Steve Ditko Passes Away at 90

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May 28, 2016
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One of the comic book industry's pioneers and luminaries has passed on. While Stan Lee was the face of Marvel and the industry, Mr. Ditko's incomparable talents, memorable stories, awesome illustrations and legendary characters (including and especially Spider-Man and Doctor Strange) helped turned the industry on it's head for the better. May he rest in peace.
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Mar 22, 2002
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I frankly didn't realize he was still alive until I read about this a couple days ago. The man has been a notorious recluse since the 60's ended....still, it's a sad day for Marvel Comics fans.

He also was responsible for the creation of DC characters "The Question" and "Hawk and Dove".

You know, from what I read about his run on Spider-Man, the one thing which always struck me was that apparently Ditko wanted to keep Peter Parker in High School forever. Stan Lee wanted Peter to graduate high school and age, and go on to college. That's what Ditko left the book - and John Romita Sr. came on board, with the artwork suddenly looking more like the late 60's hippie college scene, whereas Ditko's High School scene looked like the Archie Comics setting of the 50's.

Peter Parker would then stay in college off and on for the next 2 or 3 decades , so no real further change in status quo until Gwen Stacy's death, followed by his eventual marriage to Mary Jane 15 years later. I just wonder what would've been if Ditko got his way and had Peter remained in High School...My guess, it'd be kind of like the Spider-Man movies of the last 2 decades, which can't seem to let Peter age....(constant reboots)...

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Dec 14, 2008
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I, too, hadn't even known that Ditko was still alive.

Man, Stan Lee is the only member of "Big Three" still left alive. I always enjoyed Ditko's art. Even though may knew him for Spider-Man, he also deserves credit for Dr. Strange. His psychedelic visuals were amazing.