TALKBACK - Craig of the Creek - Episodes 21-25 [8/17 (Online) 8/27-31 (TV)]

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Episodes 21-25

Online August 17th​

Ace of Squares
(August 17, 2018 (Online)/August 27, 2018 (TV))
This week...
When Craig becomes bored of playing Four Square, he decides to make the game more challenging for himself by facing a dominant player.

Doorway to Helen
(August 17, 2018 (Online)/August 28, 2018 (TV))
This week...
After meeting a kid who lives far away, Craig forms a long-distance bond with him since they share a mutual love and appreciation for the creek.

The Last Kid in the Creek
(August 17, 2018 (Online)/August 29, 2018 (TV))
This week...
Craig falls under a terrible curse that leaves him alone at the creek.

The Climb
(August 17, 2018 (Online)/August 30, 2018 (TV))
This week...
Craig must find a way to retrieve his phone from the tallest tree in the creek.

Big Pinchy
(August 17, 2018 (Online)/August 31, 2018 (TV))
This week...
JP is accompanied by his friends as he searches the creek for a giant crayfish.​
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I loved Doorway to Helen. It was one of my favorite episodes so far. The Climb reminded me of the episode of Clarence when they climbed the big tree.

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I don't talk too much about this show, since I just enjoy what's here as it is - quite a lot, BTW.

However, to inject my own words into recent episodes (but also not saying too much...): the best of these new 5 episodes for me are easily Ace of Squares, Doorway to Helen, and The Climb.

As for episodes before that (as in what came out on 7/6 (online), 7/9 (TV)): I can't find a fault in a single episode. Everything in Under the Overpass, The Invitation, JPony, Vulture's Nest, and Kelsey Quest are a continued example of the gold standard for SoL comedy I'm happy to see come from this show.


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Doorway to Helen was my absolute favorite out of the bunch. It gives me vibes of Connie. I hope she returns with a full appearance.

Also, something small but interesting to note: in the credits the copyright has changed once again to Cartoon Network Studios, Inc. A WarnerMedia Company. This is similar to when CN Studios was merely a label at Hanna-Barbera in 1996 and the copyright acknowledged CN Studios as the main company.


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I've only seen two episodes of this batch as of now (the other being "Ace of Squares"), but man did "Doorway to Helen" catch me by surprise in just how amazing it was, to the point where I have to talk about it right now. The actual story is downright touching, showing just how strong the bonds between people with two different backgrounds can be, and how much a shared love for something can allow it to travel across long distances. The dimension stuff made for a great analogy towards all this, as while the actual situation wasn't quite that extreme, it really added to the atmosphere - which BTW, which definitely the strongest it has been in the series so far. The rainfall in the night made for a particularly effective backdrop during the episode's climax.

However, what really cemented the episode as my favorite of the series so far is the fact that it bleeds with imagination and creativity. Apart from the aforementioned analogy, showing Craig and Helen's bond blossom by cutting between the gang and him talking to a ghostly version of Helen really kept things engaging and allowed us to explore into Craig's mind. There's a bunch of little things, like the fact they never figure out Helen is homeschooled (adding even more subtlety to the equation) and the fact they find the sun rock cold compared to Helen because she sits there when the Sun is facing it.

This was just such an amazing episode, and is definitely going to be the one I show people when I encourage them to check out the show.


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