TALKBACK - Adventure Time - "Normal Man" - [5/12]

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Dec 26, 2015
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This was a great episode.

(The Highlights)

Didn't know the magic man also had a normal personality.

Looks like the guy are helping the magic man.

Jake's still forgot in the squirrel. Classic.

Oh No! They're attacking. Nice going J.

What will normal man do to get his powers back?

It's up to Finn and the Normal Man to do the job.

Oh No, Magic Man!

Glob's alive! Cool.

Lemongrab and LSP are having a picnic. Weird.

Looks like the Lions had a heel turn. Get it!

Glob's no longer the leader. What a heart-breaking ending.
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May 14, 2012
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This episode was good. We finally get to see what Magic Man's been up to.

Is it really a good idea to have the guy who you tormented helping you? Magic Man thinks so. Or should I say Normal Man?

Oh look, Glob is not dead! You were wrong, Finn.

See? Don't trust people who hate you. Their betrayal rate is high.

With no one to go to, Normal Man seeks the help of Ooo's greatest heroes, a human boy and magic dog.

Ha, Magic Man literally drove the martians under the bus! Classic Magic Man.

Ooh, a mountain of death. This'll be fun.

Hey, Finn is using the root sword again. Haven't seen that sword in ages. It'll have to do as the Finn Sword mends.

A flamethrower? Tiny Manticore means business. The final boss battle begins.

While freefalling, Normal Man and Glob have a little heart-to-heart. It touches Tiny Manticore's heart so much, he saves the brothers from going splat.

Whuh? LSP and Lemongrab are on a date? What a weird pairing. Lemongrab getting bonked on the head made me laugh hard.

Aww, Normal Man and Glob return to Mars. Oh what? Glob bails on him. You're on your own Normal Man.


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Nov 7, 2004
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Season 7 episode 33 was amazing,

Nice seeing the Magic Man who's Normal Man, he finally develops/turns good, awesome, the antagonists developing/turning good in the show is so great:D.

Tiny Manticore, my favorite entertaining minor villain, karma bites Normal Man's butt.

Nice seeing Glob who's alive, yaaaaaaaay.

Finn/Jake teaming up with Normal Man to save Glob was sweet.

All the dangerous creatures obstacles, awesome/challenging, love the rock monsters/dragon ghost, and nice to see the crazy vengeful squirrel, hahahaha:p, I hope to see him again, hehehe.

The Magic Man running over the Martians under the bus, hahahahahahaha, and nice seeing Abraham Lincoln.

Normal Man/Glob's heartwarming touching moment and Tiny Manticore turning good was sweet:D.

Nice seeing the Earl of Lemongrab, poor Lemongrab getting conked on the head, hahahahahaha.

Normal Man to be the new ruler, sweet.
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Nov 13, 2012
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good episode all things considered
Lemongrab and LSP on a date was a bizarre sight
I em seriously curious how they got there to begin with, especially seeing how Lemongrab really did not seem comfprtable


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Mar 8, 2009
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Pretty good episode. I liked how Finn & Jake helped Normal Man make it to the top of the mountain filled with dangerous creatures. The flashback of what Magic Man did back on Mars with that bus was pretty hilarious. But the way his character developed now that he's Normal Man was pretty nice to see. I wasn't really expecting the episode to end like that.


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Apr 21, 2011
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Well it fits with the whole magic = madness theme the show has gone with these last few seasons. Without his magic corrupting him Normal Man can finally start to make up for all his sins. Too bad his voice still makes him seem untrustworthy.
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