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Peter Paltridge

Ay Carumba
Staff member
Sep 24, 2003
Stars Hollow
As I might've subtly implied here, I'm finding the current state of journalism on the Internet REALLY unbearable. To hold onto my sanity, I started making a list of everything somebody was ordering me to hate now, for one reason or another. It got quite big.

A lot of this may sound over the top, but most of them are real -- in extremism, too much is never enough. The Quack Pack one comes from a YouTube video -- I don't remember the guy's name, but he really wanted a man blacklisted from Hollywood over a 20-year-old cartoon. Please don't track the video down yourself -- he doesn't deserve any more hits.

The current phase in the media of trying to get offended by every single animal, vegetable and mineral will pass. The 1960s didn't go on forever; the current vibe in the air will also evaporate eventually. What we think of "90s music" was only popular between 1993 and 1997. Low, droning odes to depression dominated for a few years; then bouncy stuff like Britney and Hanson broke out and it ended. Why? Because in the end, though there was plenty in life to be sad about, people preferred being happy to being sad. They couldn't wallow in negative emotions forever without it becoming really tiring. For that reason, I can't see the "attack everything" trend lasting indefinitely.

If you have any comments, they BETTER be about Dr. Robotnik, or else!


Dec 4, 2015
Here's a Robotnik poop from last year to comply with your rules.

But yeah, I'm in the same boat with you. These people are the reason I find it hard to enjoy things now. I feel the recent controversy with Baby It's Cold Outside was very much unnecessary. In the movie it debuted in (Neptune's Daughter) it was sung alternately between two couples, one with the man pursuing the woman and the other with the woman pursuing the man. The version you're familiar with omits the gender-flip, and... well, you can probably guess. (Also, they're singing it in California in the summer.) That said, Meaghan Smith and She and Him both put out lovely covers that swapped the male and female singers' lines.
Also: We watched a bit of Home Alone 2 on TV at nanny's on Christmas Eve and it just happened to be just before Drumpf appeared. I LOL'd super hard when he showed up.
As for Cuphead's perceived racism, I'll just leave this here:



New Member
Jan 3, 2019
There are more than enough people with ridiculous media hot takes on the internet but this article leans waaayy too close to KIDS TOO PC THESE rants that are popping up all over because someone's favorite pop culture thing got mocked. You can like a problematic thing. You can enjoy something and still be critical about it.

I just don't understand why going to bat for awful messageboards and mediocre shows is so important. I mean, really? People are mad about police brutality. That's good. People are mad at large corporations using exploitative business practices. That's good. Those are complaints people have made for a long time. Lumping those in with ridiculous thinkpieces that no one reads is unfair.

also lol "non-biased sources of news"


I love Aloysius Pig!
Jul 5, 2010
Even though this is satire, it's hilarious! And you know about Home On The Range? I remember when that film first came out!

Commander Beeper

Apr 11, 2015
I think all of this nonsense is a classic outrage tactic used by the media to discredit the REAL issues we are facing as a society, to manufacture controversy where there isn't any. Which is why I hate the current state of American journalism - "If we can't find a controversy, we'll make one instead".


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