"Star Wars Adventures (2017 Ongoing)" Series Talkback (Spoilers)

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James Harvey

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Apr 23, 2001
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From IDW Publishing and Lucasfilm, an all-new all-ages Star Wars series is here!



Writer: Cavan Scott
Inker: Derek Charm

Introducing an exciting new era in all-ages Star Wars comics! Each issue in this monthly series will feature two stories, starring your favorite Star Wars characters from all the films! This debut issue will reveal Rey's early adventures on Jakku as well as a comical tale of clone catastrophe!

Discuss this all ages Star Wars series right here!


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Jan 7, 2002
Thank you for making this talkback. After getting caught up and reading the first year of this comic I can see why IDW is also doing the all-ages Marvel comics. The quality of this book is surprisingly consistent. They are fun, simple stories with nice messages and some really great artwork. I love the animated art style and it really works for what the book is trying to do. I like how the likenesses of the characters are close enough to resemble their live-action actors but are also stylized enough that they stand out on their own. The Rebels issues definitely look closer to the Disney style though but that works for that show. It was cool to see Jon Sommariva on the book. I first saw his art on the Batman/TMNT Adventures comic and his style is becoming one of my favorites. The Han Solo issues also had some really cool animated art that really makes me want to see these adapted into a 2D cartoon that's not flash animated. Sometimes some of the back up stories are a little too light but overall every issue has been a fun read.


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