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Apr 23, 2001
Prepare to root for the bad guys in this gritty animated feature from Warner Bros. Animation, DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. Home Entertainment! Discuss the animated feature, the bonus features - all of it - right here!

Suicide Squad: Hell To Pay
Warner Bros. Animation
Release Date: March 27, 2018 - Digital; April 10, 2018 - Blu-ray/DVD

Synopsis: Amanda Waller's top secret "Task Force X" – Deadshot, Bronze Tiger, Killer Frost, Captain Boomerang, Harley Quinn and Copperhead – on a mission to retrieve a mystical object so powerful that they’re willing to risk their own lives to steal it. But the Suicide Squad isn't the only group of villains seeking to possess the object. The race is on for the golden prize … and, to stay alive, second place isn’t an option.

The all-star cast is led by Christian Slater (Mr. Robot, Archer, True Romance) in his DC Universe Movies debut as the voice of Deadshot, who heads "Task Force X" alongside Billy Brown (How To Get Away With Murder) as Bronze Tiger, Liam McIntyre (Spartacus: War of the Damned, The Flash) as Captain Boomerang, Kristin Bauer van Straten (True Blood, Once Upon a Time) as Killer Frost, Gideon Emery (Teen Wolf) as Copperhead, Tara Strong (Batman: The Killing Joke) as Harley Quinn and their "boss," Vanessa Williams (Ugly Betty, Desperate Housewives) as Amanda Waller. Villainous forces in the film include C. Thomas Howell (Outcast, The Outsiders, Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox) as Zoom, Dania Ramirez (Devious Maids, Heroes, Once Upon a Time) as Scandal Savage, James Urbaniak (Difficult People, The Venture Bros.) as Professor Pyg, Julie Nathanson (The Zeta Project, Beverly Hills 90210) as Silver Banshee and Jewelee, and Jim Pirri (Injustice 2) as Vandal Savage & Vertigo.

Other Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay voice cast members include Greg Grunberg (Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Heroes) as Steel Maxum, Dave Fennoy (Batman: Arkham Knight, Batman: The Telltale Series) as Blockbuster & Tobias Whale, Cissy Jones (Firewatch) as Knockout, Natalie Lander (The Middle, Justice League Action) as Darma, Trevor Devall (Johnny Test) as Punch, Dave Boat (Family Guy, The Good Dinosaur) as Harvey Dent/Two-Face, and Matthew Mercer (Critical Role, Batman: Bad Blood) as Savage Gunman. Producer Sam Liu (Gotham by Gaslight, Teen Titans: The Judas Contract) also directs Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay from a script by co-producer Alan Burnett (Justice League vs. Teen Titans). Executive Producers are Sam Register and James Tucker (Batman vs. Two-Face, Justice League Dark).

Suicide Squad: Hell To Pay Bonus Content:
-A Sneak Peek at the next DC Universe Movie, The Death of Superman: "The Death of Superman" – The Death of Superman is widely considered one of the most popular stories in the Superman canon and the DCU. This sneak peek of the new film discusses the story and its place in pop culture.
-Outback Rogue: Captain Boomerang (Featurette) – Audiences get a deeper look at this unconventional, yet entertaining villain from Down Under and how he’s evolved from The Flash universe to the Suicide Squad.
-Nice Shot, Floyd! The Greatest Marksman in the DCU (Featurette) – Floyd Lawton, AKA Deadshot, is one of the most popular antiheroes in the DC pantheon. An excellent marksman and assassin, he often brags that he never misses his shot. Take a closer look at this fascinating character.
-The Power of Plot Devices, MacGuffins and Red Herrings (Featurette) – An insightful examination of the power of a good plot device and the important influence it has over story.
-Suicide Squad: Hell To Pay Commentary – The creative filmmaking team of screenwriter/co-producer Alan Burnett and executive producer James Tucker share their thoughts and stories on the characters, themes and development of Suicide Squad: Hell To Pay.
Note: Bonus content may vary between Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD editions.

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Open bar knock yourself out
Nov 1, 2013
My god is this movie gorey, when they said it was going to be bloody they weren't kidding at all. The movie is good if you like Assualt on Arkham you are going to like this however I feel as if the two are too similar for my taste(I mean give the Batman movies some credit they do tend to feel different) but I enjoyed it. My main gripe is how stupid Count Vertigo was at in the beginning was he really stupid enough to believe Waller wasn't listening to him.

Troy Troodon

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Jan 16, 2014
Eh, it's an alright story. But I still would've preferred if we got a Secret Six movie instead, (heck some elements of Gail Simone's run are practically there down to the Get Out of Hell Free Card) but more importantly I'd rather watch a movie actually about superheroes rather than villains since well villains are very cynical characters especially in PG-13 and R-rated movies; and if the main characters are cynical then the audience is gonna get cynical as well, and I'd rather not be in that kind of mood while watching a movie by DC.

I mean let's face it, only reason why DC would make movies based on The Suicide Squad at all is because Harley Quinn is in the team, since she's been a member in light of the New52 reboot. (and why she was a member of that team at all is beyond me) But you wanna know something... Harley barely did anything here! They could've easily taken her out of the story and it would've been practically the same, minus getting on Frost's nerves.

Complaints aside I found it interesting how this movie somehow ties into the events of Flashpoint... could it be a possible foreshadow of a reboot of a reboot in the near future, or possibly even a return to the original DC continuity?! I shouldn't get my hopes up but that I would very much like to see.

On another tangent I feel the need to express a criticism that I still stand by. For a time and even to this day for that matter, DC Comics have gotten too dark, they gotten too violent, and too sexually and verbally explicit; a number of their stories also have a lot of gratuitous and unceremonious deaths, and characters acting out of character or doing morally conflicting things that hurt themselves as well as others.

Some people say after Rebirth, DC did get better, but they still relish in those same glorified elements: excessive violence, inappropriately or uncomfortably explicit language and sexual content, unwanted death and destruction and so forth; and currently it's no more apparent than in their animation devision.

I have no problem with DC telling dark stories, or marketing to older audiences, what I do have a problem with though is how carried away they can get with trying to be more mature; particularly if this is practically the norm nowadays. I'd like to see DC produce more positive and uplifting animated movies, some that can still be mature but not as gory or raunchy as some of their past stuff.

If my theory is correct, I do hope we return to DC's original universe, or we get introduced to The Rebirth initiative soon.

But that's just my rambling; something I needed to express which you're free to disagree with.
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Mar 8, 2009
A Valid Location
I thought this was pretty good. I'm not a big fan of these overly violent and kind of gruesome movies but this was tolerable. The story was sort of interesting, and the characters were surprisingly entertaining. Their interactions were for the most part kind of fun, and I liked how some of their backstories were explained as well.

There were a lot of characters in this - some of them don't really get a chance to do that much but it was pretty cool seeing them here. It was kind of weird seeing so many villains and no real heroes throughout the movie but as the story progressed I didn't mind it at all by the end.

The rebooted version of Doctor Fate was hilarious. Some might find it disrespectful to the character from the comics, but I liked it. Between this and the recent Lego Flash movie, I like how they're trying and do more different stuff with Fate nowadays. As a side note, when I heard the movie will have nudity in it, I was kind of afraid it will concern Maxum Steel. I'm glad that wasn't the case.

I for one loved the callback to The Flashpoint Paradox. I suppose some might have seen it coming considering they brought back Zoom's voice actor from that movie, but the big reveal took me by surprise. I may be exaggerating a bit here, but this was kind of like seeing that big Lex Luthor/Brainiac twist from Justice League Unlimited over a decade ago.

Funny how they still managed to squeeze in a cameo from Batman. An alternate timeline Batman, but I think it still counts. :)

I might post some more comments later on, but overall, I enjoyed this movie much more than I expected. It was violent and bloody just about all the time, but the story was good and the characters entertaining enough to keep me interested and continue watching.


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Aug 14, 2003
I did not really want to see this movie, the movie of the year for me is the Death of Superman.
But I saw it, and I was pleasantly surprised! It's very good!!!! What a surprise to see something from Flashpoint !! it's a very good movie!
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Active Member
Nov 10, 2010
I have a hard time thinking about some of the stuff I saw in this movie and the people making it saying "this is a good idea".

I did not like this movie. At all. Only thing I liked was Zoom's involvement in it and the connection to Flashpoint.


Open bar knock yourself out
Nov 1, 2013
The action in this movie is hit or miss, when it comes to people shooting at one another or characters using superpowers it looks pretty good but for some reason it looks mediocre when characters use martial arts.


Yes, have some.
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Jul 13, 2003
The action in this movie is hit or miss, when it comes to people shooting at one another or characters using superpowers it looks pretty good but for some reason it looks mediocre when characters use martial arts.
Mm, the choreography of martial arts scenes can be pretty dependent on the director, storyboard artists, and overseas animation teams. Not a slight against Liu or any of the crew, but Oliva really raised the bar for that kind of action scene.


Oct 9, 2017
So Reverse Flash Is finally dead, Punch and Judy Vertigo and so is Killer Frost in this universe. Snake guy too LOL.Hmmm they will be missed. Boo hoo

I wonder why they killed off so many good villians che whiz!

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