"Superman: Man of Tomorrow" Animated Feature Pre-Release News & Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

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Mar 8, 2009
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A "Superman: Man of Tomorrow " animated movie was announced for 2020 at the San Diego Comic-Con.
The 2020 DC Universe Movie slate will then wrap up with a standalone film called Superman: Man of Tomorrow, making this the first time two Superman-centered DC Universe Movies will be released in the same year. Unlike Red Son, Man of Tomorrow will be a fully original story featuring a young Superman early in his career. We’ll have to wait for additional details on what we can expect from this one, including who the villain or villains of the movie may be and what other characters may appear alongside the Man of Steel.
Source: DC Comics Blog

Stay tuned for further updates!
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May 28, 2010
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This was honestly the biggest surprise for me, both to have another Superman movie slated for next year (yay) and for apparently being a completely original story :D.

I am really wondering what they'll be going for with it. A completley, standalone, original Superman piece? Or a prequel with Jerry O'Connel's Superman? The trend of two in-continuity movies per year lends itself to the latter, but you never know...

Although, voice-cast wise, using O'Connel's Superman would make it easier if only because they already have 90% of his supporting cast attached to VA's, unless they do some recasts :p.

I'm also curious if they'll take any inspiration from other Superman origins, like Grant Morrison's New 52 Superman arc :).
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