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May 28, 2010
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So is this Earth-2 Flash different than the one we met on The Flash because of Crisis or the same one?o_O
Well, it's an Earth-2 Flash that's apparently an actual Jay Garrick. Post-Crisis Zoom from Flash season 2 was never from Earth-2.

There is also a Jay Garrick on Earth-Prime now.

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Take this with a very huge grain of salt. While I was on Tomb Cartoon Monkey Skeleton, I found a comment which was saying which new CN originals will premiere this and next year.

Lisa Ortiz's mother passed away.

I found this interview that Pam Arciero (Grundgetta from Sesame Street) took part in. I mainly skipped to 1:35, where she mentioned how production on the show ground to a halt because of the pandemic. There was about 1 more week of material to tape. She says they could start again in October, but that could change.
About done watching Sonic Boom Season 1 on DVD. Good in a sense to know the episode "Fire in a Crowded Workshop" only in Spanish dialogue isn't just me, but other unhappy posters to its Amazon page.