TALKBACK - Steven Universe - "Escapism" [1/7] *DIAMOND DAYS*

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Episode 156

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MONDAY 1/7 at 7:30 PM

This week...
Steven uses his psychic powers to find help.



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So most of the episode no dialogue, very ambiguous episode. So a third water melon Steven, a sequel no on asked for but it worked.

Steven whole journey is very Avatarish, with how he left his physical body. Interesting to see what happens, I am hoping we get to see the Lapis and Peridot with their new design. And will Lars and his crew play a role in this?

A very good episode, maybe better than the previous episode.


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I agree this episode was below average but maybe it's better this way. After all, this is merely the calm before the storm that is Battle of Heart and Mind.


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Color me unimpressed. I was expecting an epic episode, but instead we got Watermelon Steven part 2. I was hoping he was going to go into Lars’s Mind. Easily the weakest episode I’ve seen in a while.


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Some people feel cheated, but I guess that’s because they’re used to this show taking a break during crucial arcs. I get that feeling glances at Hit the Diamond and Cluster Arc.

But really, this was a breather episode done right. After the CG got poofed, ticking off the high and mighty diamonds and getting thrown into the Timeout Tower, we got to hang out with the Watermelon Stevens and watch them put aside their differences. And at the end, we got a calming song before the storm that is White Diamond.

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This episode feels so Adventure Time-ish for me. I'm bit dissapointed but really suprised.

Of course I don't mind to see an almost no dialouge episode but it's a big and unexcepted suprise to see the Watermelon Stevens again, also "Escapism" works for not only as a escape from dark room but also as a escape from the island.

It was worth to wait 15 months to hear the long waited song that is chill and nice.


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I see not only Adam Muto worked on this episode, but Ian Jones-Quartey contributed to the story as well.


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Wha...what did I just watch??

I'm sorry, but what did that have to do with anything? Were the Watermelon Stevens supposed to be some sort of metaphor? I left the episode feeling underwhelmed and confused as heck. I know some people are saying that this is a nice "calm before the storm" episode, but I found this to be sooooo boring. No dialogue can work in certain instances, but I felt the episode was rather lacking without it. This just screams filler to me. It's like the writers came up with a beginning and ending, and needed something to fill in the gap, so they threw in some Watermelon Stevens because...they're cute, I guess? I'm not seeing the thought process that led to this story. I'm not trying to bash the crew members or not appreciate the hard work and talent that went into this, I just don't think this episode was a hit.

The song was great, though.


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I feel sorry for the water melon Steven possessed. One moment he was just chilling on his island, minding his own business - and the next thing he knows, he suddenly wakes up on an unknown beach all shriveled up with one of his hands and feet missing.


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