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Nov 15, 2003
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Super hard pass unless they get some better writing and a few other things. I loved the DCTV stuff back when they were starting out (Arrow 1-2 Flash 1-2 were really cool, felt pretty epic for TV,) plus they just had less weird SJW/PC politically driven weirdness.
I of course would love a Superman series (*Almost always want more Superman,) but the casting for Lois just doesn’t fit to me, (and so far I’m not too impressed with Hoechlin as Supes.) Maybe it’s the writing and the fact he’s not as big a build, Height, and toughness as recent or past portrayals. Again, maybe it’s mostly due to poor writing, but he just doesn’t have have the feel of SM to me. *He falls quite a bit short compared to most everyone Elise; Cain, Reeves, Reeve, Cavill, Newbern, Daly, Welling, & Routh, IMO.

I’d love this show if he got a tad bigger, was a bit more commanding in his performance & presence, the biggest thing would be the writers/creators making the series have a bit serious tone like Arrow 1-2 had. Like MOS for TV.
*But that’s just my $0.2. :)

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Mar 2, 2002
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I like that suit way more than what's been used so far. It's still missing something though. ;)

I think I would rather this Superman show be a "prequel" and take place before all the other CW shows. Right from the start establish that the show is in the post Crisis Earth Prime continuity, and we get to actually see the changes made to previously seen events instead of just hearing about it or having our main characters go "huh?" in all the other shows. If we see new events ourselves, the other shows won't have to waste time explaining things while our characters go "huh?". Just carry on like normal, the characters are all caught up to speed. Let the viewer go "huh?" and then tune into the Superman Lois show to see the "huh?" moment explained.


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