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Disneyland has an Indiana Jones ride, not a stage show; the latter opened at Walt Disney World in 1989.
I also looked up what exactly Taco Bell Border Lights were; it does sound pretty underwhelming compared to the ad.


Watching these classic ads made me feel better about Sweet Victory not being played during the halftime (barring this tweet made by Mercedes Benz Stadium)

This was the Bowl that happened just two days before I was born. :)

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Hi, Zedd, I wanted to to fix up the date on my birthday, when I was first registered here, it incorrectly date as 1/21/1995 when it actually 2/21/1995, originally I was going to ask one of the admins to fix it so that it’s on the correct date.
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Well, THAT was a flop...Adventure Time will leave Adult Swim after two weeks...