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Jan 19, 2016
Note: sometimes the way names are Romanized is inconsistent (the most notable instances being that for the longest time, Haesung Park was credited as Hye Sung Park, and Sunjae Lee was credited as Seon Jae Lee)
Rough Draft Studios Korea
Season 1A
Dong Soo Lee & Heeman Yang

Laser Light Cannon
Bubble Buddies

Seung Wook Yun & Jae Bok Lee
Cheeseburger Backpack
Arcade Mania

Dong Soo Lee & Jae Bok Lee

So Many Birthdays

Dong Soo Lee & Haesung Park
Rose's Room
Beach Party
Mirror Gem

Yong Seop Jeong
Cat Fingers
Tiger Millionaire
Onion Trade
Joking Victim
An Indirect Kiss

Season 1B
Haesung Park

Keep Beach City Weird
Island Adventure
The Test
Horror Club
Open Book
Political Power

Yong Seop Jeong
House Guest
Secret Team
Watermelon Steven
Future Vision
Winter Forecast

Byung Ki Lee
Shirt Club
The Message

Production Season 2 (aka what's advertised as "season 2 and season 3")
Haesung Park
Full Disclosure
Keeping It Together
Keystone Motel
Nightmare Hospital
Sadie's Song
Message Received
Barn Mates (presumed: episode misattributed to SMIP directors Ki-Yong Bae & Jin-Hee Park)
Steven Floats
The New Lars
Monster Reunion
Bismuth (1st half)
Back to the Moon

Byung Ki Lee
Say Uncle
Rising Tides; Crashing Skies
Chille Tid
Historical Friction
When it Rains
The Answer
Steven's Birthday
Same Old World
Drop Beat Dad
Restaurant Wars
Greg the Babysitter

Haesung Park & Byung Ki Lee
Crack the Whip

Production Season 3 (aka "season 4")
Haesung Park & Byung Ki Lee
Buddy's Book

Haesung Park
Future Boy Zoltron
Gem Harvest (1st half)
Adventures In Light Distortion
Room for Ruby
Are You My Dad?

Byung Ki Lee
Kindergarten Kid
Onion Gang
Three Gems and a Baby
The Zoo
Tiger Philanthropist
Doug Out

Production Season 4 (aka "season 5")
Sangun Jeong & Seungwook Shin
Dewey Wins
Sadie Killer
Your Mother and Mine

Sangun Jeong, Seungwook Shin & Sangman Park
Pool Hopping
What's Your Problem
Reunited (1st half)
Change Your Mind (I'm presuming the 1st quarter, though it could've been the 2nd)

Haesung Park
Stuck Together
Lars of the Stars
Letters for Lars
Now We're Only Falling Apart
Legs From Here to Homeworld
Together Alone
Change Your Mind (I'm presuming the 2nd quarter, though it could've been the 1st)

SunMin Image Pictures
note: All SMIP eps credit Ki-Yong Bae as one of the overseas directors. Most other CN shows animated at SMIP has a separate "Supervising Animation Director" credit, so presumably that's Ki-Yong's role. The directors listed below will be the non-Ki-Yong directors
Season 1A
Jin-Hee Park & Sunjae Lee

Gem Glow

Youngwha Yoon & Seo-Whan Kim
Together Breakfast

Jin-Hee Park & Youngwha Yoon
Giant Woman
Lars and the Cool Kids

Sunjae Lee & Seo-Whan Kim
Serious Steven
Steven's Lion
Steven the Sword Fighter

Jin-Hee Park
Lion 2: The Movie
Monster Buddies

Youngwha Yoon
Coach Steven
Ocean Gem

Sunjae Lee
Steven and the Stevens

Season 1B
Sue Hong Kim

Space Race
Lion 3: Straight to Video
Alone Together
Marble Madness
The Return

Jin-Hee Park
Fusion Cuisine
Garnet's Universe
Warp Tour
Maximum Capacity
Story for Steven

Sunjae Lee
On the Run
Rose's Scabbard

Production Season 2
Sue Hong Kim

Joy Ride
Beach Shorts (presumed)
We Need to Talk
Onion Friend
Catch and Release
Too Far
Log Date 7 15 2
Gem Drill
Too Short to Ride
Beach City Drift
Alone At Sea
Steven vs Amethyst

Jin-Hee Park
Love Letters
Sworn to the Sword
Cry for Help
Friend Ship
Back to the Barn
It Could've Been Great
Super Watermelon Island
Hit the Diamond
Mr. Greg
Kiki's Pizza Delivery Service
Gem Hunt
Bismuth (2nd half)

Production Season 3
Sue Hong Kim

Know Your Fusion
Last One Out of Beach City
Gem Harvest (2nd half)
Gem Heist
The New Crystal Gems
Lion 4: Alternate Ending
I Am My Mom

Jin-Hee Park
Mindful Education
Internet Shorts (presumed) (official collective name for the shorts unknown)
Steven's Dream
That Will Be All
Storm in the Room
The Good Lars

Production Season 4
Sue Hong Kim

The Trial
Back to the Kindergarten
Jungle Moon
Can't Go Back

Jin-Hee Park
Lars' Head
Raising the Barn
Kevin Party
The Big Show
A Single Pale Rose
Made of Honor
Change Your Mind (leaning towards them doing the 3rd quarter, though it might've been the 4th)

Eun-Ok Choi
The Question
Reunited (2nd half)
Change Your Mind (leaning towards them doing the 4th quarter, though it might've been the 3rd)


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