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James Harvey

The World's Finest
Staff member
Apr 23, 2001
Star Wars: The Clone Wars continues! The final season of the acclaimed series has arrived! Check out new episodes every Friday on Disney+!

Star Wars: The Clone Wars
The Final Season

Premiere: February 21st, 2020 on Disney+; New episodes every Friday

From Dave Filoni, director and executive producer of The Mandalorian, the seventh and final season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars is here! These final episodes will continue the storylines introduced in the original series, exploring the events leading up to Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith. Created by George Lucas, with Dave Filoni as Executive Producer/Supervising Director, Star Wars: The Clone Wars stars Matt Lanter as “Anakin Skywalker,” Ashley Eckstein as “Ahsoka Tano,” Dee Bradley Baker as “Captain Rex” and the clone troopers, James Arnold Taylor as “Obi-Wan Kenobi,” Katee Sackhoff as “Bo-Katan,” and Sam Witwer as “Maul.”

Discuss the final season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars right here!

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Jan 7, 2002
Welcome back, Clone Wars! It's like this show never lost a step. Not only was it great to see all these familiar faces again but the new Bad Batch characters were quite fun even if they're pretty one note for now. The animation has definitely improved over the years as there were some really impressive looking moments through the episode that really jumped out at me. I regularly rewatch this show from time to time, on Blu-ray or Netflix and now Disney+ and it's great to have it back even if its just 12 episodes. I'm really hoping we get a Blu-ray release for this so I can have the whole series on physical media.


Well-Known Member
Jan 7, 2002
The season was good, even if the middle Ahsoka-centric arc went a little longer than it should've. The final found episodes absolutely lived up to the hype and hit every single beat and the closing minutes of the final episode were equally heartbreaking and chilling. That last shot of the trooper's helmet in the snow with Vader's reflection when he walks away was so great. The final three episodes in particular are absolutely perfect and it especially showcased how great of a villain Maul is who really finally became the fantastic character we were hoping for way back in Phantom Menace. I know I'll be watching the last four episodes quite a bit in the future. This show ended it on absolutely the right note and closed everything off in a really satisfying way. Hopefully a Blu-ray/4K release will be announced soon.

Rick Jones

Staff member
Feb 27, 2008
177A Bleecker Street
I didn't expect the season to go where it did in the last four episodes. I just never really expected them to do the whole Order 66 thing on the show. However, they did it beautifully. I love that they chose the characters that they chose to end things with. When the show was originally on TV, I never gave it much of a fair chance, and only got around to watching it because they were starting Star Wars Rebels. I grew to be a huge fan and the show really allowed me to appreciate the Prequels story. I am so glad that they decided to do this final season and I am so glad that I got to see it all. This was a great experience.

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Fone Bone

Matt Zimmer
Jan 19, 2004
Framingham, MA
Star Wars: The Clone Wars "The Bad Batch"

So I'm caught up on the original series, and this is my first glimpse at the relaunch. I figured it would go one of two ways: Either the budget would be lowered considerably from the Lucas era, and they'd simply use the advances in computer technology to make up the difference, or they'd keep the budget the same and advance the animation farther than it's ever been. I'm glad it looks like they did the second thing. The show has never looked better. It's possible the budget IS slightly lower than it used to be. But the truth is the original series still looks better than any other CGI show that's come out in the intervening years, despite technology advancing so far. Just the fact that the new episodes look more clearly defined than the old ones suggests that whatever the budget is, it won't effect things negatively. The show's animation is better than ever, and it was already the best television animation that ever existed.

How is the story? I am unhappy that the show goes right back into the comical Battle Droid torture, but I'm intrigued by the mystery of Echo. I like the Bad Batch too for a couple of reasons. First, it give Dee Bradley Baker a chance to both stretch and ham it up. I also like that their designs are so different and unique. The worst thing about the Clones is that I can never keep them straight because they all look alike. This helps. Plus these guys are basically the Star Wars version of the Suicide Squad, which automatically makes them cool

I did not experience the hiatus most fans did, but even I could tell they stepped up their game a bit here years later. ****1/2.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars "A Distant Echo"

It seems like Anakin is running rings about Obi-Wan at the beginning, until we learn Obi-Wan knows Anakin is talking to Padme, and suddenly Kenobi is not as dumb as we thought.

I thought Anakin and the Clones did a fantastic job dispatching the Battle Droids at the end. They were fantastic.

Pretty good episode. ****.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars "On The Wings Of Keeradaks"

Delightfully ominous ending.

There is no better of a group of characters to demonstrate the show's improved battle scenes than the Bad Batch. They were killing it.

Speaking of which, Anakin flying through the air and slicing that giant Droid apart piece by piece was awesome too.

Flying Battle Droids were new.

When Rex told Echo at the end of the last episode that he was safe now, the first scene of this episode sure did make a liar out of him.

Really digging the new season. It's especially rewarding because I don't think the previous season was particularly good. ****1/2.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars "Unfinished Business"

Excellent. I was miffed when the recap suggested Echo's loyalties could be compromised, because I felt it was potentially giving away the episode's biggest twist. But the big twist is that he's actually on our side, and the recap's doubt of him feeds into that perfectly.

Trench picked the wrong Jedi to try and mess with. I almost feel bad for him.

Speaking of which, when one of the Bad Batch says they almost feel bad for the Droids as Wrecker is doing his thing, I was like, "There's no almost about it for me."

Mace's offer to Battle Droids for their surrender was more than fair. Which is why when they are all, "Blast him!" after that I couldn't feel TOO bad. Shoulda taken the deal, geniuses.

Good stuff. Loving this season. ****1/2.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars "Gone With A Trace"

Nice to see Star Wars finally passing the Bechdel Test. And it does it with flying colors.

Man, I have really missed Ahsoka. The show just hasn't been the same without her.

When the Jedi music played as she used the Force at the end I get a wee bit of the chills.

I like that Trace is impressed by the way Ahsoka fights. Because it is super impressive.

This season is great. ****.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars "Deal No Deal"

I like that Ahsoka is keeping her Jedi secrets to herself. It's not that she doesn't trust the sisters or that she will NEVER reveal them. It's more than she seems to be saving the secrets for when they could actually do some good. Which is smart.

But the fact that she's a Jedi means that when Raffa suggests SHE is the trouble her sister needs to watch out her, she's actually partly right.

I loved the moment when Anakin and Ahsoka sensed each other in the Force. Pretty cool.

It's interesting that angels seem to be a thing in the Star Wars Universe. I wonder if Force Ghosts count as that.

I liked this episode too. ***1/2.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars "Dangerous Debt"

I'll tell you the interesting thing about Ahsoka's reaction to Raffa's story about the Jedi not caring they got the sisters' parents killed: Ahsoka instantly believes it. She doesn't try to defend it. That is interesting to me because before she was framed and unfairly drummed out of the Jedi, Ahsoka was a Jedi "Do-Bee". Any subversive steps she took out of line from it were things she learned from Anakin. She herself went into this as a true believer in the Jedi and the righteousness of their cause. The fact that she now instantly believes Raffa about this, and no longer is remotely interested in "Yeah, butting" on behalf of the Jedi, especially considering she doesn't seem to particularly trust Raffa otherwise, speaks volumes about the number Yoda, Mace, and Obi-Wan did on her for their betrayal. I hate those three characters very much, and it's beyond appalling I seem to have more disgust for them at this stage of the game than the future Darth Vader. What disturbs me is that it makes Anakin turning against them partly right, which is something that especially disgusts me. I was not happy Ahsoka was absent last season outside of a dream sequence cameo. I am especially unhappy for the reasons she cut ties with those Jedi hypocrites to begin with.

I think the thing about the episode I didn't like was a rarity for the series. There was no forward momentum. The women start off the episode captured and end the episode the same way, so it doesn't seem like a very well-spent use of time. This is a very rare problem for the show, which doesn't tend to do "filler" episodes because the three and four episodes arcs it usually chooses to do never seem to actually need them. So the fact that we are back to where we started at the end is unusual, and something I don't like.

All that being said, Ahsoka seeming to cast off whatever respect she used to have for the Jedi means the episode gets a mildly passing grade. ***.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars "Together Again"

I found that ending very sweet.

I like Raffa being shocked and impressed by Ahsoka's sacrifice. In fact, it was considered so unusual by the sisters that Trace didn't recognize it for what it was, and it had to be explained to her. I don't think it's because Trace is dumb. It's because she has almost no context for a purely selfless act, especially not with the sister she has. But Raffa was impressed by it for the right reasons.

Which is probably why it's easier than it should have been for them to accept Ahsoka being a Jedi and not telling them. I like the notion that they both believe she ACTS like a Jedi, or rather the way a Jedi SHOULD act. I agree completely with that assessment.

It's interesting the Pyke are in as much dire life-and-death straits as the sisters and Ahsoka due to Maul. All things being equal, I still know who I'm rooting for. I don't even feel particularly angry at Raffa for murdering the spice guard for trying to do his job. They are not up against people who are actually innocent.

Good episode. ****.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars "Old Friends Not Forgotten"

Lot to talk about there. Not all of it is nice, but that's the characters' fault, not the episode. The episode was boss.

Let's start off with the Main Title letting us know they finally mean business. The show has officially run out of fortune cookies. I kind of hope there is one for the last episode. And yet I equally hope to never see one again. Weird, right?

I always love watching Anakin proving how ineffective Obi-Wan is. And at the beginning of the episode he has the receipts.

I think Anakin's a little jarred that Ahsoka is as put together as she is. If she doesn't need him at ALL, it's going to be harder to mend fences. That's a selfish attitude and the mindset of a child. But frankly, Ahsoka is the only character who EVER brings out innocence and childishness in Anakin. I get him wanting that back so badly.

My favorite moment in the episode is when she calls out Obi-Wan as the Chancellor puppet he is, and he says "That's not fair." And she says that she's not trying to be. I love that moment. Why should Ahsoka be fair to him? What has he or the Jedi done to earn it besides destroy her life and everything she used to believe in? Obi-Wan's admonition about fairness is a point that can be made between friends. Obi-Wan sucks because he thinks he's automatically entitled to be Ahsoka's friend after all that. And I love that Ahsoka is not having it.

Another moment I love is when the Mandalore guy in charge tells Bo-Katan that even if she wins she'll be despised by the people. And her reaction without hesitation is "I can live with that." Ahsoka is also impressed and tells her she's nothing like her sister. But Ahsoka is underselling how awesome that is. Obi-Wan may have dug her, but the reason the sister was such an ineffective leader of Mandalore is because there was not a single decision she ever made that she didn't have to wet her fingers and put them in the air before making it. And the reason Bo-Katan is dangerous to the guy in charge is because she's can't be reasoned with, or talked down, or moved by how the politics appear to the public. The guy and Maul need to be taken down, so she's happy to oblige, regardless of anyone's feelings. I love and admire that. Doing the right thing is easy when everyone agrees what it is. Doing the right thing when it is unpopular is a thing only truly admirable people can bring themselves to do.

I have to say I was disappointed in Maul's plan. Because it was stupid if he expected Kenobi to show up. Kenobi is a glorified Jedi pencil-pusher. The real shock is him, Mace, or Yoda being in any battle at ALL. As seen at the beginning, he doesn't actually fight enough to be much good at it.

Speaking of which, the one thing I didn't quite find credible about Ahsoka was a production problem rather than a writing problem. But because of the advance in CGI effects in the years since the show has been canceled, Ahsoka has MUCH more impressive lightsabers maneuvers available to her than she ever previously did. It looks and feels awesome. But she's TOO good at it. I don't dispute the idea that she has been fighting in the meantime, but she hasn't been using her lightsaber at all, for over a year. If anything, she should be rusty, not ten times better than she's ever been before. But I don't really blame the writers, although perhaps they could have supervised the animators to be a little more varied and careful in how they portrayed her fighting in this first battle back.

But that's ultimately a minor quibble. We're getting down to business. ****1/2.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars "The Phantom Apprentice"

I'm going to state some harsh truths about your franchise, Star Wars Fans. Before I do, I should let you know where I stand regarding it.

I freaking LOVE the Sequel Trilogy. It is despised by the fans for the precise reasons I adore it. I think those three movies and Rogue One are ALL better than the first six Star Wars movies. I also think Solo is better than every one of the prequels. So when I say Lucas was a bad gatekeeper for the franchise I mean it. I'm not just jiving to sound important.

And yet, because everybody else hates those movies so much, I have no credibility for that opinion whatsoever. To most Star Wars fans they can dismiss it as crazy talk. I can talk about how the sequels are so strong because they defy the predestination and legacy nonsense so completely. But for most fans, those are the actual selling points of the first six movies! I have always believed that people love the first six Star Wars movies for the very worst things about them. I'm not saying the original trilogy isn't great. I'm not saying the prequels don't have their charms. What I am saying is that the reason people hate the sequels is because of things I believe have been greatly improved since Lucas was in charge. Have you seen hide nor hair of Jar-Jar since Lucas took off? Of course not. Jar-Jar is absent because nobody has to indulge Lucas' narcissism about that character anymore. And nobody has to follow Lucas' disgustingly amoral thoughts regarding the Jedi's reprehensible conduct either, so the saga is better for it.

I love that the characters in the sequels behave in the "wrong", unexpected way, and refuse to conform to what their destinies are supposed to be. That's their actual selling point, and the reason the fans hate Luke's behavior in Last Jedi. I am fascinated by it instead. For the first time ever, Luke Skywalker is no longer boring. Why is everyone mad about that? Because it's out of character than the way he acted when he was a kid? That's the point! People grow and evolve, and maybe in Luke's case DEVOLVE. That's interesting, makes good drama, and especially makes me question about what happened in the intervening years to change him into the guy who tosses away the lightsaber immediately. Part of me is dying to know, and part of me NEVER wants to know and kill the mystery. But it's a VERY good thing, no matter what fans or Mark Hamill claim. You guys are wrong here and I firmly believe that.

But it doesn't matter, because my opinion about that is unusual, and even if I can back it up regardless, I'm not going to change anyone's mind. The sequels are so polarizing that everybody's mind is already made up, and I am firmly in the minority opinion. And I always will be.

This episode of The Clone Wars however should give me a LITTLE ammo for me stating Lucas' tenure was underwhelming, because while I can actually see and understand why people hate the sequels, (even if I disagree) I don't see how anyone could possibly disagree that what I just saw was fantastic. There is no greater proof that Lucas was holding the franchise back than the fact that this is the one Clone Wars season he's had nothing to do with, and it's ten times better than the previous seasons and movie put together. If you disagree with that statement, I can't argue with you further, because it's not actually rational. But I also don't see me saying that as particularly controversial. I expect people to be P.O.-ed when I declare every sequel and Rogue One better than Empire. But I will be shocked if nobody else thinks this particular season of Clone Wars is by far the best, and by a large margin.

Disney did not do EVERYTHING right. I must point out that Star Wars Rebels damaged the final season of The Clone Wars and this episode in particular a bit by revealing Ahsoka and Maul both survived this series. If Star Wars Rebels were actually a good series, I wouldn't be as miffed. But they undercut a great series, and still only managed to be okay for it. This episode would have been completely intense and unpredictable had Rebels not given the store away, because people apparently weren't digging their original characters, and they felt the need to go back to the well to patch things up. I'm not happy about that at all.

On the other hand, the episode was able to use one thing about that to its advantage: Learning the origin of Ahsoka being Fulcrum.

Saw Gerrera is mentioned here when that callsign is brought up, and I have to say his appearance in The Clone Wars disappointed me greatly after Forrest Whitaker's amazing turn in Rogue One and Rebels. I had assumed the character would have wound up a LOT larger than he was, but he just appeared in that one arc in season five, as a kid, with little hint at the kind of outright malicious and sadistic "hero" he would wind up becoming. Which is another thing to state that Lucas leaving was probably a good thing. Disney made a character as uninteresting and dull as Saw Gerrera hardcore, and a controversial sticking point for the various sides of the Rebellion. But I wish somebody had told me he was a nobody on this show before I watched it. I had been expecting more.

Maul however was pitch-perfect. It's not just the battle scenes that have improved since the show came back. The CGI character expressions are nearly a decade more advanced in the nuance animators can give faces, and since Sam Witwer puts more nuance into Maul than perhaps any other actor and character on this show, the animators can deliver the emotional goods. Maul isn't just scarier than he has ever been. He's SPOOKIER than he's ever been, which is a bigger accomplishment. I appreciate Ray Park coming back to model for his awesome battle with Ahsoka. But it's the expressions on his face as he quietly tries to convince Ahsoka to join him which actually knock my socks off.

Seriously, that moment of them staring at each other across the room as the windows blow out was as iconic as any scene any of the movies have ever done. The animation wasn't just impressive. Whoever wrote that into the script deserves major props too.

It's interesting that at this point, that the Jedi suspect Palpatine of something. They have no clue he's Sidious, but he's raised red flags with their operatives (which considering his alarming behavior in front of the Jedi is how it should be). Of course it is too late to do anything about it, but it's interesting the Jedi almost caught on before they were destroyed. It's annoying that in the episode after Ahsoka calls Obi-Wan the Chancellor's puppet she's defending him, but she HAS been gone awhile, so I'll forgive it.

I'll tell you what can't be forgiven. Knowing Ahsoka survives both the Clone Wars and the rise of the Empire tells me something big about this episode. Rebels spoiled a lot, but for this one thing it gave me food for thought instead. I'm thinking that every night for the rest of her life, Ahsoka is going to deeply mourn and regret not believing Maul about Anakin. But in reality, how could she believe him? Anakin is the one Jedi doing everything right at this stage of the game. If Obi-Wan, Yoda, and Mace weren't so absolutely awful at their jobs, Ahsoka could have made a proper contrast between acceptable and unacceptable Jedi behavior, and seen the warning signs herself. Because Anakin is literally the only Jedi that currently cares about her and the troops, she can't see Palpatine messing with his head the way he is. For my money, the moment when she says to Maul, "You lie," will probably go down as the biggest regret of her entire life. And it's because I know she survived, which is why the moment meant something to me. Rebels ruined a great deal of the episode for me. That specific thing is something that it made better.

Maul wanting to be killed at the end makes his capture all the more satisfying. What's interesting about Maul, is regardless of his last-ditch offer to Ahsoka, it is clear he's accepted he's on the losing side of this. Even if he somehow survives, he knows for the first time ever he not only will never be king of the hill, but probably nowhere NEAR the hill himself either. It's a very interesting mindset to put Maul in in the last episodes. And I'm very curious where the last two episodes will go from there for him.

That battle scene in the throne room at the end was pretty brutal. Definitely TV-PG and not kiddie-safe like Rebels and Resistance.

This is all great stuff. You can complain about Rebels, and Resistance, and even Forces of Destiny. I might even agree with you there. But in my mind Disney has really done right by the franchise, and there is no bigger and better example than that than how amazing this show's last season is. *****.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars "Shattered"

I love the eerie, quiet atmosphere at the beginning as Maul is being transported. Everyone is plodding along in an almost doomed fashion as if everybody knows the Republic will vanish in a couple of days, and yet nobody can actually see any reason why that is. They won a huge victory by capturing Maul, but they all weirdly feel like they still lost everything. It's a very interesting scene.

I love that Maul is Hannibal Lecter. I noticed two things upon Ahsoka freeing Maul and denying the team-up for the second time, and instead dubbing thee "Distracter-In-Chief". That woman is every bit his equal. When he's talking about Ahsoka maybe y'know gettin him a tiny ounce of Lightsaber, how bout it, babe, I just need a taste, just to get me through the day, while he's nervously scratching his throat, and his eyes are darting on the lookout for the NYPD, I'm realizing that in a big way Maul is helpless without it. He's still demolishing Clones left and right. But him seeming to rely so heavily on his most famous weapon tells me he's probably less threatening and impressive than I believed him to be before Ahsoka neutered him. I don't mind thinking that at all.

I talked smack in a previous review about Rebels spoiling a lot of the tension of the end of the series, but instead this episode is using Rebels to its advantage. The end of the series isn't just setting up Revenge Of The Sith. It seems to be the origin story for Fulcrum ragtag team of aged Clones in the sequel series. I don't much like Rebels, but I am gratified the producers of THIS show believe that as far as it is concerned, everything in the canon has its place. However, I'll be more impressed with that specific mindset if Jar-Jar isn't in the last episode. We'll see.

Yoda and Mace plotting to take over the Senate is the smart play, and probably would have worked had they tried that coup a year ago. Now it's too little, too late. It's far past time when the bold dangerous moves will do anybody any good.

If Ahsoka has a second biggest regret in her lifetime besides not believing Maul about Anakin, it will probably be not telling the Jedi Council what Maul said about him. The difference between the previous mistake and this one is that I don't think this reveal would have helped any. It's already too late, and the Jedi are not exactly known for acting swiftly and decisively. Ahsoka owns less blame for not pointing out Anakin's potential betrayal because it wouldn't have actually changed anything.

It's ominous we haven't seen Anakin all episode which raises questions to me about when this episode actually takes place. Are we actually crossing over into the Revenge of the Sith timeframe by the time this is all over? Is this where Ahsoka was? I'd actually like that very much. We'll see how it plays out in the next episode. But I have a sneaking suspicion Anakin has played his role in the series, and everything else is down to the final prequel. We'll see how good a guesser I am about this.

Fantastic episode per usual. *****.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars "Victory And Death"

I'm a good guesser. My plan is to rewatch the prequel trilogy in the very near-future, paying especially close attention to Attack Of The Clones and Revenge Of The Sith. If this season doesn't make Sith seem MUCH more credible than it did in the theater in hindsight, I'll be shocked.

The funeral march during the main titles lets you know they are going for broke. This series is not merely set before Revenge Of The Sith. It's PART of Revenge Of The Sith, and it tickles me Maul and Ahsoka were actually an important part of that all along, and they found a credible reason they are not mentioned at all. Good stuff.

I'm a TINY disappointed they didn't get James Earl Jones back as Vader, but it wasn't actually necessary. No dialogue and the heavy breathing was very effective in and of itself. I love being nerdy as much as anyone else. But perhaps us being excited at hearing Jones would ruin the melancholy the scene was trying to portray.

I don't expect the finale to be as well-received as the rest of the season. But I'll go ahead and say I really liked it. It was like a huge missing puzzle piece. Fans weren't crazy about the bleak tone of the last episode of Dinosaurs either, but I will defend this episode the same way I will Baby Sinclair being doomed to extinction: With this exact premise, what other ending were you expecting? I was left on a down note but I'm not going to penalize either the episode or the show because that's where they SHOULD have left us off. If they want to give us a definite ending to the series, and not take the easy and cliche way out by making it a cliffhanger leading directly into Sith, this is how it's gonna have to play out.

I'm a little confused why the series ends with everyone believing Dooku is dead. Was that a plot point in Sith? I honestly don't recall.

Maul stealing Ahsoka's ship is what is known as "When The Distraction You Foolishly Unleashed Starts Working Against You". She knew he was a snake when she picked him up.

Did Ahsoka have her lightsaber in Rebels? I kind of feel like she did. Her tossing it away at the end here fits in thematically with the rest of the franchise (particularly the sequels) but not canonically.

Those poor doomed Droids. That was so sad.

I wish we had gotten better and more definitive updates for the rest of the familiar Clones like Cody, Echo, and the Bad Batch. But considering where things are left off, I'm going to consider the idea that perhaps about this one particular plot thread, no news is good news. I don't actually see happy endings for any of the other Clones beside Ahsoka's team, so maybe it's better we keep things ambiguous, my heart can foolishly hope for the best, and the producers themselves can wisely leave well enough alone.

I feel both Revenge Of The Sith, and YES, Star Wars Rebels boxed the series finale in a bit. But it's the right finale because it fits with those two things (although we're not made aware of how Ahsoka and Rex eventually free their other Clone Survivor teammates.) So yes, I was satisfied and pleased with the particulars, despite the fact that what happened in the episode majorly bummed me out. It's gets a high grade because that's the correct reaction. ****1/2.


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