"Star Trek: Lower Decks" Season One Talkback (Spoilers)

Cupid's Errant Arrow

Not as good as last week's but this was not bad either. The subplot in my opinion was more fun. It was just Rutherford and Tendi trying to compete for a T88 but then they find out that they both won but are transferring to the Vancouver. I like their friendship bond seen over the last few episodes, but I hope they interact with Brad and Beckett more.

The main story with Beckett getting suspiscious of Brad's "girlfriend" was alright. Beckett has always been known to jump to conclusions. There's a good explanation of that from her flashback, as she lost one of her closest friends as a result. However, I think the "twist" at the end of the second act of most sitcoms wasn't that great either. While it was nice to see a satisfying conclusion for Beckett, Brad Boilmer gets the end of the stick again, and don't you want the guy to just actually win for a night (he did in Envoys, which is why I liked that episode more)? The twist is basically "Beckett Mariner jumps to conclusions and she doesn't really get any consequences for it." I hope we do see more of Barbara again sometime though.

who voiced Barbara? Didn't get a good look at the credits

Boimler being so pathetic that you view him as an underdog you want to see win for once might for some, but it doesn't work for me. I've yet to see him exhibit a single redeeming trait.

Mariner's quality of being this passive genius who is good at everything is rather obnoxious.

The show would work better for me if they actually pushed Mariner/Boimler as a romantic pairing because then at least you have a reason for Mariner being so dedicated to helping Boimler. She bonded with Barbara over Boimler. I wouldn't understand why, but for some reason, Mariner is obsessed with Boimler or possibly likes him.

I have no idea why Mariner is obsessed with helping Boimler and following him around. He doesn't seem to care about her at all. Maybe Mariner simply views Boimler getting promoted as an unachievable challenge she would rather take on then becoming a topnotch Starfleet officer.

It does seem strange that Mariner who is so talented and skillful is friends with Boimler, Maybe that will be revealed in a future episode, that he was the only one willing to give her a chance when she transferred over. The writers do seem to have it in for Boimler, making him the constant joke. And that does get old fast. It was a mistake on the old MASH show, that they made Frank Burns such a butt of jokes, that he didn't come across as being strong enough character to hold their own against Hawkeye and BJ. And I hate it, when the writers do that. Every character should have something positive to offer its show, and not be just be the ridiculed one.



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It does seem strange that Mariner who is so talented and skillful is friends with Boimler, Maybe that will be revealed in a future episode, that he was the only one willing to give her a chance when she transferred over. The writers do seem to have it in for Boimler, making him the constant joke. And that does get old fast. It was a mistake on the old MASH show, that they made Frank Burns such a butt of jokes, that he didn't come across as being strong enough character to hold their own against Hawkeye and BJ. And I hate it, when the writers do that. Every character should have something positive to offer its show, and not be just be the ridiculed one.


Yeah even Howard Wolowitz on Big Bang Theory eventually progressed and developed. He fell in love, got married, and even became an astronaut. In the first couple seasons, he was always the creepy, skeevy guy who was hitting on Penny and making inappropriate comments toward her.

So in that regard, maybe even Boimler can improve on this show given time, lol.

While I don't like the show, I mainly continue watching it for the experience. I do find an animated Star Trek sitcom somewhat fascinating.
It was mentioned somewhere that Lower Decks would make references to the original Star Trek Animated. So far, I have found the following:

the Caitian doctor (like M'Ress)
Mention of a Phylosian (the Infinite Vulcan)
Quick shot of a Vendorian (The Survivor, a shape shifter life character)
In the Previews, something in the shadows, that briefly resembles Arex, a Edoan, a tripod like creature who lives several hundred years.
In the most recent Previews, an old Starship like freighter that appeared in More Tribbles, More Troubles, and the Pirates of Orion.

Have any of you caught something?



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Perhaps there will be a live-action Trek sitcom in the future.

I'd prefer such a series on linear CBS, where it could take the place of a sitcom that ends its run.

Fone Bone

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Star Trek: Lower Decks "Terminal Provocations"

That episode gets a passing but middling grade (three stars). The things I liked I really liked, but the things I didn't I really didn't care for at all.

Let's start with the Holodeck stuff. It got a LOT of it right and a lot of it wrong. I think it's operating under a faulty assumption about the limitations of the Holodeck, which tells me they don't quite get it or what it's for. On the other hand it has ALWAYS been a death-trap, and the bloody carnage Badgy was waging on the Bajoran village illustrated the stakes like few other Holodeck crises. .

But the Holodeck doesn't buffer or have loading time. Why? Because it's the future and it's fiction. It doesn't need those things. The only limit to the Holodeck is the writer's imagination. Which tells you how lame it is we were always stuck with the Sherlock Holmes and Dixon Hill stuff. Like Q and the Replicators, there is no actual basis in science for the Holodeck being able to do what it does. It's essentially magic. Gene Roddenberry used to brag that Star Trek only used provable scientific facts, but like his frequent claims that Star Trek never got any hate mail, he was outright lying. Repeatedly. The Holodeck is nonsense. As such there is no need for load times or buffering. That's the selling point of setting the show 400 years in the future. Nobody alive will be able to call them on it.

I like the portion of the Badgy fight where blood spattered the camera. I'm pretty sure that visual MUST have been done at some point in Abrams' or Kurtzman's tenure, but it was still a first for Star Trek animation, and looked cool.

I don't like Fletcher. I don't mean as a character (although I don't like him that way either). I dislike the idea of someone like him getting as far as he did in Starfleet. I have mentioned that Gene set a lot of unreasonable expectations for the future of humanity, and made his characters unnecessarily cold and unrelatable because of that. That being said, the idea that Starfleet only accepts the best and brightest is a perfectly reasonable ideal for a great future for humanity. I don't object to dirtbag humans in Star Trek. I object to them getting that far in Starfleet. It goes against one of the GOOD goals Gene set for humanity. The reason the goal was good is because it's doable and is something done in OUR time. You don't see slackers coast their way into the Navy Seals either.

One thing I especially don't like is the wicked temptation a crew member can have to blame things gone wrong on a Q. That strikes as an almost blasphemous idea because Q is not gonna care enough to show up and disprove the lie, and Fletcher is spreading a gospel about Q contact that is inaccurate and ruining Starfleet intelligence about the Continuum. Did I mention I hated the idea of Fletcher? I hate the idea of "A Q did it," just as much, (if not more.)

Nacho cheese is really hard to get out of cat fur in a sonic shower. For the record, this is the first time we've seen Star Trek characters eat nachos. Honestly, I found the diets on the first five Trek series completely unbelievable. They never eat replicated pizza, or hot dogs, or cheeseburgers. Everyone has such a sophisticated palate in the future that I can't relate to a single meal eaten there. Klingons eating worms seem almost reasonable in comparison to the roast pheasants and mutton I've seen more than once. And Enterprise's Reed only liked pineapple. Really? Ugh. Seriously, the Berman era of Trek was out of its mind.

Only Troi's chocolate obsession made even SLIGHT sense to me. Unfortunately they used the obsession in a creepy, sexual manner, but that's an entirely different gripe sesh.

I was delighted that the alien on the viewscreen actually got to say "Eff you" (admittedly bleeped) to the Captain. That is a first for an alien Captain, and I love that they cast JG Hertzler of all people doing it. That must have been a dream come true for him. If after they asked him to read for the part, and he got to that part in the script, and he WASN'T as excited as a kid at Christmas, I'd be shocked.

As a rule bleeped swears are funnier in comedies than unbleeped ones. That is one swear I would not mind hearing unedited one day on Blu-Ray. Hertzler probably nailed it.

The animation in the climax was outright fantastic. No lie. That is a otherwise shaky's episode major selling point.

The Titan is referenced, and apparently Riker is the kind of Captain who immediately recognizes Fletcher for what he is. I appreciate THAT bit of the plot at least.

Good and bad episode in equal measure. ***.


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We do see a replicated slice of pizza on DS9 and Troy was constantly eating chocolade desserts.

Neo Ultra Mike

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"Terminal Provocations" - You know as kind of obnoxious and unneeded as it was to bring up within the narrative of the actual episode i do agree it is nice to see Mariner and Brad on the same page for once against someone else. Honestly their dynamic and differing personalities played off against the obnoxiousness of someone else works a lot better then Mariner just being a law breaking super efficient awesome in every way ensign and Brad being a pathetic know it all yet knows nothing whiner. And I like the idea of this Fletcher guy who is good at trying to make everyone happy but is bad at most everything else and in a panic to try and not take the blame for something will result to the stupidest dumbest idea. Though I have to admit I love the idea of someone in Star Trek going "look let's just injure ourselves and say a Q popped in and caused problems because they just do things without that much explanation" as well as Brad and Mariner just taping him up near the end and then imitating going through a tunnel to get out of talking to him. And honestly showing the two react to someone like Fletcher at first trying to help him out thinking he was attacked and even supporting him at first after he gets all down thinking he'll be fired shows they are friends and actually do have a common ground which honestly you do kind of need with this sort of pair up if we are supposed to still believe them as a unit so glad to get that at some point this season. The subplot with Rutherford and Tendy and that CLippy esque Badgety wasn't really that amusing though Jack MacBryer aka Fix it Felix as Badgey did have a good delivery and though it didn't really pay into that whole fear of space walking that Tendi had I did like the idea of the two trying to lose the thing throughout various holo deck simulations. Though yeah wasn't there an earlier joke in this show about pointing out how the holo deck always malfunctioned and not to really trust it so isn't it weird to do a plot on this show playing it more straight without being observant about the entire thing though I did laugh at Rutherford going through all the ficitonal characters the holo deck has brought to life. And I admit I do like tying into the plot about the scavengers and then with Fletcher at the end since yeah Lower Decks is supposed to be about behind the scenes shennigans so showing issues with the shield and then inadvertingly saving the day works with that. So probably a better episode of this show for actually using the main characters well against someone else and not just trying to mock Brad that much just for the expense of the joke. A bit of that in the opening and even the end but not to the obnoxious degree of say the last episode so certainly a step up from that.

Orange Mo

Terminal Provocations

When Rutherford was fighting Badgey it was sweet when he was just using the program to impress Tendi. “I mean look at her. She’s so cute.” I wonder if she heard that.

I liked this episode had a lot of action but the c-plot wasn’t really necessary though It did serve as a resolution for the A and B. Not really much to say except that there was a lot of fun action and adventure in this episode even if it was a bit over the place.

Still I wish they would mix the characters up or give Rutherford and Tendi an A-plot.

Thought this was a weak episode. Did not care for Fletcher at all. He's worse than what some critics say of Boimler. Also did not care for the swearing and the blood. All the new Treks think this is ok. I don't. But my opinion isn't going to change anything. What I did keep my eyes open for was that old Federation Starship that was used as a weapon by the "bad guys." I was trying to get a good look at it, I though it might resemble one of the Federation Freighters that were employed in the original STA. Did any of you get a close look? Those are some of the Easter Eggs I find interesting. Only four episodes left.


Orange Mo

Much Ado About Boimler

This was pretty good. Not as good as last weeks but it kept the 2-plot sitcom rules we know to expect. I liked Ramsey and Mariner’s friendship and how they can hang out but not really work with each other. Ramsey rejecting Ransom was pretty funny and so was Tendi’s obliviousness to not knowing how real dogs act. And yeah the farm being real was kinda expected but I found it funny how not being a freak meant they sent you back home.

Can’t wait for next week’s though cause seems like all four of them are together for a bit?


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Star Trek: Lower Decks "Much Ado About Boimler"

I liked it.

Jellico gets a shout-out as an infamously bad visiting captain. I'm glad. The dude legitimately sucked at his job, and I like that he's now a Fleetwide cautionary tale. I also dug the weird Mime special ops outfits from Chain Of Command reappearing too.

Anthony appears to have been turned into the creature that Janeway and Paris turned into on Voyager after hitting Warp 10. Yes, Brannon Braga, "Threshold" will always be canon, and you will always be one of the worst Star Trek writers of all time.

Speaking of making non-canon things canon, the Captain of the Farm was another one of those aliens from Star Trek: The Animated Series. I think the biggest reason that Star Trek: The Animated Series deserves to be considered canon at this point is that unlike many of the novels and comics, nothing canon has ever really contradicted it. There is an early prototype of a Holodeck in The Animated Series, but outside of that everything else fits (more solidly than Captain Kirk or Chief O'Brien's backstories at any rate).

The alien entity in the episode was probably the same type of creature seen in Next Generation's pilot "Encounter At Farpoint".

I kind of have always dug the idea that Mariner has a secret hang-up that we don't know about, but I don't like what they did with her here because it suggests even SHE doesn't actually know what it is, which makes the character lose a bit of her appeal and a lot of her mystery. I am not a professional writer, as in I don't get paid for any fiction I write. But this is not a mistake I ever would have made for one of my characters. It seems like a rookie writing mistake when dealing with characters with ambiguous backstories.

The rest of the episode was pretty good though. ***1/2.

Neo Ultra Mike

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"Much Ado About Boilmer" - You know honestly a lot of the "Brad embarasses and makes himself look worse and is an annoying tatteltale and then tries becoming more of a freak to get the benefits of it" ruin honestly a lot of the better jokes of the sub plot. Tendi creating "the dog" and giving it all of these unsual powers as she has no ideas what dogs are and then only realizing at the end "oh that isn't an ordinary dog she probably belongs here" is actually funny and her enthuasism at either trying to get off The Dog from the freak ship or accepting it was actually funny. I also like the reveal of the captain actually taking them to that planet and it just likely taking so long constantly having to get more people and him admitting "yeah maybe I should paint this a different color and shouldn't have such an evil laugh" at the end as that was actually a good swerve. Like considering how even this show plays a lot of tropes in Star Trek like that a bit more straight having that sort of swerve was good but yeah anytime we started focusing on Brad being needy and whiny the plot became annoying and the jokes more obvious and not really that funny. I'm kind of split on the main plot of this as well. I do like getting a bit more insight on what I said before about how obviously Mariner wants a position in Star Trek but doesn't want the burreacey and strict rules that comes with it thus just wants a position she has no without needing to advance. So the idea of old friend Ramsey actually wanting her in her crew and Mariner trying to throw her and get her to reveal the truth was kind of interesting. Honestly I do wish that like with the "Captain Freeman recruits Mariner to a higher rank to mess with her" it was played a bit more up though I guess they figured "we sort of already did that plot so what about Mariner seemingly looking the fool but actually not being it" but that doesn't result in interesting jokes either. Since the idea of Mariner messing up is more funny when it's either her intentionally doing so in a way more in character or seemingly at least being more in the wrong not "i'm just screwing up not to look good." I do like the friendship she has with Ramsey though and Ramsey calling her out on hiding her skills and Mariner being straight on admitting not sure of where she needs to go yet before going for a higher promotion. Still kind of makes that plot pretty flat until the ending action scene with that creature which... I'm srue is some reference to Star Trek I'm not getting still being a newb but works anyway. Not a great ep or anything with the comedy in one half not really being there and in the other too much of it coming from an annoying source but still having some funny bits or at least interesting character bits to not be a total waste.
Star Trek: Lower Decks "Much Ado About Boimler"

Speaking of making non-canon things canon, the Captain of the Farm was another one of those aliens from Star Trek: The Animated Series. I think the biggest reason that Star Trek: The Animated Series deserves to be considered canon at this point is that unlike many of the novels and comics, nothing canon has ever really contradicted it. There is an early prototype of a Holodeck in The Animated Series, but outside of that everything else fits (more solidly than Captain Kirk or Chief O'Brien's backstories at any rate).

The rest of the episode was pretty good though. ***1/2.

He very closely looked like Arex, the Edeon, a three limbed creature from the animated series. They were supposedly very long lived.

Neo Ultra Mike

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"Veritas" - Okay this is easily the BEST episode of the show so far and IMHO this is more what the show SHOULD be like. The whole point of Lower Decks as promised was "the lives and adventures of standard Star Trek officers on a not very famous well documented ship who are below the main bridge crew thus taking place form their general perspective." Thus having an episode all about seemingly a trial that related to what some of the crew were doing (and even then not all of them) in this mission that they think involved this whole trial procedure but was actually a celebration for the efforts of the Sereitos that they had NO IDEA ABOUT is not only pretty ingenious but yeah also really amusing. Like it was obvious there was going to be some sort of twist and I admit maybe it's due to remembering old episodes of Harvey Birdman and Sealab 2021 that also ended with "seemingly terrible execution is actually an excuse for a party" that not being super surprising but how it was revealed and the constant questioning the four had not only of the actual aliens but even of their own crew was great. And again this is probably great Star Trek commentary on how a lot of the time the rest of the crew has no idea what the main bridge team is planning and I like also showing how often they screw up with Carol having no idea what game Q wants to play with them (BTW really cool seeing Q in this show. Granted he's probably easier to use then most other characters considering not only his power set and ability to bounce back and forth inbetween various series but well John D Lancie is obviously fine still coming back for that kind of role based on Discord from MLP) and Jack hooking up with some vampire and T'Ana ending up in the mirror dimension and Brad talking about a lot of the various blunders from the series including Beverley's whole embarrassing encounter with that ghost (I admit I only know of that through online reviews but you gotta give props to a show who knows even the worst aspects of a canon and is totally fine mining obscure gems for gags since yeah who else would that within the realm of the franchise besides this one) showing how yeah they can still screw up but still reach for the best which wasn't even the point of why they were called in. And then the stories between Rutherford constantly blanking out and Tendi having to bleep out certain details and the group not believing she beat up all those guards and arguing who the toughest person in Starfleet is and then just telling off Q at the end who doesn't want to keep bothering Picard who goes on quoting Shakesphere and talking about his vineyard (since yeah this takes place before the Picard show but after all the 90's series so they can do cool shout outs like that) and... yeah I was either just laughing at a lot of that or really digging the twists or the banter between everyone especially being held over the eels with burners and arguing how you should probably have one not the other and... man THIS is what so much of the rest of the show should of been. I get needing time to build up all of the main characters but honestly I'm sure a lot of other people would of been more down with this show if this was their first exposure to it not that trailer showing some of the more annoying aspects of the first 7 episodes or spending so much time just dumping on Brad. Like yeah I didn't hate Lower Decks before and this doesn't make me a super fan of it but THIS to me it's first example of fully reaching it's potential and what I will now judge the rest of the show at; I'm sure other great Trek has examples of levels fans want all the show to be like but again I'm more casual but I watch this show and now know it is capable of stuff like this so yeah... hopefully more like this please guys cause man you so nailed this one.

Orange Mo


I did like all the silly stories going on, especially Rutherford's cyborg programs crashing him, and Tendi lying and saying it was badass. I thought the "party" reveal at the end was a bit out of place though. Overall, it's a solid episode that builds more into its characters, but not exactly what I was hoping for when I meant that the four main ensigns are together.


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9/24: Star Trek: Lower Decks "Veritas"

I loved the way Q was portrayed. Aside from being awesome because they got John De Lancie back, I liked that Q shenanigans have sort of become something the entire fleet knows the proper way to deal with. Well, maybe not how to win the crazy games. But the crew, particularly Mariner seems to get Q's tests aren't actually malevolent and are partly done in the spirit of fun. Q's games used to be a LOT more lethal in the first two seasons of Next Generation, but his shtick sort of became more and more benign as Picard and later Janeway's good influence wore off on him.

Kurtwood Smith is another Star Trek staple. He had previously appeared in different alien roles in Star Trek VI, Deep Space Nine, and Voyager.

Apparently the only thing to do on Earth is hang around in Vineyards and Soul Food restaurants. What's hysterical about that joke is those two settings are pretty much the best looks we got at 24th Century Earth civilian life on the three original sequel series.

I don't even know or remember who Roga Daynar is. Advantage Khan.

The horrid fan dance from Star Trek V can never get enough shade thrown at it. Here, let this show help.

I think the problem with humans on Star Trek always telling other aliens how virtuous and far they have come is that some aliens are dumb enough to believe them. All of Picard's speeches essentially boiled down to propaganda, and racist propaganda at that, if you read between the lines. One of the reasons I adore Star Trek: Picard is because Picard has gotten to a stage in his life where humanity isn't automatically the beacon of virtue he sold it as on Next Gen. And the reason Star Trek: Picard works is because even if Jean-Luc no longer speaks that way about humanity or the Federation, he still has strong convictions about what the right thing IS, and what humanity SHOULD be doing. And I like the idea that humans always describing themselves as capable and the best of the best finally bit them in the butt on this show at least.

There was two other things besides Q I loved in the episode. The first thing is something I think a Star Trek series should have done before now, especially on the Original Series. James T Kirk is not what I'd ever describe as a patient person. But I love that Boimler and his friends call out the alien "party" for as confusing and misleading as it was. Why is it up to the HUMANS on the show to always understand everybody else? Don't other species have an obligation on that front to keep the peace? Why does Starfleet have to coddle aliens who speak in riddles and behave in an utterly crazy, irrational manner? I found Boimler's outrage cathartic and something I wish Kirk had been allowed to scream at the confusing groups of aliens who spoke only in riddles and then got mad at and starting killing his crew because they didn't understand them.

The second thing I noticed and loved is something I love specifically because it means I get and understand Star Trek, and even comedy, better than many of the critics of this show do. I have seen multiple complaints about the profanity on the show being bleeped, and people being outraged that because this is airs on a streaming service it should not be "censored". It was speculated that the profanity on Picard raised such a backlash that CBS All Access quickly decided to censor Star Trek going forward. And I had to hold my tongue on a LOT of different message boards I've frequented. But the show bleeping the swears you can't say on broadcast television wasn't censorship. It's because the show is a comedy and bleeps are funnier. They always were. That's why Arrested Development still used them on Netflix, and why Family Guy's uncut DVDs are usually about a tenth as funny as what was allowed on Fox and Adult Swim. And when they did the whole bit with the classified parts of the flashback using a different bleep than the swears, it's proof that not only was I right that this was an artistic decision on the writer's part that had nothing to do with network notes or censorship, but it also means I understand comedy a LOT better than many Star Trek fans do. Because that was freaking hilarious.

I loved the episode. ****1/2.

10/1: Star Trek: Lower Decks "Crisis Point"

I hated that. Mariner is contemptible.

Honestly, the episode was all prepared to win me over. And then it just turned nasty for no reason.

I have been wondering all this time while nobody ever created FUN Holodeck programs on the original sequel series. All of Picard, Data's, and Janeway's pursuits were super boring. And I was excited to see an exciting program modeled after the cliches and tropes of the Star Trek movies. Good deal, right?

Wrong. Because while I understand the logic of playing Grand Theft Auto on a PlayStation to blow off steam, it's different with a Holodeck program. Those things are ultra realistic, and simulate the actual experience the way it would really happen. Simulating going on a killing spree is absolutely sick because you are actually enjoying what it would actually feel like to murder people. Tendi being as grossed out at Mariner as she is for that is right. And Mariner's ideas about Orions are outright racist.

And can I just say I would have liked it if the b-word hadn't made it to the 24th Century? It's anti-whatever progressive future this should be. I'd object to it less if I wasn't pretty sure this was the first time I heard it outside of earlier crews maybe traveling to an earlier unenlightened time period.

Shaxs mentions Bajor and Pah-Wraiths, and the fact that his earring has a religious significance is brought up. This is the first time Shaxs has been identified as Bajoran even if that's clearly what he was.

They couldn't get John Rhys-Davies for Da Vinci? Did they even try? I bet he would have said yes.

The movie tropes were very recognizable. The opening star credits, the opening scene involving clearly aging characters doing strenuous, life-risking leisure activities, and an arch supervillain popping out of nowhere. Trek always creating these mega nasty movie villains who quote Shakespeare is weird because with one or two exceptions (Khan and Gul Dukat spring immediately to mind) Star Trek is a unique franchise in that it doesn't really have a ton of or rely on villains for its drama. Trek is about understanding and making peace with people, so supervillains work against the idea. It's weird that all of the movies never seem to understand why Star Trek is the way it is. It's also why I believe with maybe two or three exceptions, the movies all suck.

They did the Genesis cliffhanger ending as well as the signature credits from Star Trek VI at the end. They also did one of the silliest things about the movies, and one of the reasons I don't like them: The extended, long-ass, rotating beauty shots of the ship. The reason those bother me so much is because it's basically five or ten minutes of nothing happening, and something like that is actually no big deal on the TV shows. The movies are supposed to be more action-packed and accessible than the TV shows. But I find most of them far more boring because of the extended beauty shots. The Motion Picture is actually unbearable because of them.

I enjoyed the parts of the episode that were callbacks to the inferior movies. But it turned deranged real quick when Mariner is suddenly engaging in an activity that only a sociopath would dig, which is the craziest thing ever for a 24th Century human to ever want to play. The entire thing stopped being fun, and became super ugly, and where Tendi was concerned, racist and offensive.

The entire episode turned me off. *1/2.

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"Crisis Point" - honestly in terms of comedy this wasn't really one of the strongest episodes. I did chuckle a bit at all of those shots of the Seritos and the team looking so impressed as I assume that's a shot at the first Star Trek movie mocking how that movie took so long showing off the ship instead of doing anything else. And I admit Mariner's whole Vindicata act was very funny especially wanting Tendi to act like an o ryan pirate and Tendi pointing out how that stopped being mostly a thing "5 years ago" and her taking such glee in the holodeck murder of everyone. As well as Rutherford bonding with Billups and Mariner pointing out he could just talk with him in real life but Rutherford thinking that would be rude. There were a few too many "Brad gets screwed over" jokes though especially since it was this time more Mariner's fault for screwing with his program though at least that led to him finding out about Mariner and Carol being related which... going to be totally honest I forgot that was supposed to be a secret no one else in the ship was supposed to know. I guess because it was really only brought up in the pilot and forgot that the only times we really see Carol and Mariner hash things out it's more between the two of them. But yeah guess that will be a thing important in next week's season finale. I think though what I liked about this one was actually delving a lot more into not only more of Mariner's anger and general annoyance but actual rage issues showing how much of a flawed character she is. Since yeah even deep down she knows she's truly loyal and cares and puts on this front about not doing so due to her not wanting to own up to her potential because of not wanting to stick to regulations and I like that showing as a split between this character she created and her holodeck variation of what she'd more actually be and that version actually willing to make the sacrifice for her mom and the rest of the crew and Mariner admitting the whole thing as being very theraputic. It does show the team had a plan and arc for this character that probably could of been handled better but shows she isn't just a mary sue esque character and does have more geniuine flaws and issues to work on and like how that was used here. Still not as good as last week's episode but solid and again makes me look forward to how this season ends knowing we'll at least get another and maybe more guess we'll have to see on that later though.


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