Talkback: Fairly OddParents - "Fairly OddBaby" (2/18/08)

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The Fairly OddParents are back from cancellation!

Nickelodeon Premiere

The Fairly OddParents in...
Fairly OddBaby

Monday, February 18, 2008 from 8-9PM

Description (from Timmy's wish for a baby for Cosmo and Wanda comes true, but the infant becomes central to a plot to take over the world by the Anti-Fairies and the Pixies.


Tuesday at 5PM
Wednesday at 3PM
Friday at 8PM

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Sunday at 7PM

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The thought of Wanda and Cosmo having a baby doesn't thrill me, especially considering how badly the writers handled storylines involving babies in the past (poop, spit up, the usual baby stuff). Still, it's nice to see FOP back.


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Well, considering I still find the show funny, even after they jumped the shark, I'm looking forward to seeing this.


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Currently, I don't really have an opinion. I'd like to see the special before I deicde whether or not I like it. It doesn't sound like it has a great plotline, and I'm a bit worried that the writing won't do it justice.

I liked the show in the past, but recently, about a few months before the cancellation, my interest in the show was slightly decreasing. This will either bring me back or make me lose all interset for good. So I guess I'll just have to wait and see.


I just thought I would make note of this (in the first premiere of the new season).

According to:

By now you should be seeing ads popping up on Nick announcing new episodes of The Fairly Oddparents in 2008. I do believe we're premiering over President's Day weekend, but if that's wrong then you didn't hear it from me. I think there are 20 new 11 minute episodes coming, plus several half hour specials and the one hour surprise special that will kick everything off (which, if you've started to see the ads, won't be a surprise for long - though it will still be special!). There are also a couple more hour long episodes coming for summer 2009 (wow we plan ahead), but if I mentioned those in detail then I would have to kill you all - and Butch would surely kill me.
~ This season will only have 20, eleven-minute episodes (i.e. 10 regular episodes)
~ This episode tonight will be one-hour (i.e. 2, thirty-minute episodes)
~ There will be a new Christmas special (30 min.)
~ Therefore, the remaining 7 episodes will either be hour-long specials or more 30 minute episodes


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As much as I did'nt care for the show in the first place,I sense a jump the shark moment here.
Yeah, a jump, and a big fat swollen pregnant-belly flop. (Pictures Cosmo in the water, with the sharks circling).

I have no doubt that ratings-wise, the special will do well. It's the aftermath that's going to be interesting. Will the baby restart the show? IMO, the obnoxious image of a preggy Coz shortcurcuits a lot of the excitement such a development might have generated. But we'll see...


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If their were any hopes for this show, the promos kinda killed em. I thought the show would have some heart once again and the characters for once would act like a family but now the baby just seems like an opportunity to make some more jokes. Example being Cosmo's belly. It's funny but disturbing.


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This premiere can either rise FOP from the ashes or send it plummeting down.

I really hope it isn't a flop myself.I use to really like FOP. :sad:


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I'm glad there's a new episode of FOP....

Cosmo and Wanda have a baby..... eh.....

I mean... it's different....

Timmy getting a baby sister or brother would be a little cooler and make a bit more sense....

But uh.... let's watch it before we really criticize it


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