TALKBACK - The Amazing World of Gumball - "Episodes 216-220" - [7/13 (Online), 7/16 (TV)]

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Apr 12, 2016
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Episodes 216-220

Monday Morning starting at 7:00a/6:00c!

The Potion
(online) FRIDAY 7/13
(TV) MONDAY 7/16 at 7:00 AM
This week...
Gumball and Darwin learn that Hector is not so happy being giant-sized. So they decide to help him by creating a potion that will shrink him down to the size of an average person. However creating a magic potion is not as easy as it sounds, and the results can go spectacularly wrong...
The Spinoffs
(online) FRIDAY 7/13
(TV) MONDAY 7/16 at 8:00 AM
This week...
Wishing to get rid of Gumball once and for all, his nemesis Rob offers up a variety of reality, action and comedy shows featuring characters other than Gumball. Unfortunately for Rob each one is worse than the last…
The Transformation
(online) FRIDAY 7/13
(TV) MONDAY 7/16 at 9:00 AM
This week...
Penny's family is unhappy that she's decided to come out of her shell… literally. And Penny wants her family to come out of their shells...also literally. They are at an impasse so who do they turn to in their time of trouble? Gumball of course! Needless to say he is way outside of his comfort zone...
The Understanding
(online) FRIDAY 7/13
(TV) MONDAY 7/16 at 10:00 AM
This week...
Gumball and Darwin find themselves in serious trouble when they agree to everything the new kid in school says. The truth is they can't understand a word that he says. Peter Pepperoni has been home schooled and developed a very odd way of speaking. Due to a series of misunderstandings Gumball and Darwin end up on the run from the law.
The Ad
(online) FRIDAY 7/13
(TV) MONDAY 7/16 at 11:00 AM
This week...
To make ends meet, the Wattersons are forced to rent out their house. However, with nowhere else to stay they decide to secretly remain at the house. When they accidentally surprise their guests, an elderly pair of fainting goats, they faint...unsurprisingly. The Wattersons fear the worst and attempt to cover up this "accident".​


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Jun 23, 2018
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I'll probably think "The Spinoffs" is my number one favorite. Because let me give you some things about this episode:

—Gumball made a parody against Cowboy Bebop.
—During the dinosaur fight or whatever it is, it stopped when it said Commercial Break in the actual Cartoon Network Dimensional Background.
This show could be meta sometimes but they have reached the limit.


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May 9, 2013
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The Potion: Kind of a disappointing episode. Hector getting over being small happened quite quickly and he ended up being a jerk afterwards. Hector's mom should actually be thanking them for showing Hector that he should be happy with himself. Darwin was dumber than usual as well. I think if Hector should become smaller, a good half size would've been better for him.

The Tranformation: Technically as her parents, Penny's have the right to not only stay in their shells, but to have Penny stay in her's until legal-age and living independently as well (think of it when a teenager wants an inappropriate outfit or tattoos/piercings). Parents make their children do a lot of things that they don't like, and if they didn't, then the children wouldn't do what's good for them like eating healthy, exercise, or try new things. The ending saved this episode for me as I was expecting Penny to get her way, which would make it look like that she's in charge of the family. Plus it was a sweet ending as well.
I wonder how many viewers will be getting mad because of the title hinting of showing Penny's family without their shells and not getting that at all.


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Nov 7, 2004
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Both The Potion, The Spinoffs, and The Understanding were pretty sweet/enjoyable,

I knew they will do an episode with Hector being smaller, hehehe.
Hector's major focus was great, poor Hector not liking his giant size.
Gumball/Darwin helping Hector be smaller was great.
Hector being smaller and being terrible to others was funny, hehehe.
Hector wanting to be giant size, he would have stayed smaller, oh well.
Mutated Hector was funny, hehehe:p.
Poor Gumball/Darwin at the end with Mrs. Jotunheim being a jerkette as usual.

Cool seeing Rob and The Internet, nice that they team-up.
Rob wanting to replace Gumball with other characters for spinoff shows was great/funny.
The other characters' spinoff shows were great/funny, the Mighty Morphing Power Rangers parody was great, the Cowboy Bebop parody for Larry was awesome, cool seeing Tina Rex/Willaim, and the non-human babies are so cute:D.
The Commercial Break stop was funny, hehehe.
Great funny ending.

Peter Pepperoni, a great funny new character with an odd way of speaking which was funny, hehehe.
Gumball/Darwin not understanding Peter was so funny, hahahahaha:p.
Nice seeing the pizza couple Quattro/Siciliana.
Quattro, Siciliana, and Peter becoming criminals was hilarious, hahahahaha:p, my favorite great new minor villains.
Both Quattro/Siciliana not understanding Peter was funny, hehehe.
Peter's great speech and speaking english was great.
Great funny ending.
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