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You know its one thing to force players to unlock over 60 characters but can we get a decent character ending, yeah I know its the same since the original but come on its so boring to look at now.

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This is something I had emailed Nintendo back in late August:
Pastebinned email
(WARNING: uncovered spoiler for Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice within URL due to Pastebin's formatting.)

It just depresses me to see Nintendo not listen, and that's proven by all the horror stories of the game's online that I have heard. Online is basically the first thing I had brought up for crying out loud, even being noteworthy as NOT being a balance suggestion, just a quality of life one. Yet here's an article by Kotaku that talks about how bad it really gets:

I'm like...Nintendo. I outlined a lot of idiocy to watch out for in balancing the game and improving the quality of life. Why do you want to add more idiocy to begin with? ...know what? I should post a link to an actually sound video, at the very least to point to my response to a user named MattheJ1.

...know what? Spoiler tag added at 7:15 PM on 12/12/2018 due to spoiler allusion. (And to a certain moderator, see how I could do far more than change one word if need be? What was up with that lack of faith?)

To Sakurai's credit, as I stated, he does at least provide a writing tool by involving developer iniquity VS the Stop Having Fun Guys as a case of Evil VS Evil. The problem is when he falls into the former because of the common reason for the first: myopic arrogance. Sure the core blame lies squarely on the Stop Having Fun Guys who just want an unrecognizeable, incoherent mess they call gameplay--and by the way, may I point out how Grid Reading in Kid Icarus Uprising, mechanical as it may be, is at least meant to be countered by playing by heart in general, whereas you can't say the same about Super Smash Bros. Melee's so-called "advanced" techniques--but of course, it takes two to tango. Sakurai and his associates should recognize, after 20 years making the series, that there are clear problems such as active Fragile Speedster bias both direct AND indirect that feed the SHFGs. I've said it once and I'll say it again: there is NO excuse for things like Meta Knight's easy-bake 0-Death combo off of a freaking grab anywhere on the stage slipping through the cracks before the game is even released. You can't pass it off with the excuse of creative freedom either, because that just says there is a failure to be genuinely creative somewhere down the line by running from adversity.

Really, if V1.2.0 doesn't show address of enough of my concerns, I'm just done with buying new Smash Bros., I'm sorry. I'd rather just get to finding proper support for making my own game. Though at least that writing tool I mentioned does make me feel better how my game's story already would be structured--PM for details, and I'd have to trust you won't tell others or do anything problematic, of course. The story already would involve quite a bit of Decon-Recon Switch, but I still get a sense of comfort with given points about key characters. So yes, I will at least give Sakurai credit where credit is due.

One final thing I should mention that is worth bringing up: a comment on a related enough video with a spoilerish video title:
"To block the light of truth will leave you shrouded in lies. But to block the darkness of reality will lead to your ignorance blinding you. One cannot stand without the other. One must not fall, else the other will engulf the world."
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Great game. The best Super Smash Bros. game to date, in my opinion. I think I'll be coming back to this one for years to come. I didn't do that so much with the last game.


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I finally got the game for Christmas. Spent 4 days unlocking all of the fighters and man it was a blast. I'll be able to do lots of regular battles (be it solo and team battles) with a lot of my favorite characters from my favorite franchises such as Mario and Splatoon. Looking forward to purchasing the DLC fighters packs soon.


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Great game like the other Smash games; I enjoyed World of Light (though some battles were annoying; like the Pauline spirit), the new bosses like Marx and Rathalos, and unlocking all the characters.

In all the games, Donkey Kong was my main, and I continue to main him here. Some of my other favorites are Bowser, Captain Falcon, Ganondorf, Mr. Game and Watch, Duck Hunt, and King Dedede. I'm also very glad that King K. Rool (who's also one of my favorites) got in, though I wished Bandana Waddle Dee got in as well.


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Guys, should I main Meta Knight? I'm not that good at the online component, but I did find some mild success with Meta Knight.

Did I get lucky, or is Meta decent?


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He started out in Brawl as one of the most unfairly powerful characters. He's been toned down somewhat since, but he's still towards the top.


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Persona Q2 which features Joker is releasing in North America and Europe on June 4th, so we might get the Joker DLC pack around this time.