TALKBACK - The Amazing World of Gumball - "The Shippening" - [4/20]

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May 14, 2012
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The Land of Flowers

Episode 210

Friday at 6:30p/5:00c!

The Shippening
FRIDAY at 6:30 PM

This week...

Sarah finds a notebook from the Awesome Store which magically makes what she draws happens. Unfortunately, she draws bizarre love stories throughout Elmore.​
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Elijah Abrams

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Jul 29, 2017
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OH. MY. @#!%&$^. GOD. I LOVED THIS EPISODE! Goes to show you that the writers can even mock certain fan-related things to the show! My favorite moments were the Gumball-Carrie ship, and the anthro-female Gumball and anthro Darwin getting married.

I.R. Shokew

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Sep 26, 2011
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THIS is probably the only God Tier episode I've seen from Season 6 that isn't The Lady; then again, Season 6 has been somewhat mediocre, IMHO, so a God Tier episode coming to brighten things up is something I've been dying for.

This is what happens when you let fanfiction writers dictate everything instead of actuap pros who truly care about the craft - and it's not just hilarious, it's glorious and soberingly encouraging. Encouraging in that anyone who wants to get in this field will know to write & thinks things out while doing so better than a weeb like Sarah!

As for why I love it? It doesn't talk down to the viewer with the message it's conveying. And that's all I really needed to enjoy it as much as I did.


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Nov 13, 2012
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I was wondering how far down the rabbit hole they would go
not far enough

Alto I think some of it is due to censors not letting them. Still surprised we got Gumball/Darwin
or rather GumballOopsEggWobbleUnderpants/Darwin


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Nov 1, 2013
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This was fantastic but also a bit cringey(in a good way) the show is fantastic when it comes to meta humor and parody but so far this takes the cake. If not my favorite episode at least in my top 5

Also is it wrong if I want this to be canon.
Dec 3, 2017
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Wow, what a great episode! I love when the show pokes fun at itself in episodes like this. I was surprised to see the Cartoon Network logo become canon within the show; it was a nice touch to the design of the notebook. Also, loved the part when the Darwin fan character was in the swan boat and screamed, "This bird is out of control!"


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