TALKBACK - Clarence - "Dollar Hunt" - [6/26]

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Teaching and Animating
May 14, 2012
The Land of Flowers
This episode was pretty good.

That creepy kid looks like Mr. Burns from The Simpsons.

This is one crap scavenger hunt. Not even Sumo can spice it up.

Whoopsie daisy, Clarence buried a twenty. Now these kids are determined. I would be too.

I totally did that lipstick thing when I was a kid. I even kissed my brother with it.

You and your big mouth, Clarence.

Dang, Little Burns is a jerk. Eating the money like a tortilla.

Cooking is so fun. Cooking is so fun. Unless you don't know what you're doing. Then you'd probably won't like what you have done.

Whoa, Jeff got into saying that tongue twister. Sing it, man!

My parents had the exact same reaction as Mary when I made a mess.

That's not a casserole, that's monster lasagna. Cooked evil is still evil, even in lasagna.

This episode really likes showing peoples minds through their noses.

Well what do ya know? The food was actually tasty. Wish I had a taste of it.

Ha, poor kid's still stuck in that hole.
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Sep 26, 2011
Neo Arcadia, USA
It's only because what Clarence made didn't make anyone sick did this turn out well in the end. Seriously, Mary doesn't seem all that interested in her book club - I think she just admires the attention she gets from it, more than anything.

The cooking scenes were in fact the best part of this whole episode, IMHO - Seriously, without them, this would have went all too well and would have been quite boring, unless you count all the searching for that precious 20 dollars...


Evil PLANS...
Dec 13, 2009
sad that Clarence lost that 20$ in all of all he deserved a toy, because this episode was pretty good
i actually liked marry in this episodes then a few that i seen


Staff member
Mar 8, 2009
A Valid Location
Great episode. Lots of fun, with Clarence, his friends and those weird crazy kids that participated in the game, and the way the dollar hunt ended. The rest was fun as well, with them cooking a casserole and Jeff's song.


kiva fan
May 23, 2005
lol as many mention, that crazy creepy kid looks alot like Mr. Burns. I did find Clarence naive a bit annoying tho i did like how he uses his mind to see what he had done which actually i had that same imagination when i was a kid where i rewind my mind like a VCR.

It does show that Mary does alot of reunions with people to get noticed, she does seem to care alot of that she gets known by everyone which makes you think where CLarence get his attention mode from. I relate with Clarence and the others where you have to do some food but don't have the ingredients and improvise tho these guys really exaggerated on the whole improvise. If it was not from the crazy lady, Clarence probably would have some trouble with his mom. The end where the little kid is stuck in the hole was funny.

This one and last week where so so, hopefully next one it's good.


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Jan 15, 2009
Considering how grounded the show is compared to most of CN's line up, this had to be one of the wackiest, fast paced episodes thus far. There were plenty of moments that made me laugh out of their sheer absurdity, but Jeff distracting himself by singing "one pound ground maple pork sausage" is what got me the most. Even Clarence and Sumo gave him a weird look when that happened.

The part when Clarence served his casserole to the uptight lady reminded me of the Anton Ego flashback scene from Ratatouille. Don't ask me why, it just...did.


kiva fan
May 23, 2005
The part when Clarence served his casserole to the uptight lady reminded me of the Anton Ego flashback scene from Ratatouille. Don't ask me why, it just...did.
Honestly i see the resemblance on it, you're not the only one if you see it twice.

Mister Mayhem

May 15, 2014

the three random kids who took part in the hunt were hilarious especially the one who kept quoting stuff. i hope they get some more screen time in future episodes.

i'm surprised clarence's mom trusted him enough to go to the grocery store with $20 and not expect something to go wrong.


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