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Sep 24, 2003
Stars Hollow
Here it is, everyone: the trailer you’ve been waiting for all day, if not all month…the Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker trailer, the very last Star Wars trailer you will ever see, at least as part of the original saga.* What have we got in store for us?
*One possible timeline from this point involves the Game of Thrones guys’s Star Wars trilogy flopping on impact and, a year later, “Episode 10” suddenly being revealed at Comic-Con. We’ll see how long they can commit to ending this, or if we’ll someday get a movie where Rey’s descendant has to learn Jedi training from a reclusive Rose Tico.

They’ve given us many, many little bits to take in, including Rey with her saber fighting Kylo Ren. Palpatine cackling like an evil witch about how everything is going according to his plan. A floating island of ice. And — is C-3PO truly sacrificing himself? It would be a beautiful moment if the goofy comic relief was the one who ended up saving the day at the cost of his own...
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And the winner of this matchup is "Heroes United", which got 4 votes. "TGIS" got 1 vote. The next 2 matchups are the 4 main crossovers for OK KO, which are split into 2 parts. The first half covers "The Power Is Yours" and "Crossover Nexus".

Happy birthday... To me! I'm 17 today! We're planning lots of stuff today,and later I will see Sym-Bionic Titan for the first time!
I'm one of those DBZ fans that never saw (Non-Canon) Broly's hatred towards Goku as "just because Goku cried a lot as a baby". I saw it more along the lines of (Non-Canon) Broly associating Goku's crying with the near death experiences he endured around that time.

This is pretty interesting.

I'd be up for something like this.