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Mar 18, 2005

Episode 020 -
- Number 120

Special Delivery
TODAY at 9:00 AM
SUNDAY at 9:00 AM

This week...
Ben makes deliveries without the help of the Omnitrix as punishment for destroying Mr. Bowman's car.​


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Jan 23, 2007
New York
Mr. Bowman he has terrible luck, always at the wrong place at the wrong time, he reminds of the Cabbage Merchant.

With all these villains making appearances, Hex should have been in the episode, at least in a camero role, you don't think he could have use for that weapon?


Jan 25, 2012
Mr. Bowman he has terrible luck, always at the wrong place at the wrong time, he reminds of the Cabbage Merchant.

With all these villains making appearances, Hex should have been in the episode, at least in a camero role, you don't think he could have use for that weapon?
Hex is more related to magic and magic artifacts than technology.


Duck Knght
Dec 9, 2006
Great episode :D
Nice to see new alien Toepick as well as Armodrillo,Echo Echo,and Ampfibian
Mr.Bowman's Car being destroyed Ben was very funny XD


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May 14, 2012
The Land of Flowers
This episode was fantastic! It's definitely one of my favorites so far.

Nice Thundercats reference at the beginning. If Thunderpig came to my door and told me I ate his father, I would say, "Really? No wonder those porkchop sandwiches were so delicious". :p

Mr. Bowman is one unlucky man. The flashbacks showing Ben destroying his cars were really funny.

Psyphon holding a supervillain auction was cool. It would've been funny if he started talking fast like a typical auctioneer.

It was hilarious how nobody wanted to go out with Fistina except for that little skinny dude,

I never noticed that Zombozo makes honking sounds now. It's kinda funny.

Ooh, a new alien form! So that's apparently Toepick. He must have one ugly face considering he made a powered up Psyphon practically wet himself in fear. That was hilarious.


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Aug 10, 2003
East Coast of USA
Meh, a little weak. Felt kinda like a filler. But it was nice seeing a lot of villains making cameos and whatnot. I wonder if Mr. Bowman will become a villain later on.... Too bad Ben couldn't use Clockwork to undo the damages, but I don't know how powerful his chrono powers are.

At least we got a new alien out of it, in the form of Toepick. He reminds me a lot of Yuk! from "Mighty Man and Yuk". I wonder if he'll be effective against someone like Vilgax...


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Jan 23, 2007
New York
Hex is more related to magic and magic artifacts than technology.
Perhaps, though maybe he could have found a way to make it work. At least let him be at the auction, maybe there is something that could be useful with his magic.


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May 28, 2010
Temecula California
We finally get the debut of Toepick, who seems to have taken over for Ghostfreak in terms of the "creepy alien" department. Though if that's all he's good for, I can see why Kenny would be disappointed to have him. At least Ghostfreak could also phase through walls, so that "scaring people" wasn't his only gimmick.

Nice cameo from Alien Force era Ben and a DNAlien. Though I still can't get over the hulked out Big Chill...

That pig at the beginning was pretty random. As was the Thundercats reference.

Hey, Vulkanus! It's been a while since you've been on the show. I guess they didn't have him speak because John DiMaggio's Vulkanus voice sound pretty much the same as Humongasour. I guess that's one of the hiccups of having DiMaggio as the voice of Humangasour now.


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Mar 9, 2010
United States
Season 2 concludes on a rather light note in this episode of Omniverse!

*The episode begins with a ring of the doorbell of Ben's house. Upon answering the door, Ben sees...a pig alien with a mace and wearing an outfit similar to the one Lion-O wheres in the old school ThunderCats show!

*The character introduces himself as "Thunder Pig" and wants vengance as he accuses Ben of eating his dad! He them makes a battle cry reminiscent of the ThunderCats battle cry (the same sound effects are even used)!

*Ben transforms into Echo Echo and battles the pig! He eventually defeats him, but accidentally destroys a car...which happens to belong to Mr. Baumann!

*Mr. Baumann is absolutely furious with Ben, who tries to ease the tension by pointing out that only the glass was destroyed...only for the rest of the car to fall apart soon after!

*When Ben tries to explain that it was in accident, Mr. Baumann interrupts him and yells how it's always Ben's fault...

*We then cut to a flashback of Ben when he was 5 years old and meeting Mr. Baumann for the first time. A little accident involving a magnifying glass and the sun marked the start of this conflict.

*Next up, Kid Ben turns into Waybig to battle Dr. Animo's giant mosquito...and knocks Mr. Baumann's car over in the process.

*Lastly, "Alien Force Era" Ben chases after a DNAlien as Big Chill...freezing Mr. Baumann's car in the process. As if that wasn't enough, pouring coffee on it to melt the ice snaps it in two!

*Back in the present, Mr. Baumann forces Ben to make deliveries for him to pay the damages, although Ben claims he has been paying for the damages "[his] whole life". In addition to that, Mr. Baumann orders Ben to not use the Omnitrix so that he "understands responsibility".

*Ben arrives to a stand in Under Town for the first delivery. The robot at the stand asks if Ben damaged Mr. Baumann's car again, who responds that it was an accident. The robot shows sympathy to Ben as he sets off to his next destinations.

*Ben's second stop is none other then Pakmar! Unfortunately for them, the bad luck these two have when they cross paths continue to prevail.

*Third stop: Ben goes to a bar. He sets the packages down and asks the bartender if he is expecting one, who confirms that it's something vicious. While looking for it, Ben doesn't notice that Corvo (from A Jolt From The Past) is next to him! Corvo takes a bag in a panicked manner and makes a run for it! By the time Ben gives the bartender his package, Corvo is out of sight!

*Elsewhere in Under Town, Psyphon comes to a podium in front of a crowd and begins a villain's auction! The crowd is full of many familiar faces (both long time and recent) from Ben's rogues gallery...the Billy Alien from the Original Series episode, Ken 10, is even there for some reason!

*The auction first begins with a date with Fistina (whose name is finally said on the show). Fistina does end up getting a date with one of the Kraaho.

*Psyphon then tells recaps that the main reason the auctioneers are here is for a dwarf star! Carvo quickly arrives with the package that contains the dwarf star...

*But Psyphon soon learns that the bag is holding goldfish, instead!

*We then cut back to Ben's delivery run, where we see that he has an identical bag! Uh oh...

*Psyphon soon regains his composure when he realizes that the package will have the name of the delivery person...only to loose it again when he sees Ben's name!

*As the villains leave, Zombozo brings up to Trumbipulor and Fistrick how fortunate it would be to find the dwarf star first...

*Psyphon soon realizes that he has to reclaim the dwarf star before the auctioneers or else he won't get any money, so he sets off too!

*While Ben searches for his next delivery stop, the trio of Zombozo, Trumbipulor and Fistrick snatch the cart!

*Ben notices them before they get too far and transforms into Armodrillo to battle them!

*Eventually, Ben succeeds in scaring the villain trio off, but not without confusion of their actions...

*Ben calls Mr. Baumann and asks him if any of his packages would be worth a criminal's time to steal. Mr. Baumann gets flustered and interrupts Ben when he tries to explain the strange incident, barking at him to finish quickly (while also mentioning the truck that is still in orbit), Ben frustratedly responds that he's almost done and says to himself that Mr. Baumann "has issues" once he hangs up. Ben then reassures himself that he just has to deliver some fish...

*But Seebik and some other Kraaho soon arrive to steal it! Ben points out to Seebik how Ester would not approve of this, who simply responds that he's hopeful she won't find out.

*Ben transforms into AmpFibian and gets the package back after shocking the rogue Kraahos!

*Changing back to normal, Ben ponders to himself once again about why villains would want fish. He then checks the package himself and sees it's not fish...

*Psyphon surprises him by informing him that what he's holding a dwarf star. Psyphon then demands it back, to which Ben asks if he's going to make him, he answers no...

*followed by the auctioneers appearing at once and Psyphon saying "they are"! He adds that although Ben could take them down individually, he won't be able to all at once!

*Psyphon reiterates his demand for the dwarf star...and Ben says he'll trade it for the fish!

*Psyphon's confusion at Ben's willingness to trade the dwarf star and wonder what's so important about the fish was hilarious!

*Psyphon, however, brings up the ultimate power a dwarf star has, which prompts Ben to prevent the villains from getting it by transforming into Humungousaur!

*Despite what Psyphon said earlier, Humungousaur actually is able to take on several villains at a time with little difficulty! He even manages to knock Sunder's glider into the truck in Earth's orbit...

*Realizing he underestimated Ben, Psyphon decides to place the dwarf star into his him a significant advantage over Humungousaur!

*Humungousaur soon changes back into Ben as Psyphon decides to keep the dwarf star for himself, realizing he has more then enough power to rule the universe! Gotta hand it to Psyphon, he is still raising his credibility as a villain in his own right!

*Ben hides to form a plan while Psyphon praises Ben for his cleverness. He soon finds Ben, who activates the Omnitrix...

*Ben has transformed into an alien we haven't seen before, but this is apparently an alien we heard about in the Original Series episode, Ken 10, Toepick! Psyphon laughs at the form Ben has taken, who responds by opening Toepick's helmet...

*We don't see what Toepick's face looks like, but it has enough nightmare fuel to literally turn Psyphon white with fright! Ben takes the dwarf star and the fish back with no issues and finishes up the deliveries!

*As a note of interest, this is the 3rd episode Rook is absent in.

*Ben returns to Mr. Baumann's house to give the money to him in person. With his car fixed, Mr. Baumann says he and Ben are even...until he breaks it again. Ben reassures him that won't happen again...

*It's at that moment when the truck in orbit makes its crash course return! Mr. Baumann fears for his car...which ends up safe and sound...but the same can't be said for his house!

*Ben runs back to his house while Mr. Baumann shakes his fists and yells to the sky! He then enters his destroyed home and sits in the (still intact chair)...just as it rains...

A rather fun episode, overall. Psyphon continues to prove being a credible villain on his own, Thunder Pig was an entertaining villain and the "brick joke" involving the truck was hilarious! Toepick's long awaited arrival and "powers" was also quite a sight. Overall, Season 2 didn't really put too much focus on the "Malware, Psychobus & Khyber Saga" and mostly had stand alone episodes, but they still helped further enlighten us of the going ons in this franchise's universe. Looking forward to what Season 3 has in store for us!

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May 11, 2007
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I thought that this was a pretty weak episode. It wasn't really bad, but it just didn't do much for me. Even the villains teaming up to fight Ben didn't really grab my interest. Although, I did get a good laugh from that Thundercats reference and seeing how Ben's Alien Force outfit looks like in the new artwork was pretty cool. The ending was also kind of depressing for me since it's just Mr. Bowman, who is basically homeless, sitting on his chair in the rain. I can tell that they were trying to make it funny with Ben still running away at the end instead of doing the right thing, but it was kind of a depressing image to end the episode on. I hope that next week's episode will be more interesting to watch.


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