TALKBACK - Ben 10: Omniverse - "Of Predators and Prey, Part 1" - [11/10]

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Mar 18, 2005

Episode 009 -
- Number 109

Of Predators and Prey, Part 1
TODAY at 9:00 AM
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This week...
Ben and Rook have a falling out, leaving Ben vulnerable to an attack.​
Jul 13, 2011
West City
Well its good to see that the reason he was being hunted down was because of the Omnitrix and not just because he was suppose to be some sort of incredible prey. Though the Omnitrix not working at the beginning made me wonder if someone wasn't blocking it from with some sort of jamming signal, which makes me wonder who could possibly have that sort of tech. Also Rooks and Ben's argument seemed incredibly sudden to me, it made me think that Rook and Max may be working together implement Ben's plan of drawing out the hunter(I really need to learn his name) and following him to his headquarters.


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Jan 23, 2007
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I hope in part 2 Ben calls Gwen for advice of how to works things out with Rock. When you have problems with your new partner, who better to seek advice than your old partner.
Jul 13, 2011
West City
I hope in part 2 Ben calls Gwen for advice of how to works things out with Rock. When you have problems with your new partner, who better to seek advice than your old partner.
Considering how much Gwen knows about Ben and can actual influence to put his ego aside and try to work things out, that sounds like a pretty good idea.


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May 14, 2012
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The Land of Flowers
This was a neat episode. Nice to see that Ben still has that snazzy hoodie from two episodes back.

I was surprised to see Grandpa Max open his eyes for a second. He has black dots for eyes. That's odd.

The new alien was cool. I liked its design.


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Jan 11, 2011
I was wondering how long this villain was going to get teased. I am relieved to hear that he is not after Ben to take over the universe or something.

Things are definitely starting to get serious. Ben might want to cut down on the one-liners and jokes (that gets annoying since he does it for almost every line of dialog). Perhaps Rook is going to be the key to taking this guy down. When Rook brought been down to size that was a telling moment because Ben really needs to grow up if he is going to have so much power.


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Nov 7, 2004
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Awesome episode/2-parter,

The highlights:
Young Ben(Four-Arms) vs. Malware, nice to see Malware.
Rook is awesome/likable, but I'm glad the writers made him so nice/caring/good-natured and not stuck-up/obnoxious/hostile like those annoying heroic alien jerks Azmuth, Manny(I hated him), Magister Prior Gilhil(the first evilest alien Plumber ever, sweet), and Magister Hulca.
Ben's one-liners/jokes were pretty funny.
Khyber, he's so awesome and that he looks like a super upgraded version of Vulkanus, hehehe.
The plot/reason for Khyber going after Ben which he wants Ben's DNA samples for Dr. Psychobos was neat.
Dr. Psychobos is a great new alien villain which he's the one that hired Khyber and wants to make a counterfeit Omnitrix, Nemetrix for Malware after having Ben's DNA samples, awesome:D.
Nice to see Grandpa Max.
Poor Ben & Rook's argument, I think Ben's comment to Grandpa Max must of upsetted Rook.
Nice to see Pakmar, he's a great funny new alien character.
Khyber's alien dog's alien monster forms that are Ben's aliens' predators are so cool.
Ben vs. Khyber, yaaaaaay, they finally meet/fight.
Ball Weevil, Ben's next new alien is pretty awesome:D.
Poor Ben's loss which Rook might be the key to defeating Khyber.

Ben's huge ego is so increasing along with being a selfish jerk as well which will be his downfall.
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Feb 8, 2010
Not a bad episode, but nothing overly special either. There was some fun parts to it but overall it was kind of bland and didn't hold my attention both times I watched it and a big part of that was the pacing of the story and the irrelevant side characters that littered this episode. I did enjoy some of the action scenes, as I usually do with a Ben 10 episode, but deep down I just wasn't all that into this specific episode despite it being the first of a 2-part story (which I usually like to see).

Awesome looking villain in this episode though, his armor was just downright sick!

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May 11, 2007
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I thought that this was a pretty decent episode. The only strange part about Ben and Rook's falling out for me was how Ben took credit for Rook's plan. That seemed a bit out of character for Ben, although I forget if he did that frequently with Gwen and Kevin in the last two series. Though, I liked the points Rook brought up during their argument. Despite Ben's huge ego and the multiple times he's talked about how he's saved the universe countless times, he does ignore the obvious fact that he always had people to help him out, which does make him look like a jerk at times. I could understand not realizing this when he was ten years old, but considering he's sixteen and he's been through a lot, he really should be mature enough to realize that it was the teamwork with his friends and family that saved the universe all those times. I don't think that's actually going to happen at this point, but I think that it should.

I was glad to see that there was more of a reason for the villain to hunt down Ben than just wanting to hunt a special prey. It was also honestly pretty satisfying to see Ben hope for Rook to come in and save him after he acted like he could handle things on his own. Overall, it seemed like a decent episode and I hope that next week's episode will be entertaining as well.


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Mar 9, 2010
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This episode marks Part I of Omniverse's Season 1 Finale!

*Things kick off with part of the flashback from The More Things Change: Part I! Having seeing Malware's origins in Trouble Helix, it seems odd that Malware is acting like this flashback is his first encounter with Ben.

*The episode then skips back to the present, where we see Teen Ben and Rook playing a Sumo Slammers Racing spinoff video game. Rook questions what racing has to do with sumo wrestling and Ben just replies not to think about and enjoy the break from is at that time when Khyber's Pet busts in and attacks!

*Ben attempts to turn into Humungousaur to battle the creature...but becomes Stinkfly, instead (making this the first time Teen Ben has used this form)! Stinkfly does well, at first, but Khyber's pet changes into one of its forms we saw in The More Things Change: Part II! Luckily Rook is there to help out!

*Trying to turn into Humungousaur again, Ben ends up turning into Wildmutt. From a nearby building, Khyber uses the same sound he uses to call his pet back...but this time, he uses it to cause Wildmutt pain!

*After Rook tries a few attacks, Khyber's Pet does return to its master. Ben tries to make Rook feel better with the ol' "there there" routine; Rook doesn't seem to like it...until he does it to Ben, that is.

*While driving back to the Plumber's Base, the duo try to come up with a plan regarding the creature. Ben figures to just wait until it strikes again, while Rook suggests taking a more proactive approach and find it first. This discussion also leads to us hearing Stinkfly's species name ("Lepidopterran") on screen for the first time. They also figure out that the whistling sound Khyber made is audible only to dog-like aliens (much like how Earth Dogs can hear higher pitches then humans).

*At the Plumber Base, Rook helps Grandpa Max capture a scorpion alien for his latest meal and Ben finds his hover board from the Original Series! Ben asks his Grandpa on advice regarding the predator creature, Max responds by asking Ben what he thinks. Ben ends up saying the idea Rook suggested in the van and Rook's mouth is full, leaving him unable to explain where Ben got the idea!

*The duo then head to Under Town to try to find Khyber's Pet, but they have opposing ideas about how exactly to go about it, going along with their opposing views of their position (Rook as law enforcers, Ben as superheroes). Surprisingly, Rook makes a passive aggressive remark to Ben's view!

*This blows up into quite a heated argument, where Rook makes mention of Ben always having at least someone around to help and that he hardly qualifies as a hero! After some more shouting...Rook decides to quit being Ben's partner!

*Rook takes the van and leaves Ben in Under Town, throwing him his hoodie, hover board and Plumber Badge, which he crushes coldly adding Ben doesn't deserve it! Ben has his ego problems, to be sure, but Rook was being quite a jerk and didn't handle the situation much better.

*Khyber and his pet watch the argument from a far and we get treated to another flashback...

*5 years ago, on an unspecified planet, we find Malware has an imprint of the Omnitrix symbol on his hand from when he de-powered it in his fight with Ben! He arrives to a large base, where he holds out his hand with the imprint and says "Dr. Psychobos". The door opens...

*We learn that Dr. Psychobos is a Cerebrocrustacean (Brainstorm's species) and Malware has made a deal with him to make a replica of the Omnitrix. Psychobos really hates Galvans (especially Azmuth) and says this will prove his superiority to the Omnitrix's creator. According to Derrick Wyatt, Azmuth doesn't even know about Psychobos.

*Psychobos tells Malware that although he can make a replica of the hardware, he does not have the DNA samples to complete it. Malware isn't happy hearing this, but the evil Cerebrocrustacean assures him he knows someone who can get them...

*We return to the present where we see a hologram of Psychobos berate Khyber for not yet getting the DNA samples. Khyber calmly responds that Ben is the sort of "prey" that requires a "studied approach". Psychobos doesn't like that answer and impateintly demands Khyber get the samples immediately, Khyber calmly says he understands.

*This sequence now explains the meaning behind the Malware flashbacks and the origins of the Nemetrix! Looks like the true main villain (or rather, villains) of Season 1 is a "Big Bad Duumvirate" between Malware and Psychobos, though Khyber is still "the Heavy"!

*Ben tries to seek information by interrogating an alien bartender, who merely brushes him off. Hearing some whistling gives Ben an idea to fish the creature out...

*Our young hero ends up at a pet store run by another familiar face from The More Things Change: Part I...Pakmar! He isn't too pleased to see him at first, but soon changes his mind when Ben mentions how he wants to hear some whistles (as Wildmutt). I now realize why Pakmar's voice is so familiar, it sounds like Tara Strong is using her "Omi voice" for him!

*Khyber then decides to whistle, causing Wildmutt some more pain! Ben says that's the sound, but Pakmar points out he didn't blow the whistle that time. Khyber's pet then ambushes them!

*After the creature knocks Ben out of the store, Khyber reveals himself to the hero...and proves how capable he is of taking Ben head on!

*Though Ben manages to trap Khyber's fist on the wall, his cockiness once more proves counter-productive. Though prompted to introduce himself, Khyber wisely doesn't reveal his name.

*Ben and Khyber's Pet get into quite a battle of constantly switching between predator and prey!

*When Ben points out that he's faced the likes of Vilgax and Daigon and questions what Khyber has that they didn't, the hunter replies that he has experience, prooving the age old truth that one doesn't have to be strong to be dangerous!

*Ben soon turns into a new alien and it looks like a bug Pokémon (which makes sense, as Derrick Wyatt did confirm it was inspired by Pokémon)! Although his name wasn't said in this episode, the credits refer to him as "Ball Weevil".

*Ball Weevil actually does pretty well against Khyber and his pet, but the two eventually stop toying around and overpower Ball Weevil!

*Ball Weevil reverts back to Ben defeated and loosing consciousness as Khyber holds him up and laughs evilly!

Part I was definitely a great start to this Season Finale! We learned that although Khyber is really carrying things out for a Big Bad Duumvirate, he is still as dangerous a villain as ever! Learning about the Nemetrix's origins and it's connection to Malware was also great! Rook's anger was a surprise since he's been so calm before, but I'm sure the two will patch things up next time. Looking forward to Part II!


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Aug 10, 2003
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Wow. The plot's starting to actually thicken. Nice! It's also nice to see that Kyber isn't the cliche "greatest hunter doing it for sport" shtick.
And I really like Ball Weevil. It's gotta be the most unique Poke-I mean Digi-...ALIEN Ben has unlocked in a long time. For too long a majority of Ben's aliens have become humanoid, bipedal creatures, so it's nice he got something that's more like an actual alien creature, and with an interesting ability, and I look forward to seeing more of it.


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May 14, 2012
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The Land of Flowers
And I really like Ball Weevil. It's gotta be the most unique Poke-I mean Digi-...ALIEN Ben has unlocked in a long time. For too long a majority of Ben's aliens have become humanoid, bipedal creatures, so it's nice he got something that's more like an actual alien creature, and with an interesting ability, and I look forward to seeing more of it.
I heard the designer for this show, Derrick J. Wyatt, said that Ball Weevil was in fact inspired by Pokémon. He said it on his formspring account.