her before. Cool design though. I wish someone would explain why the clones are in black and white.

Mojo The Great

Now we are getting to the really good episode of the bunch, and how they sort of connect. This is about Mojo self esteem and self worth. I don't know I think most of those villains the PPG listed Mojo is either as good or just trying to mess with him. Except for Silico and maybe HIM, those are the real deal. Poor Mojo can't get respect.

Trouble Clef

Interesting this is right after "Mojo The Great" in how similar the plots are. It is about someone self worth or image of themselves and what others think of them is important to them. I know there is a lesson, they are trying to tell, I just don't know what it is. Catchy song though.

Save The Date

I thought they were going to do the Mojo has a crush on Miss Keane like they have done in other incarnation, but I guess not. Interesting how Miss Keane even when she gave up and going to live on monster island, still was a teacher at heart.

Can't Buy Love

Between Jarrett and Barry, Blossom and Morbucks they both got an unique taste in boys. Both of these Morbucks we got in this batch, it is clear the writers of this show are more influenced by anime Morbucks than the old series Morbucks. I loved the anime Morbucks, so that is a good choice, instead of just being a one dimensional psychopath on the old show, they actually giving her some depth.


The weakest of the bunch. This episode didn't do it for me, maybe my expectations were too high, I was hoping for Silico in this episode, and we haven't seen Silico in a while, when is he coming back?

Overall, these bunch of episodes, they giving Mojo and Morbucks some depth and maybe character development. They both have a unique frienemy relationship with a PPG, in Mojo's case it is Bubbles, in Morbucks case it is Blossom, Buttercup have that type of relationship with an antagonist, maybe she should get one, I guess Manboy or Jemmica could have that type of relationship with Buttercup.

Still how many episodes till Silico, my patient is wearing thin on the Silico payoff. I am hoping he is a big enough threat that the other villains especially Mojo and Morbucks help defeat him. That is just my opinion.


Deborah Bispo so epic and hot!!!!!
Nov 7, 2004
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Both Worship, Blossom3, Mojo the Great, Save the Date, and Largo were pretty sweet/enjoyable,

Cool seeing the Fashionistas: Bianca/Barbarus.
Bianca/Barbarus's evil mind-controlling perfume was great.
Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup mind controlled was funny.
Bianca/Barbarus's evil plan on brainwashing everyone was great.
The random terrible witch Nostrilla DuPont helping Blossom/Bubbles/Buttercup was great/funny, go Tress MacNeille for the role.
Poor Bianca/Barbarus's defeats was funny, hehehe.
Great funny ending from Nostrilla, hehehe.

Duplikate, my favorite awesome cute supervillainess, has a sweet design:D.
Buttercup annoyed by the Blossom clones was funny.
The two Blossom clones were great/funny.
Buttercup/Bubbles' Batman/Robin reference was awesome/funny:p.
The Blossoms vs. Duplikate was great/funny.
Poor Duplikate's loss, I hope she returns, she has potential.
Great funny ending with the two Blossom clones, hehehe.

The tour guide/newsmen are stupid crapheads, Mojo is so the greatest.
Mojo stealing Blossom/Bubbles/Buttercup's superpowers was sweet.
Both powerless Blossom/Bubbles were so funny, hahahahahaha:p.
Poor Mojo to get no respect:(, but I respect Mojo, best funny supervillain ever.

Ms. Keane's major focus was great, nice that she has a date.
Mojo's small scenes were funny.
Poor Ms. Keane being seen as a giant monster was funny, hehehe.
Love the giant ant monster.
Ms. Keane's cool moment defeating the giant ant monster.
Ms. Keane back to normal was great.
Great ending on Ms. Keane's dating.

Blossom/Buttercup's sibling fight was funny.
Cute Bubbles' major focus was sweet.
Largo, a great new character.
Love Ms. Cat who's cute.
Allegro's origin was pretty sweet, cool to see Allegro.
Largo/Allegro's fight was so funny, hehehe.
Bubbles saving the day to stop their fighting was so funny, hehehe:p.
Largo back to normal, I'll miss Allegro though.
Great funny ending, Angry Bubbles scary was hilarious, hahahahahaha.
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