TALKBACK - The Amazing World of Gumball - "Episodes 211-215" - [6/15 (Online), 6/18 (TV)]

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May 14, 2012
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The Land of Flowers

Episodes 211-215

Monday Morning starting at 7:00a/6:00c!

The Brain
(online) FRIDAY 6/15
(TV) MONDAY 6/18 at 7:00 AM

This week...

Anais has been facepalming every time her family does something stupid, which has led to a serious medical condition. In fact, if she facepalms just one more time she could do her brain irreparable damage, so the Wattersons have to get through the week without doing anything idiotic.
The Parents
(online) FRIDAY 6/15
(TV) MONDAY 6/18 at 8:00 AM

This week...

After accidentally bumping into each other in the grocery aisle, Nicole and her parents have it out. The Wattersons discover why Nicole and her parents haven't been on speaking terms for so long. The kids decide to bring about a reunion, in order to secure that backlog of birthday and holiday presents...
The Founder
(online) FRIDAY 6/15
(TV) MONDAY 6/18 at 9:00 AM

This week...

When Nicole decides to pay the cable bill in person at Chanax, she leaves specific instructions for Richard to stay in the car. However he's far too tempted by the vending machine in the foyer to follow her advice. Chanax believes Richard is their mysterious founder and follow his every whim, leading to their inevitable demise.
The Schooling
(online) FRIDAY 6/15
(TV) MONDAY 6/18 at 10:00 AM

This week...

Gumball and Darwin are at the convenience store considering playing truant. Larry warns them that if they don't take their education seriously they'll end up like him. To prove his point, Larry lets Gumball and Darwin work some of his many roles to make them appreciate the value of a good education.
The Intelligence
(online) FRIDAY 6/15
(TV) MONDAY 6/18 at 11:00 AM

This week...

Gumball and Darwin argue with the Internet and make him mad. So mad in fact that he seeks to wipe out humanity and, while doing so, malfunctions! The whole of Elmore is plunged into a time before technology. It's actually pretty nice. Will Gumball and Darwin decide to leave the internet unplugged?​

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Sep 26, 2011
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Who wants to find me that badly anymore?
SHOWTI-- why am I any sort of excited about this at all???

The Brain (Mid Tier) -
Not bad, but not completely feeling it, since I prefer Anais as a side character who bounces off of the others over her being a main focus of an episode, anyday. She really is written to be as bad as Lisa Simpson overall is - despite this show being better than anything NOT classic Simpsons (Seasons 3 - 8 MAX), IMHO.

Now, don't get me wrong: I did get some laughs out of Gumball, Darwin, and Richard, though. What annoyed me here is how Nicole thinks she's above all of it.You poor arrogant, deluded fool, as the ending reveals, EVERYTHING is your fault by the end (or in this case, FROM THE START.), Nicole!

Then again, Anais was (and is, AS USUAL.) just acting like a little brat (same with Lisa Simpson, period), so I ain't got ANY sympathy for her - I'm enjoying her suffering because like LS, she's just such a badly-written and overall weak-sauce character who only works when she's bouncing off of others, rather than being a central focus.

I mean, why else did The Copycats (a God Tier Season 5 episode, BTW) not come up with a proper counterpart for her, besides China's rather stupid "you can only have one kid" law(s)??? I LIKE to think it's because someone in the writing crew has the same problems with her (Anais) that I do, honestly.

However, that's just me talking crazy at this point. I'm just not too thrilled when Anais is the focus, that's all.
Still better than the last 2 episodes to make Anais an MC, but that's not saying JACK in any true sense for me.

The Parents (Mid High Tier) -
The way this episode starts out is annoying - just more WEAK satire about work in general, IMHO. Maybe Richard should help out & get an act- NAH. That's too obvious. We can't do that, especially after how it didn't work out last time! Let's forget that ever happened, please & thank you.

Other than that, some actually good character development for Nicole here between her and her otherwise crappy family; too bad of course Gumball has to come off like a greedy little brat about it, souring things for me. At least he got his face punched in by Darwin at the end, which somewhat much makes up for it.

IMHO, This episode would have been God Tier had:
1) Gumball went through that window and got his face broken.
2) Darwin breaks his jaw, even if on accident.

THAT... is happily what I would have done at the end of this episode to Gumball, if given the chance; his actions over why Nicole's parents are here to begin with just annoyed me that much in an otherwise good effort focusing mostly on Nicole somewhat reconciling with them, honestly.

The Founder (Mid High Tier) -
...And Richard slept in the shed for a while. That's what I take away from how it ends, despite being one of the funnier episodes. Richard may be dumb, but unlike Anais, he still is written well enough to know how to make me laugh with it.

The Schooling (High Tier) -
Basically put, this is what happens when the satire on display KICKS BUTT. Plus, that last line of dialogue between Gumball and Larry? Spot on, WITHOUT being preachy (e.g.: actually GOOD satire.). THAT is what I watch Gumball for when it comes down it. Can Season 6 keep THIS up? Please & Thank you.

The Intelligence (Mid High Tier) -
IN EXECUTION, I really don't feel they did a lot with this otherwise awesome enough premise ON PAPER, especially compared to the Season 3 High Tier material that is The Pizza, honestly. Plus, satire or not - you're really laying things on thick there with that last minute, aren't ya, writers? How about you STOP preaching to me and actually DO be funnier (heartwarming is fine, too; just NOT all the time with this show; being funnier definitely helps in your case!) than that! I know you usually are, I'm just not seeing it in Season 6 all that much, especially compared to EVERYTHING before it, really.

Always feel free to challenge me and my opinions - which is what all views expressed in these comments are and will always be. I welcome it.


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May 9, 2013
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The Brain: This was pretty good. Anais isn't exactly a favorite since most of season 2 and up, so her losing some of her intelligence wouldn't get much sympathy from me since she's a brat most of the time. But what made this episode good was seeing the family try not to do anything stupid. That cashier was annoying though. But you know what really made this episode good was that most of the episode was a dream with Anais having been in coma from Gumball's stupid comment of how many days in a week. It was just so unexpected. There were hints with the medication and pulse-line, but I was figuring it was a sign of her coming out of her stupor.

The Parents: Wow! The writers pretty much set up a fake-out near the end with what looks like Nicole's parents about to be killed off by an incoming truck. Gumball's song added so much emotion to that scene as well. Speaking of which, it really was a good song and it was nice seeing Nicole and her parents make up. Nicole should've been more forgiven about them trying to get rid of Richard since Richard's mother isn't any better. I got a laugh out of Gumball's song being about him being owed Christmas presents and Darwin smacking upside the head for it.

The Founder: And this is why Richard should never have a job. Well, a job where he's in charge of something. Loved the dance in an elevator scene.

The Schooling: This had a very good message about staying in school or face the consequences. Also that most of the sentient population are jerks. This is most likely a fact in real life as well.

The Intelligence: Episode starts with Gumball and Darwin trying to watch videos but are annoyed by the ads. Personally I mute them when I can't skip them. Unless it's one of those ads where someone is trying to hit the "SKIP" button for you, because those are funny.
The ending wasn't too good. It just felt incomplete.


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Nov 7, 2004
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Both The Brain, The Parents, The Schooling, and The Intelligence were pretty sweet/funny, cool to see more new The Amazing World of Gumball,

Anais to be in a coma for face palming if the Watterson Family does stupid stuff is so hilarious, hahahaha:p.
So good to see Anais suffer which is satisfying, but yet I love Anais who's like Lisa Simpson(mostly love Lisa).
Gumball, Darwin, Richard, and Nicole trying not to do anything stupid was so funny.
Nicole being arrogant made me laugh, the poor arrogant deluded fool, hehehe.
The obnoxious teenage cashier was so funny.
The puppy supervisor was SO CUTE.
It turns out to be a dream, pretty clever, funny ending:p.

Nice to finally see Nicole's lousy cat parents.
Despite their argument, I do feel for poor Nicole.
Nicole's lousy cat parents hating Richard, they are just as lousy as Grandma JoJo, Mrs. Margaret Robinson, Miss Lucy Simian, and Jamie.
Gumball's song was sweet/touching.
Nice with Nicole and her cat parents making up, yaaaaaay.
Gumball being a greedy selfish brat at the end was funny, hehehe, nice from Darwin to smack him.

Gumball/Darwin to hate school was funny while the poor boys dealing with the horrible Miss Simian.
Larry making Gumball/Darwin do his jobs to make their education better was great.
Gumball/Darwin doing all of Larry's jobs was so great/funny, hahahaha:p.
The bank people being corrupt was funny, hehehe.
Funny ending with Gumball/Darwin looking innocent after doing Larry's jobs, hehehe.

Gumball/Darwin hating the ads was great, I hate the ads too.
Cool seeing the Internet, best funny vile villain next to Sideshow Bob, Dr. Doofenshmirtz, Hildy/Grim(The 7D), Rob, and Lord Boxman/Darrell:D.
The Internet malfunctioning was funny, the poor loser, hehehe.
The people acting different before technology came was so funny, hahahahaha:p.
Seeing Mrs. Margaret Robinson suffer was funny/satisfying, they're right to call her a witch, hehehe.
Marvin's scene was great/funny.
Funny ending with Gumball plugging the Internet, they want technology, hahahahaha.


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