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Aug 13, 2015
I don't understand that I see Super Dragon Ball Heroes with good guy teams and bad guy teams from Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT so where coming from and I not sure if they coming from past and future between in Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT?
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Summertime and June Mix!

I saw something at 1:37 that says DC Superhero High. Does that mean a revival of the 2015 DC Superhero Girls, or a different project altogether?

The Thomas fandom has lost a beloved UK narrator.
Mao Mao has been on hiatus since October. There will be no new episodes airing in June in the U.S., despite those last 9 episodes of Season 1 (31-40) allegedly leaked by Aussie streaming service Stan back in April, and we've been telling ourselves NOT to spoil any of these episodes on social media until they are officially released.

Man, it's really hard to like your favorite show when it's stuck in a long hiatus...