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Peter Paltridge

Ay Carumba
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Submitted For Your Consideration...

This doesn't even cover 10% of it. If you want to see even more of them, follow the eBay link at the end of the story. They're not hard to find or expensive to purchase.

Be aware, though, that on some of them the video picture is watermarked with "Do Not Duplicate" nonsense. Be sure to ask the seller first, if they know.


That's a lot of Mulaney!
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So, that's how the other half views.
They probably pawn it off on one of their kids or a pool boy to look over for them.
The HBO set is impressive. How can you not give them an award when it comes in a box like that?

The Community packaging was true to the show. Unfortunately looking like that the maid would probably have thrown it out before anyone has seen it.

The Librarian packaging looks slick. I really wish that movie was better then it is. It's too precious. But you know, just about every Indiana Jones knockoff fails. About the only two that I would actually call good are The Mummy and National Treasure.

If Modern Family won too many awards, at least it was Modern Family that won them. It's had a respectable run.

The Nameless

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TNT's logo goes back to 2001. I've never been overly fond of it; its predecessor had more character. (Oddly, their 2005 FYC package is my favorite of the ones listed on that page)

As for the art of making those things being done away with, the impending death of physical media in general makes me sad. I like my things to be tangible.


I don't think physical media will ever go away completely. Before home video there were companies who made 8, 16, 9.5, & 28mm copies of movies for home viewing. There will always be a small part of the population who wants to own what they watch.

I can see a future where only a handful of major films are released each year, on Blu-Ray or some Ultra-HD Disk.