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Jul 24, 2006
the point of no return
Not to get off subject, but RR was one of my fave new filmmakers of the 90s. He has since fallen off hard. He is a genre director, but according to him he has spent time coming up with ways to make films cheaper that look good. Much like a Jason Blum.

Technology babies, and he's right there with it. He realized he would never win an Oscar, so dived in deeper into tech on filmmaking, which he did even with Sin City.

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"Kim Possible: So the Drama" is 15 years old.

There will be a Sesame Street airing Tuesday night at 7:00. It's airing on PBS , HBO, TBS, TNT, Tru Tv, Boomerang, and Cartoon Network. The special airing in the latter two is surprising, but not as much. There was a preschool show that aired on the channel in the 1990s called Big Bag, which had Elmo guest star in an episode.
back when the Harvey Weinstein allegations happened i remember saying "well i'm not surprised he's known for being a jerk to certain movies particularly in his treatment in animated movies he acquired and is known for re-cutting live action flims behind director's backs."
They are still airing New Episodes of Max and Ruby???