Talkback: As Told By Ginger "Stuff'll Kill Ya"

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As Told By Ginger ROCKS!!
May 7, 2005
Sheltered Shrubs
Ok everyone! Nicktoons Network aired the never before seen(in the U.S.) "Stuff'll Kill Ya" episode!:) Talk about it here!
Personally, I thought the episode was great! I had really wanted to see this episode and it was as good as I expected it too be. It was funny how that teacher conned Carl into thinking he was going to die! Poor Ginger, having that evil Ms. Zorski(The cousin of the NICE Ms. Zorski). I can honestly see why she would go on an all caffiene diet.
May 9, 2004
A shame really, I had no idea any new Ginger shows were going to run. Dispite it's odd looking animation, I liked ATB Ginger for the stories and quirky characters. I'd have watched this if I'd known it was on.


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