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O.K. I know these Evony type games are known ripping off artwork in their ads and using cheesecake fan service to entice gamers; but this just got bizarrely meta

The character in that ad is Shimakaze (she's a moe anthropomorphization of a WWII era destroyer) from Kantai Collection/KanColle which is just about the biggest thing over on Japan's side of the internet fandom right now.

So it's an online browser based game that tries to use cheesecake fan service to entice gamers that advertises by stealing fan art based on another online browser based game that tries to use cheesecake fan service to entice gamers.


That's a lot of Mulaney!
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There's no way Zapp is a stinking neutral.

Zapp doesn't fit in any of these categories. He would be a Lawful Stupid. That's Brannigan's Law.

I would put the Robot Devil in Lawful Evil and move the Professor to Neutral Evil. He is evil but doesn't have a problem with breaking laws if he can get away with it. (Save the blood)

Peter Paltridge

Ay Carumba
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Peter Paltridge

Ay Carumba
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Wow, this is terrible advice. Most of it is from the unofficial strategy guide by Prima, but one's pulled from the actual game manual.

Yes, the old wives' tale about moving the truck in front of the SS Anne was IN A GUIDE.


Here are some print ads PBS will start putting in New York subways. I like them.

The best touch is how all these fake channels have titles like "The Culture Network," "The Know Channel" or "Insight and Arts." That's exactly what's happened in real life.
That's equal parts funny and depressing.

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