"Static Shock: The Complete Fourth Season" DVD Talkback (Spoilers)

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James Harvey

The World's Finest
Staff member
Apr 23, 2001
The fourth and final season of Static Shock makes its home video debut courtesy of Warner Archive!

Static Shock: The Complete Fourth Season
Warner Archive
Available to Order: April 24, 2018

Synopsis: Static Shock's fourth and final season cements Static's arrival as an A-list super hero, thanks to a Bat-charged flash-forward that sees Static (voiced by Phil Lamarr) bounce from the present-era Bruce Wayne/Batman (voiced by Kevin Conroy) to Batman Beyond's Terry McGinnis (voiced by Will Friedle) and a glimpse at his own future self. After confronting the future's incarnation of Kobra (voiced by Lance Henriksen), Virgil returns to Dakota City in the present, where he and Gear (voiced by Jason Marsden) tackle faux Bang Baby wannabe hero She-Bang, assist African hero Anansi and try to take down Static's idol, Green Lantern (also voiced by Lamarr). It all comes to a head when a cure is discovered for the Bang Babies - a cure that threatens Gear's and Static's abilities as well!

This collection also includes the Justice League Unlimited two-part episode "The Once and Future Thing" (Part One, Part Two), which follows up on elements from Static Shock's time-bending season opener.

Bonus Episodes: Justice League Unlimited "The Once and Future Thing"

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Dallas Kinard

Active Member
Apr 13, 2013
South Central Pennsylvania
The picture quality on this one is very good for DVD. I was absolutely in love with "Future Shock" on the big screen in great quality! It's like a lost episode of Batman Beyond and there is more world-building in that episode than any other episode of Static in my opinion! Excellent set that finally completes the DCAU saga on home video! I couldn't be happier!


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