TALKBACK - Infinity Train - "The Tape Car"/"The Number Car" [1/10] *HALF HOUR SEASON FINALE*

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Apr 12, 2016
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Episodes 19-20

Friday at 7:30 PM EST/6:30 PM CST!

The Tape Car
FRIDAY 1/10 at 7:30 PM

This week...
Mirror Tulip searches for answers.

The Number Car
FRIDAY 1/10 at 7:45 PM

This week...
Mirror Tulip fights for her right to make her own choices.​

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May 18, 2006
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"The Tape Car" - I guess it does remove part of the mystery trying to actually show not only how the train takes passengers but actually finds out all about them to set them up on their specific journeys and actually giving them the number but again that's what works with the story they're telling; now that the big mystery of the train is over it's actually fun to bother explain what's going on and how it all works out. It does give me a touch of Matrix seeing everyone in pods and programmed in some kind but you know with the twist that the train and this idea is interested in generally actually helping people out. And I have to admit, keep hating to use this word but yeah generally heartbreaking and incredibly sad seeing MT not being able to get the number as she rattles on how she is a person and not just a thing or null or sliver and the like and actually human and deserves one before trashing the worker bots before finding the attendant. And yeah for the person asking about that seems that now that the conductor is back it's being used properly to actually go after those purposley hurting important train property and being driven by one one. I do have to admit that though his reveal was good and it was sort of a funny line it does cut a bit of the drama ending on a joke though i think it's also slightly hindered by well the regulated running time. Seriously I have a feeling if the idea of this scene was allowed to go on movie length like say Bing Bong's goodbye in Inside Out I would of truly been bawling out for MT and her plight. Because again I love the idea of a reflection or representation wanting to be their own thing and her going through and actually finding this room and trying to get her number and realizing she can't is truly great and heartbreaking stuff I kind of wish was given a bit more time to breath. And honestly you shouldn't of cut the rest either as that is part of the journey and I admit Alan Dracula as a hood ornament or MT's super annoyance at One One prattling on and even One One admitting he makes the documentaries more for himself then like for actual passangers is really funny. And I do like really getting to world build seeing various others on the train from the businessman to the girl who accidentally killed her lizard (props to this show for being able to show that with the seriousness deserved. Like usually when a pet dies it's through accident or being overly wacky on CN before but no played as straight as the situation would normally be so props there) so yeah sans wishing for a bit more time to let that emotional ending punch sink in good episode. And probably good as the season two finale for this one..

"The Number Car" - I think I said before I wanted Jesse not to come back and for MT to kind of solve this problem on her own but... you know honestly how he came back did work for me. The idea of him coming back due to technically having a problem that needed to be solved but that being a problem of losing his friend so the train not knowing what to do with that. Part of me thinks "wait shouldn't the train have had this issue before of someone falling for one of the denizens on the train and wanting to be with them' but usually they typically keep to their own car or generally just like being on the train or you know have other responsibilities plus thinking about it maybe this has happened before but it wasn't within One One's time. Like who ever said One One was the first conductor of the train just because he is now? And you know with how others disregard certain rules or the train's vagueness it makes sense plus again feels right for the person that MT bonded for coming back to help out and she was still the one who ultimately figured out the solution using the whole reflection of the number to fool the well still pretty foolish and gulliable one one. Loved his "oh whatever" reaction to pretty much breaking the rule and just making a door for Jesse and MT. Also liked Steve coming back and being super POed that Mace died and wanting MT dead and MT getting Alan Dracula to off him. Like I guess the Mirror Police were sort of just doing their job and Steve though taking some pleasure in MT's supposed demise was more just acting out of vengence but yeah liked how that came apart. And like I had hoped a few days back this does end with MT and Jesse going to the real world and getting to see Jesse's brother and doing a take on that flick joke and MT finally gaining her own identity as Lake. it does raise the question of what's going to happen now that obvious proof of this train exists more with something from it coming here and where would Lake live (I guess with Jesse... do reflections like eat or something? I'm sure Jesse would ask that heh heh) but honestly it is a really nice ending for this season which I really did enjoy. I appreciate Infinity Train doing something different by instead of focusing just on the journey of another broken person of someone wanting their own idenity and ultimately forging it and becoming real and having that happy ending. That really works for me and shows this season was fine not playing it safe since it would of been so easy just to do another just base passanger story but no they explored more about something coming alive on the train and if it could leave and I really appreciate that. Hope if there is more of this show it does more things like this as yeah passanger journeys are fun but this season proves it can do more then that and there's plenty of other stuff to explore so hope we get that in like season 3 or Beyond. I doubt anytime really soon as i'm sure Season 1 and 2 were made back to back but they wanted to wait if there was demand for a third but either way still want more.
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Mar 26, 2018
The Tape Car: They Showed us how the passengers get their numbers enter and everything. The one person's back story with accidentally killing a pet is dark but well done. I like they mentioned Atticus in One One's style of course.

The number car: A good finale, Jesse comes back and I like how it was because he had a problem not just like he changed the rules some how and got back on the train or something. They did the emotions well in this episode, you can feel for MT and her anguish. They almost got all confused and broke the train's way of working, the way she got out was creative somewhat, and fits with One One's ways. Dang that other mirror cop is dead too. Out of the show, how they handle Lake (now) that's a whole can of worms they opened.

I like how this season wasn't season 1 the second, it had it's own story line using the train. Making Jesse's problem more minor compared to Tulip's to focus more on MT was creative, yet Jesse was a good character and served the purpose. I wonder if they have a season 3 what they will do, maybe they do something with the people affected by Grace or something.


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Mar 31, 2017
I really loved season 2 of Infinity Train! I'm glad M.T. er Lake finally got her freedom and I just want her & Jesse to be happy together! I really hope we get a Book 3 to further explore the mysteries of the train as well and maybe an epilouge down the line to show us what Tulip, Lake and Jesse are doing as Adults or at least older teens and how well Lake adjusts to life in the real world.
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Dec 3, 2017
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The Tape Car: In Book 1, we got to see the engine/front of the train. Here, we get to see the car where the passengers end up once they first enter the train. And it's...something. Those giraffe/chicken-robot things...yikes. I do like how the episode started out more lighthearted. It's always fun to see more of One-One! His jokes don't always hit a home run, but they're still pretty comical. I love how the documentary put MT to sleep. The end of this episode was pretty intense, seeing MT beat up all those robots out of rage. Nice to see it end on a mini-cliffhanger.

The Number Car: Another finale, down! I never get tired of One-One's little ramblings. Interesting to see him in charge this time around as opposed to just a side kick. I liked how MT woke Jesse up by just flicking him, going against the "complicated process" One-One was detailing. It was pretty clever how MT was able to "borrow" Jesse's number by reflecting it onto her hand. I laughed out loud when MT asked if she could leave the train and One-One responded with, "Sure, whatever." I wonder if MT Lake will live with Nate and Jesse or if she will conquer the world on her own. It'd be nice to get a follow up, but I doubt it. I'd bet that Book 3 will either focus on Grace or a completely new character.

Overall, I thought the season was really solid but I still prefer Book 1. I felt that the first installment was a little more exciting and this one was more laid-back (which isn't necessarily bad). Still, I enjoyed it and I can't wait for Book 3, which will (hopefully) be out this summer!


Feb 3, 2018
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Overall, I thought the season was really solid but I still prefer Book 1. I felt that the first installment was a little more exciting and this one was more laid-back (which isn't necessarily bad). Still, I enjoyed it and I can't wait for Book 3, which will (hopefully) be out this summer!
Yeah I agree that Book 1 felt more exciting because it was more action-packed, whereas Book 2 toned it down a bit to make room for more character drama that imo was executed better than Book 1 so I'm still not sure which one I prefer.

EDIT: I still prefer Book 1, but Book 2 is still great in its own way.
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May 9, 2013
Not as good as book 1 but this was still a great season. While Jesse was the "passenger" of the season, the plot was mostly about MT. I would like a follow-up on MT/Lake now that she's no longer on the train. Especially to see how everyone reacts to her being metal. But I think our only hope with that would be in the form of "Shorts".
The Reflection Police were decent antagonist, though the fact that they were only doing their jobs, they weren't exactly evil. The Apex however are big time antagonist as they seem to be trouble for the entire train. They're perfect candidates for final antagonist.
Overall, I thought the season was really solid but I still prefer Book 1. I felt that the first installment was a little more exciting and this one was more laid-back (which isn't necessarily bad). Still, I enjoyed it and I can't wait for Book 3, which will (hopefully) be out this summer!
I think this season opened up a huge plot for a season 3 with that Apex group.
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