TALKBACK - OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes - Episodes 63-66 - [5/17 (Online) 5/19 (TV)]

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Oct 5, 2014
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Episode 63

Point to the Plaza
(Online) FRIDAY 5/17
(TV) SATURDAY 5/19 at 6:00 AM

This week...

When a Gloop infestation takes over the plaza, Point arrives to contain the situation.

Episode 64

TKO's House
(Online) FRIDAY 5/17
(TV) SATURDAY 5/19 at 7:00 AM

This week...

TKO is getting restless.

Episode 65

Red Action to the Future
(Online) FRIDAY 5/17
(TV) SATURDAY 5/19 at 8:00 AM

This week...

When Red Action is called to the future for an epic battle, Enid is unsure of what to do.

Episode 66

Dendy's Power
(Online) FRIDAY 5/17
(TV) SATURDAY 5/19 at 9:00 AM

This week...

Dendy and K.O. discover a fun and exciting new POW Card exploit.


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Jan 23, 2007
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So Shadowery figure is Ko's dad right, has to be, that is what they are pointing to. Eden is going to enroll at point, that will be interesting seeing her in a prep school environment, perhaps we will see Elodie again, it has been too long. So alternative timelines, that is just too complicated for me, and Dendy knows the art of cheating.


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Apr 12, 2016
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I watched the episodes and they're pretty awesome but in one of the episodes TKO's House when they finished up synchronization they have nose bleeds so in this episode there is blood.
Feb 3, 2018
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The time travel stuff in Red Action to the Future is very confusing. Shouldn't the timeline where Red Action never left be completely separate from the one where she left to fight the war for years instead of seamlessly following it?


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Mar 26, 2018
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Point to the Plaza : Defeat a Villain that works with Enid's personality was a fun idea.
TKO's house: Nice to give TKO some development and some good team work. Guess they are building up the connection of who Shadowy figure might be.
Red to The Action : Was alright but that was some confusing time travel there, gonna need a conspiracy wall just to figure that out. But nice to see Enid and Red's friendship work out.
Dendy's Power: Dendy is awesome. Love how her power is not what K.O and we think it was in the episode, that she learned the power of coding.

Good episodes this week.

Here's my order of favorites from these 4
1. Dendy's Power
2. TKO's House
3. Point to the Plaza
4. Red to the Action.


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Nov 7, 2004
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Both Point to the Plaza, Red Action to the Future, and Dendy's Power were pretty awesome/enjoyable,

Gloop, my favorite great minor villain.
KO wanting Gloop as a pet was cute/sweet.
Such a small blob to be a dangerous threat, cool idea.
Cool seeing Foxtail of POINT, and her being a snarky jerkette was funny, hehehe:p.
Mr. Gar the best, poor Mr. Gar.
Chip Damage, cool funny egotistical superhero character.
Rad not wanting to be involved was funny/priceless, hahahahaha:p.
Enid destroying Gloop was awesome.
Enid for her future career, sweet.
KO seeing Enid as a real great hero/heroine was sweet:D.

Next best Red Action episode ever.
Enid thinking about her future was great.
Red Action's major focus was pretty sweet:D.
Red Action's arm cannon weapon like Mega Man's, awesome.
Cool seeing Yellow Technique/Blue Power:D.
Poor Red Action's future world worse than Future Trunks' future world.
Enid/Red Action defeating the cool giant robot was sweet.
The whole time travel thing with Red Action is pretty confusing.
Future Red Action is pretty cool.
Cool with Red Action staying for KO/Enid, I'm glad both Enid/Red Action's friendship worked out.
Love the sweet friendship relationship development on Enid/Red Action:anime:.

Both Enid/Rad getting leveled up with silly faces was great/funny, hahahahaha.
Cool seeing Dendy, her major focus was awesome/funny.
Dendy helping to level up KO was great, Dendy learning to cheat, hahahahaha:p.
Dendy's new power coding was sweet, Dendy is epic!!!!!!
Love Drupe, her scene with KO/Dendy was great.
Dendy upgrading all the characters' POW Cards was great.
Cool seeing Shy Ninja, her major focus will come next to my Punching Judy:D.
Cool seeing Karla, great/funny.
Shannon being a major dangerous threat becoming a virus was awesome, go Shannon:D.
KO/Dendy defeating Shannon was great/funny, poor Shannon, hehehe.
Both KO getting a Level 3 and Dendy getting a Level 2, sweet, great ending.
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