SYM-BIONIC TITAN IS ON NETFLIX! (oh and some Scooby stuff too)

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Oct 22, 2012
Sym-Bionic Titan aired on CN Africa for a couple of months and quickly after appearing from the schedule, it just vanished. Same with the last epsiodes of Flapjack and Generator Rex.
It was broadcast in Flanders from October, 22nd 2011 until April 27th, 2015 :)

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I hope you will see PPGZ on HBO Max very soon.
I just got HBO Max and the first things I’ve streamed in order are Chowder, FMA:Brotherhood, and Looney Tunes Cartoons.
Pokemon World Variants of Looney Tunes Characters, Volume 1:

Bugs Bunny - Bailey Buneary
Daffy Duck - Swanky Swanna
Porky Pig - Grady Grumpig
Elmer Fudd - Elton Judd
Yosemite Sam - Nimbasa Nick

More on the way!
Apparently WarnerMedia and Comcast made a deal to bring HBO Max to Xfinity customers who subscribed to HBO and now I get HBO Max at no additional charge. :)