"Star Wars: The Mandalorian (Disney+ Series)" Pre-Release News & Discussion (Spoilers)

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Mar 8, 2009
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TCW Season 7-February 2020

And an Obi-Wan Disney+ series is confirmed to be in development!
Yeah, but there are separate topics for those.

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I find it interesting how "Nevermore" has been used thrice in DC animation. Teen Titans did it first. Then DC Superhero Girls 2015 did it. Then Young Justice did it. Also, they all give a major role to a Tara Strong character (Raven in the first 2 and Terra in the third).
If you type in disney1.com or zoogdisney.com, it will immediately redirect you to disneynow.com. Pretty weird how Disney still remembers their websites that were retired a long time ago.