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Oct 29, 2016
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New Mexico
I shouldn't be questioning this exactly are they still alive? I mean they've been in what's essentially a coma for 9 years.

Then again, this is the same movie that had a pig jump off a boat, stowaway on a plane headed to the Bronx, go to first class, talk to an old lady, then head back within the span of maybe a few hours.


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Jan 23, 2007
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So Arnold's parents are back, GeraldxPhebe that is canon, don't know what is going on with Arnold and Helga. But yeah this is finale, there can't be anymore after this.


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Nov 24, 2012
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New York
What a great end to the series. The stakes were high, Arnold reunites with his parents and Arnold and Helga finally confess their feelings for each other. My only critique is that the other kids, Arnold's grandparents, and Helga's parents seemed to just disappear in the middle. That and the tone of some jokes. Hey Arnold is a grounded show and is pretty realistic, so the thing with Abner hitchhiking, and riding first class feels out of place.

I really loved the animation. They've greatly improved on digital compositing, and it looks much better than season four and five. It looks just as lively as the first three seasons.

Hopefully Nick will make a press release that includes the app, online and On Demand numbers.


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