"Star Wars: The Mandalorian (Disney+)" Season One Talkback (Spoilers)

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Yes, have some.
Staff member
Jul 13, 2003
The look and feel of the show is very similar to the original trilogy which could probably be made for that kind of money nowadays. It's mostly the prequels and Bad Robot stuff that made Star Wars super expensive to make.
That's true. In 1977, A New Hope cost $11 million. Which is 40 adjusted for now but still. Kinda close.


Defender of the Universe
Sep 7, 2004
Was out of the country (i.e. no D+ access) for a few weeks. Finally caught the finale.

I had a few elements spoiled for me, particularly the part about the Biker Scouts who hit Baby Yoda. Funny how they get so much hate for hitting Baby Yoda but not for actually killing Kuiil... Anyway, I enjoyed the comedy bit with them in the beginning, complete with jokes about how poor their marksmanship is (I guess jokes about Stormtrooper accuracy don't get old on me). I think Stormtroopers, in general, should just shoot first and ask questions later, but it wouldn't matter because they will miss anyway.

I don't think the series is must-see TV, but it was entertaining enough. I think the second season needs to step up a bit, because I think all-in-all season one was pretty slow and could've reduced the number of episodes to get a similar amount of storytelling.

One thing that jumped out at me is the idea that the original trilogy made it feel like Jedi were such long-forgotten memories, and the show reinforced that concept, but of course it's not really in line with what the prequel trilogy portrays. I don't blame the show for somewhat contradicting the prequels, since one way or the other, if you build off either the originals or prequels you're going to get some kind of contradiction.

Each episode reportedly had a $15 million budget vs. Rise of Skywalker which was around $275 million.

Really? I think the costumes and the sets are pretty sharp, but I'm somewhat surprised by that figure. At eight episodes and about 45 minutes per, that's about $120 million for six hours of TV. Guess when I put it that way, it sounds about right. That's like three different $40 million movies.


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