TALKBACK - Summer Camp Island - Episodes 41-60 [6/18 (HBO Max)] *SEASON PREMIERE*


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Summer Camp Island returns for its third annual premiere of 20 episodes at once! This time, though, it's premiering on HBO Max (watch it here) instead of Cartoon Network.

Episodes 41-60

Meeting of the Minds

While Oscar helps Hedgehog find her wand, Susie tries to convince the Meeting of the Minds that Hedgehog isn't responsible enough for magic.
Ava's Yard Sale
To help Ava overcome stage fright, Hedgehog takes Ava's violin into her own hands, while Oscar calls in for some reinforcements.
Molar Moles
Oscar's fib about his last baby tooth alerts the Molar Mole Fraud Squad, and Hedgehog jumps to his defense at a kooky mole trial.
Tortilla Towel
After making Oscar's tortilla towel dreams come true, he and Hedgehog find that running a business is harder than they thought.
Acorn Graduation
Hedgehog endures her first magic lesson with Susie, while Oscar sets out to save her seat for a must-see event: Acorn Graduation!
Dungeon Doug
On a trip into the world of Dungeon Doug, Oscar and his dad find themselves on a father-son bonding mission.
Tub on the Run
While Hedgehog and Max scour the island in search of a missing tub, everyone is dying to know: are things weird between them?
Spotted Bear Stretch
On the eve of the Spotted Bear Stretch, Oscar and his pajamas are stuck at Susie's place as unwelcome house guests.
French Toasting
Lucy's suspicious behavior prompts Oscar and Hedgehog to investigate whether or not she's the kingpin of a secret society.
We'll Just Move the Stars
When an astrological mismatch threatens King and Puddle's wedding, Oscar and Hedgehog join them on a quest to ensure love conquers all.
Oscar, Hedgehog, Lucy, and Saxophone must return a yeti comb to its home to save the island from a really bad hair day.
Wild Hearts Can't Be Caboodled
Things get wonky when Oscar and Hedgehog use magic to get an edge on their fellow campers in the Rainbow Unicorn Badge contest.
The Later Pile
Hedgehog convinces Oscar to tackle an overdue errand -- but this time, Oscar's procrastination habit has spooky consequences.
Honeydew Hatch
Oscar and Hedgehog enter Frozen Time to help Ramona grow time babies, but Ramona and Susie's broken friendship causes problems.
Light as a Feather
While Hedgehog braves her first witch coven sleepover, Oscar awaits a secret signal in case she needs to be rescued.
When Harry Met Barry
Faced with two potential husbands -- burly Harry and sensitive Barry -- Barb enlists Hedgehog and Oscar to help her weigh her options.
Hedgehog and Oscar investigate problems at U.M.P.S. and meet the new intern, Oddjobs, who's a great friend but a terrible employee.
Tumble Dry Low
When Hedgehog's podcast blows up, she must decide whether to ride the wave of fame or stay true to her small but loyal fan base.
Just You and Me
While Hedgehog is off "werewolfing," a deflated Oscar has a therapy session with Shark that helps him realize the magic within him.
Glow Worm
Shark helps Oscar visit his past to learn something interesting about himself.​
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May 21, 2014
So now the episodes begin with a "A Max Original" and "A Cartoon Network Studios Productions" at the bottom. So now we know what to expect with their other shows.


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