TALKBACK - Steven Universe - "Familiar" [12/24] *DIAMOND DAYS*

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Jan 23, 2007
New York
This is a nice little breather episodes. These pebbles are interesting new characters.

Steven having a spa with Yellow, Yellow she is like Beerus, how she gone from someone we feared to kind of comic relief buddy. That is mostly because White is Yellow's Grand Zeno. Steven time with Yellow and Blue were kind of fun, but also very revealing.

The Steven prospective rule deprived of seeing Pearl interact with the other Pearl's, I wanted to see that. Oh well.

The gang is all here, and now Steven is going to throw a party, or a ball. So Pink was like a princess, not allowed to do anything important but just smile, wave and look pretty. Steven is like a Disney Princess, can't wait to see what happens next.


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May 21, 2014
I knew after we found out that Pink Diamond was Steven's mom that one way or another he was going to use his newfound authority to throw a party to make peace. Although I thought it was going to get the upper-class Gems and the lower-class to get along and be friends.

Anyway the moment I saw that one Pebble measure Steven I had a STRONG feeling a Cinderella reference was going to happen.

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Jul 29, 2017
That song in the episode really gives off those Disney vibes! Also, I can't believe Pendleton Ward, the frickin' creator of Adventure Time, co-boarded this episode!


Nov 7, 2004
Familiar was pretty sweet,

Love the Pebbles, cool/interesting/cute, always cool seeing other Gem races.
The other Gems calling Steven Pink Diamond is interesting.
Pearl's moments were great.
Cool seeing Yellow Pearl/Blue Pearl, nice with Blue Pearl speaking:anime:.
A shame Pearl, Blue Pearl, and Yellow Pearl didn't interact, but next episodes.
Yellow Diamond/Blue Diamond getting the most major screentime is sweet:D.
Yellow Diamond is so like Lord Berus from most scary dangerous antagonist to entertaining ally, cool.
Steven's moments with Yellow Diamond/Blue Diamond were great.
The Gems have a sauna/bathing room, sweet.
Nice to hear more of Pink Diamond's histories, she's like a princess who used to throw a party/ball and bring joy to others, her role is similar to Steven's, sweet.
Steven's song was sweet.
Steven's new armor suit is cool and nice Cinderella reference there:D.
Nice seeing Garnet/Amethyst and Connie while having no lines.
Steven wanting to throw a party/ball to bring peace is sweet, good luck Steven.
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Dec 3, 2017
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Well, that was a nice early Christmas present. I didn't mind that this one was more laid-back, considering that the last episode back in July pretty much dropped a bombshell by introducing a huge character we had been waiting years to finally see.

The pebble people were so cute! I hope we get to find out more about them, where they came from and why they're in Pink's room in the first place.

The song was AMAZING (although I felt like Steven's voice was unnaturally deep at some points. I don't know. Maybe that's just me.)

As always, can't wait to see what happens next.


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May 9, 2013
From what I get from this episode, is that Pink Diamond was the heart of the Diamonds. She gave the Diamonds reasons to enjoy things beyond conquering, reasons to enjoy the small things in life.

Good comparison, I guess that makes Yellow and Blue the step sisters, and White the step mother.
Except White seems to favor Pink over the other two in this Cinderella story, considering Yellow's comment.


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Aug 10, 2003
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Not as jam packed as the previous episode, but still a pretty nice one. We learned that the buildings and statues are alive (or did we know that with the spires on Earth?), and Era 2 started after Pink left. We also now know what Pink’s role was as a Diamond, and that she entertained and brought joy to others. I like how Steven realizes Pink’s role was similar to what Steven used to do with the CGs. I hope that could be explored more in the next season, by teaching them to have fun, and relax.
Also, many are speculating that the liquids from extraction chambers, are what’s used to fuel the Injectors. I hope that gets explored more.
Anyway, that was pretty nice, and I look forward to learning more in the next episode.
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